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Before you start doing something new, you’d first like to know how it gets done. The same goes for different business processes you’ll need to adapt.

SEO or search engine optimisation case studies are just one of the few case studies we have. We want to show you, our visitors, and the world that our processes and success stories are real and authentic all the way.

By browsing our case study collection, you’ll be able to see first-hand just how good Pearl Lemon experts can be at helping you reach more people through your website.

Read on our selection to learn about a lot of things.

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Design Consultant SEO Case Study

The best approach when trying to advertise your services as a design consultant is through SEO agents, and their knowledge of ensuring your improvement when appearing on search engines.

Google Medic Update Case Study

Are you considered to have a low EAT by the Google Medic Update, and want to improve your standpoint compared to other industries? Don't be negatively affected by the Google Medic Update, and allow us to help!

Fashion Company Seo Case Study

Fashion Company Case Study: How We Boosted Sales, Skyrocketed SERPS Rankings , and Reduced Cart Abandonment BOOK A CALL! Recommendations from a technical standpoint were offered amongst other services, so who’s to say we can’t help you?

Payday Loans SEO Case Study

To achieve significant growth for your website, you need to know all the ins and outs of keyword listings and clicks per month! So if your business is targeted around financial services, come and check out our services to help promote yours!

Magazine SEO Case Study

If you own a magazine or work for one and are trying to get your popularity up and increase organic traffic, then our SEO agency is where you need to be. We guarantee your success and work closely, internally, with your development team.

Youtube SEO Case Study About Organic Views

We find that looking at social sharing, reviewing active playlists of yours, titles created, and doing page link building for your YouTube channel is the best course of action to promote your site in a brighter light, and it really works!

Shopify SEO Case Study

Are you wanting to steadily increase month after month the number of views and purchases you get? Pearl Lemon is on the case! We ensure impressive revenue numbers and growth for your brand, and our PPC work is unlike any other SEO agency.

Youtube SEO Case Study

Are you trying to find ways to maximize your youtube channel’s performance? Want to have dedicated keywords to put your videos on the map? Pearl lemon has just the solution you need, with specially crafted google ranking tactics and so much more!

Insurance Company Case Study

The best service that we offer that we’re most proud and known for, is PPC! It’s truly evolved over the years into something sensational, and we want to be able to help you with your campaign with our expertise.

Local SEO Case Study

If you’re wanting to improve your local SEO, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re able to offer you proper and authentic keywords and website optimization to positively maximize the viewer's experience when visiting your site.

Magento E-Commerce Case Study

By optimizing category and product pages, your website will be just as successful as Magento’s with their sales and conversion rate optimizations created by us.

PR Case Study Digital Marketing Agency Owner

PR is serious business! We cover the challenging parts of content management and tactical placements, while you focus on the rest of your business. Pearl Lemon knows just how to help with years of experience!


The case study should involve the different systems and techniques used to drive the traffic or sales of the business at a better rate.

SEO case studies explain how to improve search engine performance. Using the key findings, you can make your strategy based on what you learn.

Well, that highly depends on a lot of factors. Since every business in every industry is unique, each will have to use different strategies to highlight its selling point.

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