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There are several ways to optimise websites for higher rankings. Most SEOs would agree that link-building is essential to all of them. 

Why so? Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for search engines.

However, obtaining a good quality backlink can sometimes be challenging with several link builders in the market. Don’t worry! Let Pearl Lemon help you out.

When you buy high-quality backlinks from us, we’ll work to place your link from a website with a high domain authority that is well-trusted by search engines and users alike. Hence, increasing your visibility on search results.

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What is a Backlink?

SEO backlinks are hyperlinks between two websites used to determine a website’s ranking by Google and other search engines because when one website links to another, it indicates that the material is noteworthy. High-quality backlinks can boost a site’s rating and visibility in search engine results (SEO). And backlinks can say something about the quality of the site.

Backlinks are essential in search engine algorithms, SEO, and your overall website growth plan.

Two Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks, one more valuable than the other. Let’s look at each one and how it affects your site.


This informs search engines to disregard a link. They transfer no value from one site to another. As a result, they are often ineffective at increasing your search rank or visibility.


A Dofollow backlink is the preferred sort of backlink. Just keep in mind that links from reputable websites are the most valuable. This type of link can help your search result.

However, some dofollow connections are regarded as harmful or toxic. These links are obtained via questionable websites or by violating search engine terms of service.

This may result in Google penalising or possibly de-indexing your site.

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Types of Backlinks that Will Boost Your Rankings

Editorial Backlinks

A perfect quality backlink can result from an Editorial mentioning something highlighting your site and offering a link within relevant. Editorial backlinks are typically formed when your content (such as an article or infographic) is mentioned as the source of certain information. 

You can find it when a corporate representative is quoted or interviewed or when your site is included in a link roundup on a specific issue. Create timeless content that displays your standing as a thought leader so that your site and brand are recognised as a go-to resource for interviews and industry expertise. Create compelling, shareable content with the potential to go viral.

Use SEO tools capable of identifying popular keywords and topics that competitors have been successful with, but your site has yet to cover to fill out your content plan.

If you need help with SEO tools such as quality keywords associated with content writing, book a call. Pearl Lemon are SEO experts that will help create quality content that will boost your site’s ranking.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Attaching an editorial hyperlink to your site is generally possible when sending a guest post to well-established sites. Using a guest post from reputed brands is the basis of guest blogging like a link from winery shop for SEO of winery site. Guest blogging outreach to solicit valuable sites for these possibilities should be an important component of almost every SEO effort.

Hence, in guest blogging, you don’t just target high quality content but high quality backlinks as well.

Guest blogging is a great way to obtain a connection from a high authority site of your choice. You can get lots of links when you post on sites like this:

  • Have a robust connection profile;
  • Are in a similar market;
  • Only publish high-quality articles;
  • Provide you with more than a bio backlink (with dofollow status);
  • Have good engagement statistics (accurate comments, substantial social media following).

Obtaining publications on well-known sources is, of course, a time-consuming procedure. You must begin with smaller or less popular sites to establish your reputation and reliability.

Backlinks from Webinars

Webinars (and recordings) provide extremely important content for sites to link to. Websites will frequently incorporate webinars on their pages, along with a link to and mention of your business. To get backlinks, use techniques similar to blog promotion: sites you target for guest blogging may also want to include your webinar as a resource.

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Backlink Profiles

When you build business profiles for your brand on social media, review sites, or industry directories, you always have the option of including a link (or several) to your website. Again, most of these hyperlinks will be nofollow, but they will undoubtedly aid you with brand growth.

Take note of Google My Business listings. 

Google is constantly updating them to improve the precision of its local search. And here is an excellent spot to include a link to your website – Google My Business listings account for one-third of the above-the-fold Google SERPs.

Backlinks From Comments

The comment sections are an excellent source of information. People add comments to point out inaccuracies, provide more information on the subject, or start debates on controversial statements. Posting relevant comments with a link to your site to prove your position is safe and valuable.

However, because most links in comments are nofollow, they are often more valuable for brand marketing than links for SEO growth. The nofollow feature was created in response to comments. Google implemented this characteristic in 2005 to combat endless comment spam, which harmed PageRank scores. Today, every major CMS and commenting platform makes use of the property.

Google's Stance

Let’s begin with the obvious: Google does not want you to buy backlinks for your website no matter if it is tobacco, casino, medicine or fireams related . Link buying may violate Google’s rules and regulations. Simply put, Google is opposed to the practice of artificially buying links from other websites. So, what was the reasoning behind Google’s aversion to buying backlinks?

One of the primary reasons why this infamous search engine dislikes buying backlinks is that it is seen as an illicit link scheme. Considering Google’s recommendations, buying backlinks should never be considered in the first place. Despite Google’s cautions, buying backlinks is still considered a widespread practice.

You should not buy links from link vendors if you want to follow Google’s rules and standards.

Despite this warning, buying and selling links is a very common practice, and purchasing backlinks is becoming more popular as search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to grow. As selling and buying links grow further, it appears that Google has given up on punishing those who indulge in it. They have now devalued links and websites that are using link schemes.

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Buying Links from the SEO Expert

SEO requires a lot of effort, and buying backlinks is just a part. If you’ve been planning to buy a backlink for your website but don’t know where to find a high-quality one no matter if your website is related to fashion, adult, or loan related,  Pearl Lemon is the right place to go.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re sick of looking for an SEO service that delivers valuable and legitimate work with thorough reporting, transparency, and a commitment to your success.

Pearl Lemon is an SEO expert, and we know better than anyone how to rank better in search engines and obtain quality traffic. We have a track record of helping several clients with their link building strategy to outperform their competitors. If you need help in SEO aside from backlinks, we also provide services on digital marketing and content writing, which are both crucial for SEO.

Start working on your search results visibility, and buy high-quality backlinks from us.

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Hyperlinks are valuable because the number of backlinks to your site is a major search engine ranking criterion, particularly for Google. Simply put, the more relevant and high-quality links pointing to your website, the better you can rank in search engine results pages.

For a few days, new links are not indexed. According to the data, backlinks take an average of 10 weeks to advance a website up the Google search results page rankings. Obtaining several links simultaneously boosts your chances of rising in search results.

The cost of link-building service will vary greatly, ranging from $100 to $20,000 each month, depending on the quality and volume you require.

If you want to know more about our prices, give us a call now.