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We all know that more traffic equals more leads, which equals more sales. Choosing the proper budget for a PPC campaign is not as difficult for any Bristol company as achieving the required ROI. Connect with our Bristol PPC Agency to begin using PPC Management Services to increase profitability and leads.

We have cracked the exact formula for curating a successful and winning PPC campaign as a leading Bristol PPC management agency. With our Pay Per Click services, you can satisfy your need for constant and controllable traffic, improve the performance of your ad campaigns, and boost your ROIs.

Why Choose Local PPC?

Why is running a Pay Per Click advertising campaign a smart move for local Bristol businesses? Here are just some of the most important reasons:

Display adverts that are relevant

Because you choose who you target using local PPC, your advertising will only appear in front of the right audiences. In an ideal world, you’d only market to people who can benefit from your company. Effective local PPC gets you closer to that goal.

Furthermore, because you will not be competing with national brands, your ad budget will stretch much further. There will be less competition and more clicks and conversions if you run more local campaigns.

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Increase brand recognition

As a small business owner, it’s critical to get your name out there so that your community is aware of your existence.

Simply by getting your name out there and in front of your audience, a local PPC campaign will enhance brand awareness. Even if those customers don’t convert, brand awareness is critical to a local business’s success.

Increase conversion rates

With more people turning to internet purchasing, running a local PPC campaign is more crucial than ever.

Local audiences are more likely to convert when they see your ad during an online shopping search because they’re actively looking for a solution to their problem.

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Tracking that's precise

Other local marketing strategies such as posters and pamphlets are more difficult to track than local PPC advertisements. You can track impressions, clicks, and conversions with these advertising.

Options that are versatile

There is a lot of versatility with local PPC. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful, for example. You can establish a budget and a limit on how much money you’re willing to spend.

Then, if all goes well, you can scale up right away. You can, on the other hand, pause campaigns whenever you choose.

Furthermore, local PPC advertising provides you with more targeting choices. Ads can be targeted depending on a user’s location or certain activities, or their previous interactions with you.

Bristol PPC Services We Offer

A Bristol PPC agency can only claim to be the best for your company if it offers a wide range of services to meet your unique needs. Although you may not need them all, we offer the following services to our local PPC clients (and more):

PPC Campaign Setup

Our PPC Campaign Management Services can help you choose the proper channel to execute your campaigns, whether it's setting up and managing Google Display or Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads or even newer offerings like TikTok ads.

PPC Audits

Did you suddenly lose your ranking due to a Google penalty, or are you seeking for ways to boost the performance of your ads? Then you definitely need a PPC audit! We can provide a comprehensive one, complete with suggestions for retooling it to improve both your ROI and overcome any search based problems fast.

Local Google Search Ads

More than 90% of consumers will begin their quest to find a local business offering, well, anything, with a simple Google search. While you might be working hard to make use of SEO to get your business to the top of local Bristol organic search results, and into that local three pack Google Maps listings - and we encourage you to continue to do so - Google local search ads will give your business an immediate boost by getting you seen ABOVE hose listings right away.

Google Shopping Ads

We can help you increase sales for your online or offline store with targeted Google Shopping Ads as a leading PPC management firm. If yours is a physical Bristol shop, we'll also help ensure your ads are only served to those who will be able to take advantage of what you have to offer, meaning you pay for genuine local leads, not random clicks.

PPC Display Ads

Using aesthetically engaging display adverts, you can target new local consumers and stay on your audience's radar even if they don't 'bite' the first time. And speaking of visuals, unlike many other PPC agencies at Pearl Lemon we are experts in the art of YouTube advertising, a platform that will let you increase brand awareness, attract attention, and generate demand and reach a different search audience you may never have tapped before.

Local Bristol PPC Remarketing Ads

When it comes to running a successful local business, you must focus not just on attracting new consumers, but also on retaining existing customers.

It's important to remember that 98% of website visitors leave without taking any action. The goal of remarketing is to rekindle interest in your product or service among consumers who have previously visited your website. Our PPC agency Bristol can offer you effective remarketing strategies that will make you, then keep you, the talk of the town.

Social Media Pay Per Click Ads

As they visit these sites every day, and often several times a day, it's been a natural evolution that an increasing number of people will seek out local businesses via social media platforms. With a bespoke social media advertising plan curated to your business needs, Pearl Lemon' skilled PPC team can help you make the most of advertising on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

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Getting Started with Pearl Lemon

Ready to get started with PPC ads, or improve the campaigns you are already running by working with Pearl Lemon, the leading PPC agency in Bristol? Doing so is easy. Get in touch today and let’s discuss just what we can do for you and how PPC ads can boost your Bristol business.

PPC Agency Bristol FAQs

PPC management in Bristol is when a company or marketer manages another company’s PPC behavior and improves results.

PPC services in Bristol include managing the PPC of another company and finding ways to improve the results. PPC can include Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more.

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