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Phase 1: SEO

What are your favoured keywords. Who are your competitors? What are they ranking for? Let’s use that to build an amazing SEO strategy

Phase 2: Emails

SEO is AWESOME. But talking to potential clients IMMEDIATELY is as well. We’ll send out 200-500 emails per month on your behalf to generate WEEKLY leads

Phase 3: Learn & Improve

As we see what’s working with SEO and what’s working with cold emails – we’ll adapt and improve to deliver even more results

And 10x Your Revenue

Increase Revenue

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Manjit Johal Testimonial

Manjit Johal

I had a very good experience working with Pearl Lemon, I found Deepak to be very knowledgeable and helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to help get the project across the line.

The proposed approach for digital marketing and customer acquisition was exactly what we needed and has helped us grow as an organisation. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen within this sector but Pearl Lemon are the real deal!

Joey Vitale Testimonial

Joey Vitale

Pearl Lemon has been amazing!! Context: I run a business that has just finished its first year. We are a rapidly growing business, and most of our marketing efforts before Pearl Lemon was DIY. I’ve been burned before by marketing BSers and I needed someone who could keep me focused on low hanging fruit gains and the tweaks that will really allow for big gains. Deepak had that talent in spades! I feel so much for confident now about the direction our marketing efforts are going in.

Janina Klimas Testimonial

Janina Klimas

Excellent!! Deepak gave me honest advice on how to bring my course and marketing efforts to the next level. He will tell it like it is and you’ll walk away with actionable advice to take the next step. I am already seeing results! 🤓

Stefano Andrean Testimonial

Stefano Andrean

Pearl Lemon were able to provide me with some excellent insights into how to better develop the UX experience of my company’s site, alongside improving potential conversions – this has given a notable increase in ‘good’ traffic from both my paid AdWords and organic searches. 😇

Dimi Paun Testimonial

Dimi Paun Founder of Rebounty

I got to know Pearl Lemon via their founder’s Twitter and have been working with them for 3-months now. It’s refreshing to meet a team that are very quick off the mark, like to just GTD and are completely flexible as is required w/startup companies. Incredibly impressed with them and well – the future’s looking bright! ☺

Adam Hanegraaf Testimonial

Adam Hanegraaf

Deepak is a very knowledgeable digital marketer and business person and has added exceptional value to my PPC business from the day we started working together. He’s friendly, helpful, and his actionable strategic advice has already brought massive value to my business and my clients. I’d highly recommend Pearl Lemon to anyone seeking the best possible digital marketing results! ☺️

Paul Lingard Testimonial

Paul Lingard

Pearl Lemon developed a marketing strategy set around Facebook and Instagram. We have both a company and personal Instagram that have grown by over 1000% and have inquiries and bookings that come directly from the platform. Furthermore, our focus on personal video drives 45% more engagement on Facebook. Ultimately, we’re busier than we ever were and are in a strong position for the future.

Arun Thangavel Testimonial

Arun Thangavel

An impromptu meeting with Deepak and Pearl Lemon led to an amazing consultancy session with him. He has his finger on the pulse of the current digital climate and his insights and advice has already started leading to positive transformations in my business.

Clare Cohen Testimonial

Claire Cohen

We’re in the midst of redeveloping a website that is focussed upon generating conversions, and what has been developed so far has been excellent. This is alongside a syndication strategy that has seen my content go out to multiple online assets and boost my online SERP!

Nate Chambers Testimonial

Nate Chambers

I’ve been working with Pearl Lemon for the past 3 months (I’ve hired them to do everything from an initial audit of my online presence to developing a marketing strategy and implementing daily tactical stuff on multiple social media platforms). They’re AWESOME.

You can’t outwork them. Paired with how knowledgeable their team is is, there’s no way you won’t be successful working with him. Engagement on social media platforms has gone through the roof, we’ve gone through the inbound funnel several times to increase conversion rates, and so much more.

HIGHLY recommend working with them (if you’re lucky enough to get picked by…their time is limited).

Kaya Ismail Testimonial

Kaya Ismail

Came across Pearl Lemon via the LinkedIn Deepak Shukla makes. I jumped on a consultancy call with Deepak recently to see if he could benefit me and my content strategy agency, and I found his insights regarding tools for growth hacking and personal brand building to be very useful. He knows his stuff, and he’s to the point!

Aarish Shah Testimonial

Aarish Shah

Deepak and Pearl Lemon have been incredible in helping me build my presence online and in giving me the tools and insights into generating leads. From vetting and rewriting my copy to improving my messaging, to getting me started on posting valuable videos on LinkedIn, they’ve opened up the online world to my offline business.

I’m still learning more every day and Deepak himself has been amazing in helping me build incentives in my actions to lead to better results.

Couldn’t recommend them more!

Zoe Williams Testimonial

Zoe Williams

“From conversion to reputation, Pearl Lemon took care of everything. Love it!”

Sam Rowlands Testimonial

Samuel Rowlands

Love the team over at Pearl Lemon. Deepak is awesome, great ideas and killer execution! Always ready to go above and beyond!

100% would recommend!

Samuel Rowlands
Co-Founder at Distributed

Murly Tiwari Testimonial

Murly Tiwari

I had a very specific remit for Pearl Lemon as there are 3,000 SPECIFIC individuals I require contact time with for the success of my company. I’m pleased to say that they devised an excellent strategy to help get in front of them – people that are worth up to £50k per person in the long term.”