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Does Changing the Shopify Store Name Affect SEO

Sometimes change to a storefront is needed. It is important to note that some changes may help or hinder your Shopify SEO. On Shopify, you can change your store name if you need to. Your business name is attached to your overall existing brand image, so branded searches will no longer be relevant to your…
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DIY SEO Hacks to Boost Your Website Today

You understand (sort of) by now that SEO – search engine optimization) is important to your website’s – and therefore your business’ – success. However, from what little you’ve read SEO seems to be complicated, time-consuming and maybe even controversial, as there seem to be a lot of different opinions and conflicting information out there. …
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Is Shopify good for SEO?
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Is Shopify good for SEO?

You have finally done it. You have found your niche, bought your products, perfected your branding, and even created some buzz on social media. Now, all that’s left is to upload your products on your Shopify platform and watch the till overflow with revenue, right?? Well, not quite. You see, if you don’t know how…
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4 Buyer Persona Tips for Generating Leads

As the popular saying goes, “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches”. But who is the wearer, and where exactly does the shoe pinch? Buyer personas provide an answer to this question, by addressing pain points and current questions from (potential) customers. Benefits of a Buyer Persona: As a marketer, your ultimate goal is…
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