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Weebly is one of the most popular website creators out there. But, just having a website built with it isn’t enough to rank highly on Google. Leverage the real power of the platform by having our Weebly experts optimise your site’s SEO.

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We'll Transform Your Site Into A High Converting Machine

When building your Weebly website, it’s important to know what your SEO end goal is. Our Weebly SEO Consultants will get it performing at it’s optimum ASAP so that your site can:

Our Weebly SEO Service Is Built To Deliver Results

Just because we work off a list to maintain your Weebly site’s SEO, doesn’t mean we’re done. We guarantee that we’ll go above and beyond to maximise your ROI and deliver a high performing, high converting site for you.


We know SEO. Using our expertise and tools, we’ll improve your Google ranking and get you to page 1.


Only the most effective, highest volume keywords will go into your Weebly site to improve your SEO.


Is your site not up to par? We’ll comb through it and advise you on the best courses of action.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ll employ rigorous testing procedures to turn more of your visitors into customers.


We will make sure your site is secure. An insecure site may experience data loss or downtime.

Google Analytics

We’ll also go over your Google Analytics data and improve your metrics with consistent updates.

Weebly Search Engine Optimization Process

Being a ‘drag-and-drop’ website builder, it’s no surprise that Weebly’s incredibly easy to use.

However, these tools are only so effective when used alone. For them to truly shine and give you the best results possible, we recommend an expert touch.

That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive results-driven process for optimising our clients’ Weebly sites.

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Is Weebly Good For SEO?

Like many content management services, it all depends on what you put into it to determine the viability of the SEO. There are several factors like keywords used, site content and the overall design. However, Weebly SEO can be a huge asset when done correctly.

Our SEO team at Pearl Lemon will be more than happy to walk you through your individual SEO needs and get the ball rolling!

Why Should You Hire A Weebly Expert?

With millions of businesses using it to create their site, Weebly is quite arguably the easiest website builder to use. So when considering the SEO of your site, it’s definitely worth optimising your site following some of the best SEO practises by hiring an experienced Weebly expert.

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Hire A Weebly SEO Agency

We don’t just crush WordPress SEO, we dominate Weebly too. We’re comprised of a team of highly qualified SEO experts with a track record of getting Weebly sites to rank higher!

Use a different content management system? No problem – we optimise all platforms! Give us a call today and we’ll discuss how we can create a tailored SEO strategy just for you.

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Weebly SEO FAQs

With over 45 million customers worldwide, Weebly is by far one of the Internet’s most popular website builders. It operates on a widget-based system using a’ drag-and-drop’ interface, making it easier and more intuitive than ever before creating your own website. Weebly also makes use of highly converting landing pages.

The cool thing about Weebly is that it can be ABSOLUTELY FREE to start. There’s no cost in setting up a simple website, and you also obtain a little storage.

However, if you want to connect your own domain, remove Weebly branding, or add extra features, you can purchase one of their affordable monthly plans, ranging from $5, $12 or $25.

Meta keywords are words that essentially dictate to search engines like Google what your site is about. The ideal keywords for your Weebly website meet two requirements: Interest is the first requirement. They really have to be something people are looking for; if you’re looking for a keyword that has 0 searches per month, your business won’t be affected. So you need to find important keywords.

Second, they need to be relevant. You want keywords that make sense on your website for your business and the content.

Over the past few years, social media has gained tremendous popularity. Today, almost every web user is active on different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and so much more. Making your content shareable allows your readers to share it across various social networks while driving enormous traffic to your Weebly site.

Adding social sharing buttons to your website drives traffic and enhances the credibility of your websiteSo, never take for granted the power of social media.

A footer code is the section available in Weebly site editor facilitating users to add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in the footer section of a page, site or blog.

Weebly is a great choice to set up your online presence quickly. You have simple ways to improve your SEO in addition to the ‘ drag and drop ‘ feature. As part of SEO, the owner of each website must create an XML Sitemap and submit it to search engines such as Google and Bing. This will serve as an index to your site, informing search engines about the content update and structure. Therefore, after publishing your Weebly site, the next step you need is to submit the XML sitemap to Google.

Follow the below process to submit the Weebly Sitemap to Google.

  • Login to your Google Search Console account.
  • Click on the dropdown on the left panel and add your site as property and verify the ownership.
  • After verifying your site ownership, go to “Sitemap” section and submit the sitemap.
  • Ensure Google can show “Success” in the status.

To make changes to your Weebly DNS records, go to the Domains page in your account and click on the domain you want to work with. Here you can modify the name servers and DNS records. If you decide to host your website somewhere other than Weebly, then you’ll likely be given instructions on which records to change. Your new host should provide you with either nameservers (, IP Addresses for use with A Records (e.g., 123.45.678.910), or CNAME Records (

Description and Keywords for your entire Weebly site can be found under Settings > SEO.

Description and Keywords for each individual page can be found under Pages > Edit Page > Advanced. The Advanced settings are accessible by selecting the Pages tab, which opens your Pages list in the sidebar, then clicking on the individual page.

Weebly is best suited for eCommerce businesses. Weebly is also well suited for those that have brick and mortar establishments as well. This CMS platform also features templates well built for health services, restaurants, and more.

Weebly is well suited for small and medium businesses. The platform has an ability for users to rank high for keywords that are not overly competitive. 

Keyword strategy plays a large role in this overall and puts the best SEO practices into place.

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