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Reach A Global Audience Easily And Effectively With International SEO And Multi-Language SEO

If your company offers products or services globally, your digital presence and visibility are vital for your success.

Pearl Lemon are the global SEO experts you need to provide the best possible experience for all your international customers, clients and target audiences, no matter where they are located across the globe.

Making use of our experience and proprietary International SEO London methodology we help businesses rank their websites for the languages, regions, and counties they need to in order for them to corner each of the markets they are targeting and succeed as a truly international brand.

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We'll Design & Implement A Killer International
SEO Ranking Strategy

Our International SEO services are underpinned by our technical SEO expertise and the knowledge and insights of our globally distributed team. We’ll determine and evaluate your global growth goals, then design and implement an effective international SEO strategy unique to YOUR brand.

Relevant Keywords Only

At Pearl Lemon, we understand that simply translating keywords is not enough when you are offering content in different languages. Our keyword research considers the natural language preferences and local idioms of the target population and ensures it's tailored to suit them without sounding unnatural.

Technical SEO

Our team of technical SEO experts will conduct an audit to identify issues, and then ensure that your website is optimised to rank highly in your target international search engines as well as provide the best possible user experience for website visitors.

Site Structure Audit

We’ll advise you on your international website structure planning. Site structure is often overlooked; however, it is a crucial element of successful global SEO performance, and, something of an art that our team has perfected.

A Focus on Relevant International Linkbuilding

Search engines love links, but only if they are relevant. Our expert team will ensure that their link building efforts match each page's intent; French links for your French pages, Spanish links for your Spanish pages etc., which is just what Google wants to see!

Extensive International Competitor Analysis

We’ll help you to identify other companies that are exporting into your target markets and seeking to go global as well as the local competition. Doing so will help you to identify the right niche and target audiences for your business.

International On-Page SEO

We’ll conduct a comprehensive on-page review of your international pages to ensure that the content and imagery have been adapted to appeal to your international audiences. The pages meet the security and privacy standards of the target country.

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.


What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

The campaigns led to an influx of new listings as well as buyer leads. Pearl Lemon responds quickly to inquiries and communicates effectively with the internal team. The team is hard-working, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.
Chris Myers
Co-Owner, DVC Resale Experts
Competent and flexible, Pearl Lemon delivered successful improvements to the site. Although it's early to gauge metrics, the project points in a promising direction. They'll continue to execute effective SEO in the ongoing effort.
Gev Balyan
Founder, Ucraft
The efforts of Pearl Lemon resulted in an increase of 30% in unique monthly website traffic and grew purchases on the site. Their team was friendly and professional, emphasizing the importance of effective communication both internally and with their client to create a good final product
Aftab Sherwani
Director, Online Vape Retailer

Serve a Global Audience with Effective Multi-Language SEO

The Internet has opened the world up wider than we might ever have believed possible. You no longer have to be in the same country to serve your clients with the excellence they are looking for an, for e-commerce businesses, international borders are no longer a bar to great sales.

Without effective global SEO, however, you won’t be able to reach your real international reach and engagement potential. Effective multi-language SEO isn’t easy, though. Fortunately, the Pearl Lemon team have perfected it – across French SEO, Spanish SEO, Russian SEO and much more. And they are ready to use that knowledge to help you take your brand global.

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Our Team Of International SEO Experts

Collectively, as a team of international SEO consultants, we are a collective of well-travelled (over 50+ countries between us) linguists.

We can draw on the experiences and cultural insights of our diverse, globally distributed team to create international and multi-language campaigns that are tailored to the needs of the international markets that you serve.

Get Started with a Comprehensive International SEO Site and Brand Analysis

When we offer a multi-language SEO review, it goes way beyond our usual, already comprehensive offering.

In addition to the standard Pearl Lemon global SEO audit, we help you answer the tough questions that are only relevant to international brands including:

Your free international SEO audit will answer these questions and many more.

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Do SEO Companies Need Special Knowledge to Execute International SEO?

Absolutely. There are so many challenges to meet that trying to launch an International SEO campaign without extensive knowledge of how to manage both the technical and the content challenges that going global presents such an undertaking would be nothing short of a waste of time and money.

What are hreflang tags and canonical tags?

Canonical Tag – Says “I’m the official version of this page so index me.”

Hreflang Tag – Says “I’m the X language and X country version of this page.”

One important thing to note is that the hreflang tag on each page should reference itself as well as its alternate language versions. And canonical tag should reference the original URL of alternate language page.

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Do URL Structures Matter For International Sites?

There are a few URL structures webmasters can employ to target a particular country with their websites. They include using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), a subdomain, a subdirectory or subfolder, a gTLD with language parameters, or even using a different domain name entirely.

Search engines may interpret each different URL structure slightly differently, so each technique has its pros and cons — including the resources required to implement and maintain them. Before choosing the right structure for you, it’s worth looking into more details about each option.

Pearl Lemon provides international SEO, London based and globally serviced, to agencies to help increase their global reach

Should I Include The Language Of My Pages In The HTML Code?

The language is ideally included as an addition in the tag and concerns Bing and Baidu specifically. To signal content in several languages or local variants to Google or Yandex, use the ‘alternate hreflang’ links.

Is Adapting Your Site's Ergonomics For Mobile Important?

YES! In Japan and the United States, search volumes on mobile have overtaken conventional desktop searches. The optimization of the user experience on mobile is a priority, and among search results, responsive pages are better positioned.

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What are Some Alternatives to Google?

Google is the undoubted leader in the search engine world. With its powerful algorithms, dominant advertising platform, and personalized user experience, Google is a force to be reckoned with. But all of that does, some feel, come at a cost. It’s hardly a secret that the Big G catalogues and tracks its user’s browser habits and shares that information with various advertisers.

There are a number of ‘alternatives’ that users can make use of to search for just what they are looking for online. Some, like Bing and DuckDuck Go, are general search engines. Others, like SocialMention (used to search social media mentions) and Crunchbase (used to search for companies and businesses) are specialist search engines. You can also use platforms you might not think of as search engines – like YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest – to find what you are looking for.

Search engine users have regional preferences as well. In Russia, Yandex is the search engine of choice. In Japan, Yahoo! still reigns supreme. In China, Baidu is almost universally utilized. In a nutshell, if users want to make a little extra effort, then Google is not the only game in town.

What is global SEO?

Global SEO is SEO services provided by a Global SEO agency that allows you to focus on global traffic rather than local traffic. Global SEO services may also be referred to as International SEO services, but they are one in the same as long as the scope of work aims to bring in qualified traffic from any location in the world.

We are a global SEO company that can help you rank on page 1!


How does international SEO work?

International SEO works by pairing with an international SEO agency to target any country you may be able to work with. The goal is to generate as much traffic as possible to expand your current portfolio of clientele

Executing international SEO can take a great deal of skill. Pearl Lemon is an international SEO agency London businesses, and global businesses can trust to improve their SEO.

How do I optimize for international SEO?

Optimizing your site for international SEO can be a bit complex, or overwhelming if there are a great deal of countries and languages you want to be able to target. You need to ensure your keywords are focused for each country, you have dedicated URLs and pages translated to the correct language and much more.

Pearl Lemon provides bespoke services as an international SEO agency. Book a call today to speak to one of our international SEO consultants.

How do you do Multilingual SEO?

Doing multilingual SEO follows a similar path as international SEO, but focuses on language first. Usually approaching multilingual SEO means you have brought in a multilingual SEO agency and start with translating all of your pages first and then going through and adding keywords as needed for each page. This approach still aims at bringing in clients from additional countries.

Why is international SEO important?

International SEO is important because it helps ensure your website gets greater visibility beyond local searches. Greater visibility from a global standpoint theoretically means more calls and sales for you. It is important to contact an international SEO company, like Pearl Lemon, to execute the entire international SEO checklist.

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What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO is SEO with the goal of translating your current web pages into other languages to be sure that you can gain traction on an international and global scale. This means if you have an english site, if you want to target Spain or France, you would translate your webpages and create multilingual URLs for Spain and France respectivley.

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International SEO Services FAQs

Having an SEO strategy for your English website is a great way to start getting noticed by search engines. But if you’re localizing your website into several languages and you don’t have an international SEO plan, you’re missing a big opportunity to reach your target foreign language audiences.

People prefer to browse online in their own language. Understanding how they’re searching – what terms (keywords) they’re entering into search engines – and then optimizing your multilingual websites is one of the fundamental components of global SEO.

Pearl Lemon is an international SEO company that can help you be seen on a global scale.

By implementing an international SEO strategy, you can increase search engine traffic, resulting in more revenue and increased global brand recognition.

Pearl Lemon provides bespoke International SEO, London founded and globally spread, to help you get to page 1.

Increasing businesses operate in several different countries and while it might be nice – and much easier – if one SEO strategy could be used to maximize a company’s search presence in them all that is very rarely the case.

Developing an international SEO strategy is not easy. It involves tweaking both onsite and offsite factors, and there is no one size fits all plan that can be followed.

Before you even start thinking about your SEO position, you need to run a deep analysis of the country or countries you are planning on targeting. You need to ask how your products or services fit in there. Culture, language, and local tastes and preferences are another very important factor to take into account.

If you run an e-commerce business, there are even more logistical details that must also be considered before launching sales options in another country, including payment methods (the more you accept, greater will be the chances of conversion), exchange rates (it is always best to display prices in the local currency) or even international legislation in terms of exportations and product sales.

The answer to this question will vary from business to business. For some, the challenge of serving content in different languages is the biggest challenge they face. For others, it is determining which search engine they wish to rank highest in and developing an SEO strategy to do so, which can often be rather different from the ‘standard’ Google SEO methodologies.

Many people think that it’s enough to just translate the English keywords, but it’s not. The keywords actually have to be transcreated, which is the process of taking the English keywords and researching terms in the target languages by linguists who are trained in SEO.