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eSports Gambling SEO Case Study

We worked with Rivalry, a remotely based eSports gambling company. Over 12 months, we helped them rank in over 21,000 keywords in the USA alone. Organic keywords were increased to over 74 thousand. Positions in the USA reached 1,217 with many other countries close behind. 

In this video, Deepak goes over some more details related to the campaign and the impressive results that were generated.

Moxie Lash: Beauty Brand E-Commerce SEO

Working with MoxieLash, a beauty e-commerce company, we were able to increase their revenue 5x over the past 12-16 months through organic search. 

With a domain rating of 30 and rankings for over 4 thousand organic keywords, we were able to help them grow from scratch. Achieving high positions with hundreds of keywords, we have helped the brand increase their ranking on Google and reach thousands.

City Sprint: Logistics and Courier Company SEO

Over the short time of our first contract with City Sprint, we were able to help them secure first page search slots for in-demand keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches.

In three months, we’ve helped them move up an average of 12 positions, with a continuous upwards trend.

Trusted Union: Insurance Brokers SEO

We worked with Trusted Union, an insurance brokerage based in Hong Kong, to supply advice and implement a reputation management program. 

Over 6 months, we were able to help them achieve an overall increase of 57 positions on Google. We were also able to help them rank keywords within the top 10 with high search volume.

VacPump: Manufacturing Company SEO

After only working with VacPump for only 30 days, we’ve helped the brand move up 18.4 places. This is due to aid with existing technical issues, link building, and overall SEO.

We’ve been able to increase the positions of all top 5 keyword rankings greatly over 30 days.

On-Page SEO

Loan Pig was a client of ours that offered payday loans. We worked with their On-Page SEO on their WordPress site to get them fully optimised and ranking again. With our help, they were able to achieve 43+ keywords on page 1.

Link Building

We worked with a client who provides software for HR professionals. We implemented a backlinking strategy to drive more traffic to their site and to improve their online brand reputation. With our Link Building services, we were able to help them to improve their average keyword position by 41 positions!

WordPress SEO

Black Fog was a client of ours within the cybersecurity field. We worked with their On-Page SEO to get them fully optimised on their WordPress site. We helped them achieve 10x greater clicks in 28 days.

Real Estate SEO

A client of ours , Pierre Carapetianworked within the Real Estate field in Canada. We worked with their On-Page SEO to get them fully optimised With our help, they were able to achieve 4x  greater traffic and an additional 120k in sales.

Personal Brand Growth

Cathy Biase was a personal brand, specialising in nutrition consulting, that came to us for our bespoke SEO services. We were able to better optimise their WordPress blog to get an increase of 50% in organic and keyword growth.


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Local SEO

This Local SEO case study looks at a Private Therapy Clinic in London. We achieved page 1 results on Google for the top two keywords for the clinic when working with them on their WordPress site.

Property Management SEO

This Property Management case study outlines an improvement in SEO to achieve page 1 Google ranking. There was a positive increase in 196 rankings over only 3 months time.

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Increase in organic traffic
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Increase in referral traffic

Web Magazine SEO

We have been working with The European, a quarterly business publication that is available in hard copy and a digital format.

Due to the nature of the content on the WordPress based website, the key metric that we focused on was traffic. Therefore, we set out to get more traffic from their target audience who are primarily decision makers from around the globe – from the energy, banking and finance, FDI, shipping and aviation sector.

Once we had rolled out our SEO strategy, we began to track some great results as Deepak, our founder demonstrates in this video.

Design Sprint Company SEO

We worked with AJ & Smart, based in Germany. They create digital products for the best companies in the world.

Our main port of call was Laura, their marketing director who we reported our results to.

In this video, Deepak outlines the results we achieved in terms of keywords and rankings after working on their WordPress site.

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0 %
Increase in organic traffic
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Increase in click to chat

Magento E-Commerce SEO

We worked with Asteria Diamonds, a diamond dealer based in London, UK. As a company they place a lot of emphasis on providing an individualised service to each of their customers and are big on transparency – so they are quite similar to us in that respect. We worked with them on their Magento based E-commerce site.

In this case study, Deepak walks through the setup and talks about what we did and the results we achieved.

Quora Lead Generation

Quora is a great question and answer platform that can be used for lead generation. We were approached by a business to increase leads via Quora. We crafted answers that related to their niche to gain customers from a competition that canceled services.


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point increase in average position
point net increase in referring domains

Organic Growth Case Study

We worked with Elevano, a recruitment company based in California. They focus on particular technology stacks including: Ruby on Rails, Python, Machine/Deep Learning and more.

As well as working on their SEO we also helped them with their lead generation. Check out our sister company, Pearl Lemon Leads to see a case study on how we helped them to generate more qualified leads.

We liaised with Amir Bormand, the founder of Elevano during the entire project.

In this video, Deepak outlines the improvements that we implemented and the results that we were able to generate.

Vapes E-Commerce

Smoke-less Vape was a brand new domain on Shopify from an e-commerce perspective. They achieved a 52% increase in organic traffic to their site in 30 days, along with an overall increase in session length and increase in visits per page per session.

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Increase in organic traffic
0 k+
Increase in Impressions

Client Support

In 2018 Google rolled out its biggest algorithm update; The Google Medic Update. Senior Guidance had a 40% drop in organic traffic during this. We went to great lengths to help guide them through the process by providing conversion rate optimisation, local SEO, and much more in order to help work through all the site’s issues.

CMS to WordPress

ABC Lofts was a client of ours that converted to WordPress from a custom CMS. WordPress SEO is one of many bespoke services Pearl Lemon offers. Watch Here!

Recruitment Agency Case Study

Our client Amir Bormand tells us how our SEO Growth techniques on their WordPress based site have helped him get his recruitment agency, Elevano get much better ranking and results!

Airbnb SEO

Our client, Pass the Keys, came to us for our Airbnb SEO services for their Airbnb business. Real estate is a tricky field, but we were able to get them ranking better. Take a look at our case study here and explore our Airbnb Service page.

Shopify SEO

A Zest For was a client that focused on dog nutritional products running on a Shopify platform. They came to us for our Shopify SEO services to help them find opportunities for improvement and gain better rankings and in turn greater sales.

Technical SEO

Our client, Pass the Keys, came to us for our Airbnb SEO services for their Airbnb business. Along with our Airbnb services, Pass the Keys came to us for Technical SEO help.

Local SEO

One of our many bespoke SEO services includes Local SEO. Our client, Wolverhampton Self Storage Ltd., was able to achieve page 1 rankings on Googles with our services. Watch Here!

Youtube Optimisation

One of our many bespoke SEO services includes YouTube Optimisation . We helped OAL, a food manufacturing company based in Peterborough in the UK running on a Squarespace site. They are a forward thinking company who came to us to boost their YouTube rankings. Watch here!

Shopify SEO

Here at Pearl Lemon, we offer a variety of E-commerce SEO services. One of those e-commerce platforms is Shopify. The Sweat Store was a client of ours that was able to have CRO and SMO go from $5 to $25.

Link Building

Here at Pearl Lemon, we offer a variety of SEO Services. Link building is one of many offered services we offer to clients. Wonga is a payday lender that is massively funded in the UK. We were able to look at competitive keywords and get Keystone Ireland ranking higher than Wonga

Youtube SEO

Pearl Lemon offers a variety of search engine SEO services. One service is YouTube SEO. AJ&Smart was a client of ours on a WordPress based site that we were able to get them to achieve 2.5k additional organic views. Take a look here!

Squarespace SEO

Dream Team Baby was a client of ours that came to us for our Squarespace SEO Services. We have been pleased to work with them so far and deliver the results that they expected of us. Take a look here!

Magento SEO

Asteria Diamonds was a client of ours that sought out our bespoke SEO services. We helped them achieve greater sales and rankings on their site using our Magento SEO services.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is one of many bespoke SEO services Pearl Lemon offers. Our client was a seller of wholesale party supplies. We got them making a massive improvement in Google rankings.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is one of many bespoke SEO services Pearl Lemon offers. Design Bundles was a client of ours that was able to achieve doubling their revenue in 3 months with our bespoke SEO services for their Custom CMS platform. Watch the case study here!

Google Penalty Checker Services

Pearl Lemon offers bespoke SEO services to get our clients getting page 1 rankings. Sometimes this means helping sites recover from penalties placed by Google. Our Google Penalty Checker services can help get you ranking again.

Achieving Page 1 Ranking

Pearl Lemon offers bespoke SEO services to get our clients getting page 1 rankings. This video shows how we check Google Page 1 ranking using our client Westbury Control Systems ltd as an example of our WordPress SEO services. Watch here!

Party Supplier E-Commerce

Walking you through some of the YouTube SEO we carry out with clients to get them higher up page 1 of YouTube. Ranging from on-page SEO to advanced link building strategies to outrank their competition.
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Increase in organic revenue for Go International
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Increase in sister site's traffic

Client Review: Deepak KNOWS HIS STUFF when it comes to internet marketing. He delivered a powerful audit of my current website and social media efforts…Read More »

Magento E-Commerce

Working with a VW parts supplier on their Magento e-commerce site involved working through some very complex logic for automated SEO metas, URL, redirects, out-of-stock categorisations, 404 pages and more. We worked via detailed video feedback to overhaul much of their internal SEO – leading to a 23% increase in traffic.

SaaS Case Study

Book Like a Boss was a client of ours that came to us for SaaS SEO services. We optimised keyword growth and organic search. With our help, their keywords got better google ranking.


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