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Magento is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. There are some issues relating to SEO that you’ll want to address to boost your site’s visibility in search engines.  Our Magento ecommerce SEO services are designed to ultimately help you to drive more sales. 

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Boost Your Sales With Our Magento SEO Agency Services

We are a leading Magento eCommerce SEO agency with lots of experience of helping e-commerce store owners to achieve their digital growth goals.

Perhaps you already have a Magento website, or maybe you are in the process of making one and you are thinking about how you can get more visitors and more importantly how you can convert those visitors into customers.

Whilst Magento is an SEO-friendly platform; our technical SEO experts will perform an audit of your site and identify what needs to be optimised in order to help your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages.

We'll Resolve SEO Problems On Your Magento Site

As a Magento e-commerce store owner, you may be experiencing problems such as having a slow page loading speed, query string URLs, poor template coding, duplicate content, problems with product page configuration and issues relating to indexing.

After performing a comprehensive audit, our SEO team will get to work fixing the issues that are stopping your Magento site from ranking.

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Your Magento SEO Strategy

We understand that when it comes to selling online, having a solid digital marketing strategy is vital.

All Magento e-commerce stores are different. Therefore, we will draw upon our SEO expertise to create a bespoke SEO strategy for our clients.  

Take a look at our Magento SEO strategy services to find out how we will tailor our services to the needs of your Magento site.

Magento SEO Case Study

Looking through a case study for a Magento e-commerce website. The client was  Auto Parts; a seller of used Volkswagen and Audi parts they rank the top four multiple keywords in the United States. We’ve got a five-star rating for it.

Check out more video case studies.


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Jakub Zajíček
CMO, PitchGround
The engagement generated eight calls within the first month. Pearl Lemon establishes a seamless workflow to ensure consistent communication. Their professional team is enthusiastic throughout the process.
Leigh Ashton
CEO, The Sales Consultancy
Attendance to the event grew at a rapid pace, and a significant number of respondents gave positive feedback regarding Pearl Lemon’s approach. The team provided recurrent progress updates that clearly demonstrated their impact. Their knowledge and transparency set them apart from other vendors.
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Hand over your Magento site’s SEO to an expert, freeing up your team to focus on growing your business. Reach out to us and chat with our Founder and CEO Deepak about your digital goals today!

Which is the best company for Magento SEO services?

The Pearl Lemon team is made up of Magento SEO experts. As a Magento SEO agency, London companies…and global companies…can benefit from our ecommerce knowledge and expertise. Our Magento SEO Agency can guide you and get your Magento site ranking higher than ever before.

How do I write meta keywords in Magento?

Magento makes it easy for you to write meta keywords. To create custom meta values individually for each product just select a product then go to Basic Settings -> Search Engine Optimization and enter the corresponding meta tags there. A Magento SEO specialist will also be able to help guide you through creating meta keywords, descriptions and tags.

Talking to a Magento SEO consultant or Magento SEO agency, like Pearl Lemon, can help you ensure your meta keywords are all correct and as they need to be.

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What is the best Magento extension for SEO?

Magento offers alot of great extensions for SEO. Some of these include MageWorx that can help your SEO, Wyomind to help simplify Google shopping for your site, and Bronto because it can help you with your email marketing efforts. At the end of the day, you can also consult some Magento SEO experts to help you decide what will be the best extension for your unique site.

What is Magento SEO?

Magento SEO is the process of optimizing a Magento based website for web search. It is a little different because the platform itself is coded a little differently than many other platforms, and many of the most effective SEO tactics for Magento do involve on-site optimization and delving into the basic code.

In short, Magento is one of the more challenging e-commerce platforms to effectively optimize for SEO. It is not “out of the box” quite as SEO friendly as its main competitor, Shopify, but that does not mean you cannot successfully execute a Magento SEO campaign that will help your e-commerce site gain lots of extra visibility in search.

Why is Magento SEO Important?

Magento SEO is important because you need your Magento site to be visible to both users and search engines in order to make sales. Without implementing an SEO strategy crafted by a team of Magento SEO experts, your site may be left floundering.

We are a Magento SEO company that can provide you with a bespoke SEO plan to get your Magento site to page 1.

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Is Duplicate Content a Common Magento SEO issue?

The unfortunate fact is that yes it is, and that can turn into a serious SEO problem rather quickly. Duplication of meta information and content for product pages is a common issue faced by Magento websites. If you are setting up simple product pages for variations of a product like colour options or size options, this will create duplicate meta information as well as content.

And that’s not all. Another issue that Magento store owners often face is the structure of product URLs. By default, Magento will create a page URL that includes the categories and subcategories, and while this can improve the optimization of the individual URL, if you have products with multiple category associations, you could face a duplication issue as well as site size and index bloat.

The good news is that these issues can be fixed with coding changes as a part of a Magento SEO campaign. Pearl Lemon is the Magento agency London businesses know they can trust!

Is Optimizing Magento URLs Important?

In general, URLs themselves don’t have a major impact on a page’s ability to rank. But they are still a minor ranking factor. The most important highlight of optimizing the URLs is to improve the user experience. No one wants to see a URL link with full of numbers and non-sense letters. URL friendly gives both human and bots a more clear view of what the page will be about.

Are Product Images Important For Rankings?

One of our top Magento SEO tips is to never forget to optimize product images for better search engine rankings. Ensure that all the images have proper alt-tags that describe the images because search engines can’t read images, and we need to add proper alt text.

In addition, the important points to consider while creating alt-tags for images:

  1. Always use a proper description and never try to stuff your keywords in alt-tag.
  2. Give your images informative filenames. For example, my-new-black-kitten.jpg is a lot more informative than IMG00023.JPG
  3. Alt-tags need to be short, clear and to the point.
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How To Speed Up Your Magento Site?

A Fast page loading speed can influence search engine rankings, and this is one of the top Organic Search Ranking Factors. If your website loads quickly, the user will love to access it, and search engines can reward you for it. There are several ways to increase the page speed of your site; the following tips can help you to speed up your site.

  1. Enable all caching features (System >> Cache Management) and Flush Magento cache
  2. Enable Flat Categories and Products (Stores >> Catalog >> Catalog >> Scroll down to Use Flat Catalog Category and Use Flat Catalog Product >> Set Yes >> Save Config)
  3. Merge your JavaScript and CSS files; This will reduce the load time and increase the page speed. Stores >> Configuration >> Advanced >> Developer >> on the right side.

Magento SEO FAQs

Magento is good for SEO. In addition to this, Magento is also the leading platform for hosting ecommerce sites. As with any SEO project, Magento SEO does take skill to be able to tackle and get your site to position one within the SERPs. It is always a good idea to bring in the Magento SEO experts…Pearl Lemon!

Look no further than Pearl Lemon when trying to decide what Magento SEO company to invest in!

Tip number one is to always update your Magento to the latest version of Magento. New releases will have best SEO support features updated. This is the thing you want to have if you want to get high rank in search engine.

Other than that, Upgrade to the latest version contains a lot of enhancements include performance enhancements, bug fixing and most importantly to strengthen the security. Magento itself always recommends all the Magento users to upgrade the newest release version as soon as possible.

Magento 2 has default sample content for product title and description, but it is not standard for SEO. You need to edit them by go to Content => Design => Configuration. The UI will show you a Design Configuration table, choose, for example, a store view you want to edit. In Other Setting => HTML Head. Meta title and description should be keyword-rich and unique. With the title, one rule is putting important keywords near the beginning of your title as much as possible for search engines to realize them more easily. In the description, the keyword also needs to appear as well. One more thing is eliminating words like “the”, “and” from your title. Do a similar action for category title and description, and you will have a more SEO-friendly site.

Magento 2 does not support the auto-creation of HTML Sitemap by default. We need to implement some of the extensions which can solve the HTML sitemap issue in Magento 2. We recommend using this extension Dynamic HTML Sitemap for Magento 2.

Magento 1 – the original – is ageing now, as it was first released in 2008. The new kid on the block, Magento 2, debuted in 2015. In many ways, Magento 2 is the better option, but the price jump – in the UK a Magento EE license starts at $18,000 yearly, and a Magento 2 EE license starts at $22,000 yearly – is leading many people to question just how different they are before they invest in an upgrade. You can still upgrade a Community edition the least expensive Magento option to 2 for free, but you may have to invest in paid professional help to complete even that migration.

Here’s a quick look at some of the improvements Magento 2 offers over Magento 1:

Architectural Improvements

The main issue with Magento 1 was a ‘clunky’ store performance which has been significantly improved in Magento 2. The Magento team has changed the stack by adding various new technologies notably – Apache, Composer, Symfony and Nginx 1.7 – to create a smoother overall performance.

Greater Speed

Speed is very important for both better user experience and for SEO. Magento 2 offers faster page load speed thanks to improved full page caching.

Better for SEO

Rich snippets have been added to product pages in M2, making it easier to successfully optimize every product page for a search.

More Secure

Internet shoppers are still very concerned about online security. Magneto 2 has been demonstrated to be significantly more secure than its predecessor.

Lack of Updates

Although it is likely that Magento 1 will not be retired for some time, it will no longer be updatable with the new innovations – including new plugins – that are still being developed all the time.

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