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The reasons we have won so many awards? Our clients love us, and that’s the true measure of an SEO agency’s success

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What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

I highly recommend their team! We’ve been working w/Pearl Lemon for 4-6 months now after we found them on LinkedIn. We’ve seen our traffic increase 3x organically and our keywords improve overall by +24.4 w/several page 1 results. What I love most about Pearl Lemon is their speed of delivery, willingness to go the extra mile and appreciation of our needs. We’re busy – so they have made the process as turn-key as possible. From getting involved in YouTube SEO, producing content and more – I highly recommend their team 🙂
Laura Faint
Laura Faint
Head of Growth at AJ&Smart GmbH
digital marketing

Want to work with an SEO agency that delivers?

Finding an SEO company you can rely upon to get you real results amongst the other SEO agencies in London is a challenge to say the least!

Often time it’s difficult to tell which agency is the real deal and whether they have the technical SEO knowledge, link-building abilities and understanding of SEO strategy to drive amazing commercial results

That’s where we come in. That’s where Pearl Lemon can deliver

Our Featured services

Climb Search Rankings now with our Proven SEO Services.

The organic search landscape is more competitive than ever. You need an agency with the know-how to get your site where it belongs: at the top of the search listings. As a full service SEO agency we have tools, expertise and proven track record to do that and more.

Local SEO

Dominate the SERPs and generate more local business! We use proven local ranking factors to BOOST your organic visibility and increase your bottom line.

SEO Audit

Our expert SEO auditors assess how 'search engine friendly' your site is so we can create a personalized blueprint to get it to the top of the SERPs.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to organic search - but we can make it BETTER!


E-commerce SEO

Need consistent, high-quality traffic you don't have to pay for? We understand e-commerce SEO is different, and how to make it work for you, whatever, and wherever, you sell online.

Technical SEO

We'll identify, and tackle, the often hidden on-site issues that are impacting the way search bots see your site and holding you back in organic search.

International SEO

Operating globally? We'll optimise your site to increase your visibility and appeal to your global target market, no matter where they are.

‘We Practice What
We Preach!'

Digital Marketing & SEO Awards

Our Excellence doesn’t go unnoticed.
We’re Recognised by our Industry.

You’re looking for the best SEO agency for your company. Platforms such as Clutch, Design Rush and Agency Spotter all rank Pearl Lemon amongst the UK’s best SEO agencies.

Design Rush has ranked us as the best provider of eCommerce SEO services in the UK out of 70+ firms. For our general SEO service, they’ve ranked us in 1st place out of over 120 SEO companies and 10th globally out of 1080+ SEO firms.

Clutch has placed us amongst the top local SEO companies as well as in the 2019 “Best SEO Agencies in London” report.

We also featured in the latest Agency Spotter report, listed in the top 20 marketing agencies.

Ready to work with an SEO Agency dedicated to your success?

You've come to the right place.

As an SEO Company providing SEO services for clients worldwide – we love to demonstrate how keenly we’re committed to your success.

If you’re tired of shopping around have SEO agencies that provide valuable and legitimate work with robust reporting, transparency and a dedication to your success – then you’ve come to absolutely the right place.

We’re experts in delivering results across the board from Google Image Search to E-E-A-T, to Public Relations and more – just contact us to start working on building out your SEO strategy now

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Pearl Lemon SEO Timeline Reporting Structure

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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves.
We Are Pearl Lemon.

Pearl Lemon was founded by Deepak Shukla. He’s a search engine optimisation consultant and influencer known in the world of search engine marketing for sharing his insights and expertise! He has featured in SEMrush, Woorank, The Search Engine Journal, Digital Olympus and more, as well as his boundless enthusiasm for SEO, lead generation and helping other businesses grow as fast and successfully as his own have.

Watch our Case Study videos

Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our rankings SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.

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How do we Deliver our SEO Services? Overdeliver - For every client.

6 Stages from Discovery to Reporting
SEO reports

Stage 1 – Discovery Call


This is the stage where we take the time to fully understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. We’ll ask a few questions to get a better understanding of:

  • What your company does, the people who power it, your brand values and the messages you want to send to a wider digital audience than ever before via SEO.
  • What other digital marketing activities you’re doing, or have done in the past, and what has worked and what has not.
  • Who your main competitors are
  • What your digital growth goals are and what you are hoping an SEO agency can help you achieve.

This conversation isn’t a one-way process. We want to listen to what you have to say, and we will, carefully, but we also encourage you to ask us questions to help you determine if we are the right SEO agency for you.

Stage 2 – Audit


Performing a comprehensive SEO audit is vital.

This will help us identify the issues that are stopping your webpages from ranking well within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our experts, who will provide actionable recommendations on completion,  will perform a search engine optimization audit tailored to meet your needs, not a boilerplate plan sold to every client.

Award-Winning Service SEO service
Customer Acquisition

Stage 3 – SEO Strategy


Based on our findings from stage 1 and 2, we’ll create a results-driven strategy tailored to your business.

We’ll continue to adjust our search engine optimisation strategy based upon the results we achieve during your campaign. And we will always keep you updated on EVERYTHING we do before we do it.

Stage 4 – Implementation

With an approved strategy in place, we’ll get to work. Your search engine optimisation campaign will in the safe hands of our experienced search engine optimisation specialists and we’ll maintain close contact with you every step of the way.

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local seo for wordress

Stage 5 – Free SEO Training Course

As a client, we’ll grant you access to our ‘search engine optimisation quick wins’ course for FREE. We’ll empower you with knowledge and equip you with everything you need to grow organically whilst working with us and beyond!

We believe that if a client wants to, they should understand SEO. We don’t want to do anything in your name you don’t understand. A bad SEO company is secretive and sketchy about what they do. A bad SEO company prefers that their clients don’t understand what’s going on. That’s not the Pearl Lemon way.

We want you to understand the SEO strategies we use to grow your digital presence, and have created resources you can take away and browse at your leisure

Stage 6 – Analytics & Reporting

The data we collect allows us to transform insights into growth strategies.

We’ll create reporting and data audits that are easy to digest, then use that data to ensure the work we are doing is as effective as possible.

Our SEO analytics reporting continually uncovers ways to improve the content, shift keywords, reposition information, or add pages to get the most benefit. For example, if we see that a particular keyword is associated with a high bounce rate (meaning visitors to your site landed on a page but took no other action), that would indicate we need to analyze the use of or relevancy of that keyword, or whether it’s appropriate for that particular landing page.

Good, white hat SEO tactics don’t immediately increase website traffic in the way pay-per-click advertising does. It takes long-term planning for website optimization and off-site signals to boost your digital presence, but the results are measurable.

Quality SEO analytics is more than keyword tracking – it’s a comprehensive performance analysis designed to get results. Checkout in detail about locations we serve. If you would like to work with us. Get in Touch.

Web Analytics


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of driving targeted website traffic to your website from search engines.
For starters: search is a BIG source of traffic. 60% of all traffic on the web starts with a Google search. And if you add together traffic from other popular search engines (like Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube), 70.6% of all traffic originates from a search engine.

Put simply, If you rank highly in the search engine results pages for relevant keywords, you’ll receive more targeted, high-quality traffic.

Furthermore, a site that is fully optimised for SEO will boost your user’s experience.

More search traffic, coupled with great user experience, can increase your conversion rate.

Hiring an SEO Agency is usually a multi-step process. Hiring starts with researching the agency- you want to ensure that they have a proven reputation with results. One item to look for is a solid testimonial or case study page. Another point to check is their online presence and see verified reviews on popular directories.

For Pearl Lemon, the next step is sending us an email to get a discovery call booked, this way, we can ensure your needs are met, and we will be able to address any concerns. After a discovery call, you can also request an initial audit to be run of your site; this helps both our team and you know how your SEO is standing.

After this, if you choose to come on board with us. You will fill out a quick form to let us get as much information as possible about you and your business, bring our team of experts in for a briefing, and get ready for your launch.

An SEO specialist is that person who lives and breathes all things SEO. They spend hours and hours reading, listening, attending conferences and even experimenting with various tactics to stay ahead of the ‘game’ of SEO. And while that might sound pretty boring to some people, good SEO specialists actually love their work. We know that the Pearl Lemon SEO team does.

An SEO specialist is also the person in charge of implementing an SEO strategy, even though it is unlikely that they’ll do all the work themselves. However, they know where to find the right content creators, how to source the best links, where to find the tech help needed to ensure that a company’s onsite SEO is on point and more.

Choosing the best SEO Agency means research, research and more research. Checking through reviews, team credentials, and getting proposals and audits. Pearl Lemon is possibly the best SEO agency for you to bring in for you and your business.

Pearl Lemon is a multiple award-winning agency based in the UK. We have won awards by Clutch, Design Rush, and Agency Spotter. If you need any more convincing, you can check out all the reasons to bring us on board and how we stand up against the competition.

SEO agencies vary in their cost. Some agencies charge an hourly rate, while others choose a flat fee. Here at Pearl Lemon, we offer three different packages that can be tailored a bit to suit your specific needs. This means packages by services or combining different ones. We go by a monthly recurring rate on a set day each month, so you will always know your monthly amount and when it is due. There will be no guesswork with hourly pay while our team works with you.

Easy, Google will tell you. As long as you have Google Search Console enabled for your website (which is a must anyway) any severe issues will be pointed out to you there. Suppose you want to do a quick test, however, to look for the smaller things that will improve your site’s SERP positioning, head to Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. Input your URL, and you will be given a basic score and then head to GSC a full report which will include suggestions for improvement.


Any business can benefit from SEO. SEO aims to maintain and improve rankings to have greater visibility and increase traffic to your site. Even if your site is already performing well, there is usually something that can be improved.

There is no need to wait until rankings and traffic start tanking…rather implement bespoke SEO as a preventative and maintenance to achieve excellence.

If you are not familiar with the world of SEO, the work an SEO agency does might feel like a bit of a mystery. To ease this, you can rest assured that you will get regular reporting based on your site’s analytics when working with Pearl Lemon.

SEO agencies will work as a team to improve your overall site rankings. A team of experts will analyze your site and find the best course of action to improve your SEO based on priority. This includes on-page, off-page, and technical aspects. A great agency, like Pearl Lemon, operates fully white-hat to be sure your rankings change on an organic basis.

An SEO agency will complete a variety of tasks across the board. SEO agencies will audit your site and overall company web presence. Within this includes on-page, off-page and technical optimisation. No matter the search engine or CMS platform involved, a bespoke SEO agency will ensure that your site and business is fully taken care of.

All that Pearl Lemon will do, can be found here to explore.

An excellent SEO agency will aim to get your rankings across the SERPs as best as possible. Any agency that tries to 100% guarantee certain results may be questionable, but they should still show that they can get you results.

You can expect quick and regular communication, clear reports that are backed by data and results of your campaign and to get to work with a team of experts. The team of experts should be talented and transparent and always have your best interest in mind.

A bespoke SEO agency is beyond worth the investment.

Bringing in an SEO agency is a powerful move to the growth and improvement of your website and company. Paying for a quality service helps ensure that you get rankings and bring in more leads and sales. 

ROI can vary for a site or business, but the further a website ranks towards position one, the more that will see it and in turn aim at visiting your site and possibly convert to paying customers.

Yes, we can. At Pearl Lemon, we strive to be transparent and our authentic selves. This means we publish as many reviews and testimonials as possible that our clients leave us. We also record case studies going over the results of our campaigns with past clients. Although every business is unique in the way it operates and what may be needed, you can rest assured that Pearl Lemon will help you accomplish your goals.

Hiring an SEO expert for your team can be a monumental step. Bringing in an agency is one way you know that a team of experts will be pooled together to work on your project. This means having industry experts in content writing, on-page aspects, off-page aspects, technical SEO and more all collaborating together. Having an in-house provider, you can still get an expert in SEO, but if you have an individual rather than a team, you may be missing out on skill sets across all aspects of SEO. an in-house provider may only be able to provide expert levels of care to a few SEO points, but lack in others.

For more on comparing Pearl Lemon to an in-house team, or other agency, you can read more here.

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