Benefits of Using a Free VPN in Digital Marketing

It is hard to find a business that is not represented online. More and more businesses are finding customers online through various digital marketing channels. In this growing competition, marketers are trying to increase the efficiency of their work and the use of marketing budgets. A free VPN is a tool that can improve some digital marketing processes without additional costs. So, let’s look at a free VPN and how to use it in digital marketing.

What is a VPN, and What Does It Do?

VPN (virtual private network) is a technology designed to improve Internet security. The history of VPN and its beginning are associated with Microsoft in 1996 as their employee developed an encryption protocol (the Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol). This was the beginning of the development of VPN technology, which has gone far beyond corporate use. Today, VPN is used for remote access to work systems, gaming, online shopping, and many other tasks. To experience the benefits, download the free VPN for Chrome today and check out the following advantages by yourself.

VPN builds a tunnel between the user’s device and the internet, enabling anonymous and encrypted data transmission. Internet traffic is redirected through a chosen VPN server, which hides the user’s IP address and encrypts the communication. 

This ensures the main advantages of the VPN, such as increased online anonymity, enhanced information security, and the ability to visit websites despite geo-blocking. Let’s look at practical ways to use VPN in digital marketing.

Benefits of Using a Free VPN in Digital Marketing

  1. Security.

Internet security was the main reason for the development of the VPN and remains its main advantage today. This includes enhanced data security, safe use of public Wi-Fi networks, and protected remote access for employees. Free VPN encrypts your Internet traffic using strong encryption protocols and hides your IP address, so third parties can only see the IP address of the VPN server you choose to redirect your traffic.

This lets you securely exchange information with customers and contractors and work from anywhere worldwide by connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. The VPN eliminates the risk of unsecured connections, ensuring that your employees have secure access to working documents. So you can be confident that your own and your client’s data is safe when you use the VPN.

  1. Anonymous competitor analysis.

Constant competitor analysis is one of the most important tasks for every marketer. To gain a competitive advantage, competitors can block your ability to monitor their websites. Such blocking is based on your IP address, as it is your main identifier on the web. When you connect to a VPN, you choose a remote service to redirect your traffic, and the address of the selected server automatically replaces your IP address. Therefore, you can bypass competitors’ blocking and freely collect information for analysis, remaining anonymous.

  1. Access to geo-restricted content.

Using a free VPN for Chrome, marketers can freely visit any website on the Internet with no geographic restrictions. This is especially important when analysing markets or working with foreign customers. Some websites are blocked for access from certain countries for various reasons, but you do not care about them when you need to make a deep and meaningful analysis of a certain topic. Since all geo-blocking is based on information about your location provided by your IP address, hiding it will hide your real location. Anyone tracking your location will assume you are in the country where the chosen VPN server is located. 

Thus, to access geo-blocked content, choose a server located in the website owner’s country. Sometimes, it is enough to choose any other country if the blocking is set specifically for your location.

  1. Geo-targeted ad testing.

Through VPNs, which simulate access from several places, advertisers may test how well their advertising functions in various geographical areas. This can aid in the optimisation of ad-targeting for other markets.

  1. Representative search results.

If a marketer uses the same device to work on different projects and for personal use, the previous activity will affect Google search results. Of course, you can always switch between different accounts, but this will disrupt your work focus. When you use a VPN for Chrome and an anonymous browser window, you’ll receive search results untainted by your previous searches.

  1. Cost cutting on work-related apps.

Free VPN is often used for online shopping, and digital marketing is no exception. As a marketer, you know how expensive professional tools are. Usually, you can’t just buy a single subscription covering all your marketing tasks, but you need to buy access to many tools. All marketing programs use different algorithms to analyse data, and comparing the results from different programs often gives a deeper understanding of the situation.

In the market of digital products, as well as in the market of real goods, prices vary from country to country, and you, as a marketer, know this for sure. So, use a VPN to check the cost of the programs you need in countries with lower living standards. In addition, a free VPN will give you access to tools actively used in other markets but not yet available in yours.

We can continue listing more specialised benefits for each branch of digital marketing. The key is that you’ve learned how to benefit from using a VPN by reconnecting between servers and can continue to explore the advantages on your own. Use reliable VPN providers and improve your digital marketing results at no additional cost.