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Video Testimonials From Our Delighted Clients

Zoe Williams

“I LOVED working with Deepak, He’s a force to be reckoned with! His energy is infectious and his passion for what he does and his drive is relentless! If you work with him ask him about all the things he’s achieved in his life – it’s just phenomenal! I’d highly recommend working with him.”

Kaya Ismail

“I’ve had loads of conversations with Deepak since I’ve known him and he’s given me some really useful tips and tools that have helped me to build my business and when it comes to SEO, he really knows what he is talking about!”

Umesh Bhatt

“I’ve known Deepak for 6-8 months, knowing him both personally and professionally, I can say he’s a VERY unique guy! His business has grown extremely quickly, and you’ll see why when you jump on a call with him because the way he does things is very different from most business owners!”

SEO Testimonials FAQs

Our clients have had a variety of positive experiences with us. Just a few listed include:

Ofir Bashari CTO at Asteria Diamonds “After working with many SEO agencies and after hiring people to do the work in house, I finally found the perfect partners to grow the business. Amazing team, very responsive, hard workers and highly professional.

Amir Bormand Co-Founder at Elevano “I’ve been working with the Pearl Lemon team for the last 3-4 months primarily on our SEO. What I like most about them is their energy and determination to get things done – which is very unusual from an SEO team. Furthermore the regular and robust nature of their reporting. We’ve been waiting to migrate our website over to a custom CMS for sometime and in spite of this being delayed I’m seeing our organic traffic grow steadily week on week and keywords increase rapidly Great work guys!”

Success stories are plentiful here at Pearl Lemon, out clients often achieve desired results:

Alice Clarke Business Development Director at Pixelart.ai “Really pleased with the lead generation work Pearl Lemon have been doing for us – it’s 2.5 months and in they’ve generated a bunch of leads of which we’ve closed 3 already – big ticket deals – thank you guys!”

Laura Faint Head of Growth at AJ & Smart GmbH “We’ve been working w/Pearl Lemon for 4-6 months now after we found them on LinkedIn. We’ve seen our traffic increase 3x organically and our keywords improve overall by +24.4 w/several page 1 results. What I love most about Pearl Lemon is their speed of delivery, willingness to go the extra mile and appreciation of our needs. We’re busy – so they have made the process as turn-key as possible. From getting involved in YouTube SEO, producing content and more – I highly recommend their team :)”

Our clients get to be in close contact with us as a team. Clients are often in touch with our founder, a project manager and other team members working on their campaign. This is often done through a group chat on Whatsapp and Slack.

We have had the honor to work with a range of clients representing a variety of industries and work titles. Our clients have come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, and more international locations.

We have worked through a variety of industries and niches. These include, but are not limited to; e-commerce, jewelry, real estate, law, clothing, design, and other specialty niches. If we haven’t worked within your niche before, we have the confidence to quickly learn and still give you successful results.

Contact is of critical importance when maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients. We aim to respond as quickly and professionally as possible. With a globally spread team, we aim to respond within 48 hours of contacting one of us.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we strive for efficiency. This being said, we use Whatsapp and email for most of our communications. Within Whatsapp we also tend to use voice-notes rather than typing. Slack is also a platform we used to create a channel aimed at each individual client. We also send out screen-casts to be able to show what we see while describing what we point out.

We have had numerous success stories regarding our campaigns and work done. Pour over our reviews and testimonials to read more. 

Here at Pearl Lemon, we have the experience and dedication to take your company as a campaign and go above and beyond. We have won multiple awards for our business, so we practice what we preach. You will have a diverse and expert team working with you to improve your SEO. Maybe then you will be able to be featured amongst our many SEO testimonials 🙂

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