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Did you know that, according to Google, 80 percent of purchasers use a search engine while looking for information about local businesses? It’s no secret that running a locally specialized and targeted pay per click campaign is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your Brighton company’s product and/or services in front of your target market these days.

However, executing a PPC Brighton campaign that delivers the almost instant results you want while still providing the good ROI you need to stay on budget isn’t really easy. That’s where Pearl Lemon, a top PPC agency Brighton, comes in.

Why Choose Local PPC?

Our PPC agency Brighton team helps businesses with their local SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy not only in Brighton, but across the country. Organic SEO is fantastic, and we urge our clients to explore it, but there are several compelling reasons to include local PPC in your search engine marketing strategy:

You'll be Able to Keep up with Google's Ever-changing Local Search Landscape

When it comes to Google’s local results, the search giant is always changing things up. With Paid Search Advertising, you can test new features, extensions, and ad types as soon as they’re published, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of your competition!

You can use a range of PPC ad kinds and extensions to make your local business stand out among the competition:

Do you offer your wares both online and offline? You can use local inventory adverts to promote your in-store goods to those who are seeking for them online using Google Shopping Ads.

The best way to determine which PPC ads types will work best for your business? Book a call with an expert Pearl Lemon PPC consultant Brighton today

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Structured Snippets can be used by businesses to highlight specific qualities of their products or services. A hyperlocal service provider might promote to individual neighbourhoods inside a city by using snippets like “Neighbourhoods.

Using Location Extensions, your local maps listing can be displayed alongside your ad. Another benefit of location extensions is that they allow your business to appear first in the maps listings above organic results, putting it further ahead of your competition, even if they are focusing on organic SEO.

You Can Make the Most of Your Advertising Budget

For local firms, PPC marketing Brighton is a very adaptable source of relevant traffic and leads. You can have greater control over how your money gets spent if you take use of the features.

Geographic Targeting – If you only do business in a specific area, we can make your ads only appear to people who live, work, or visit that area. In actuality, we can focus our attention on a radius around a specific location, street, or other region.

It’s now easier to target visitors depending on their device with Google Ads and Bing PPC (desktop, smartphones and tablets). We even have control over the time of day, the amount of money being spent, the ad language, and the type of website these visitors see when we use Local Mobile PPC.

All of this means that there’s a lower chance that your PPC advertisements will be served and clicked on by people who aren’t interested in them. For example, if you run a physical sales only business and your customers have never been to Brighton and are unlikely to visit, a PPC ad will not be displayed to them. This might save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

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New Businesses are Noticed More Quickly

If you’re a new business or haven’t dabbled in search and internet marketing, a decent organic SEO strategy will help you in the long run, but it’s unlikely to push you to the top of the search results in less than a few months. And, in a city as busy and competitive as Brighton, can you afford to wait that long?

A PPC ad expenditure yields rapid results, and the targeting is incredibly exact, resulting in immediate and measurable outcomes provided your local PPC agency Brighton is competent.

Established firms can use local PPC to promote major events, expansions, product launches, and other time-sensitive products. You just won’t have time for SEO to function as well as a targeted, dedicated PPC campaign if your event is next week.

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Why Should You Hire Pearl Lemon as Your Brighton PPC Agency?

Any local PPC campaign is only as effective as its execution. If you’ve never tried PPC before, you’ll need professional advice to get the most out of your ad expenditure.

When it comes to setting up your local PPC program as your PPC agency Brighton, our team will conduct extensive research and make continuing tweaks to ensure that your money and visibility are maximized once it is live. Your account manager will also provide you with high-level and thorough information to help you manage not only your PPC campaign but also your complete digital strategy.

As a Brighton Google ads agency, we can ensure through our PPC services Brighton businesses thrive. We are THE PPC consultant Brighton team local businesses know and trust. Why don’t you join them today?

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We also remain ahead of the competition since we don’t follow the typical Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 schedule. Someone will answer if you need us on the weekend. It’s fine if you can’t talk till 7 p.m. because you’re too busy running your business. And if you want to start a fresh PPC campaign to promote a time-sensitive offer, we won’t let the fact that it’s after 5 p.m. stop us.

Oh, and as a member of the Pearl Lemon Group, we can refer you to our sister company, Pearl Lemon, which is one of the best in the business, if and when you’re ready to supplement your PPC campaign with organic SEO.

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Are you ready to learn more about what local PPC can do for your business

And how Pearl Lemon, as your Brighton PPC agency, can assist you? Get in touch with us right away and let’s talk about it.


Our Brighton SEO services include the following:

  • Content creation – Our team of both manual and AI writers ensures your online content is SEO-optimised at every touchpoint that contains top SEO keywords and engaging content that’s sure to get your website and online social media content higher search engine rankings. 
  • Digital marketing campaigns – From targeted PPC ads to campaigns across multiple social media platforms, our team will draft winning campaigns for your business that will generate new, high-quality leads and bring greater awareness of your brand to consumers. 

Keyword research – Our team can also review your existing site’s content and research the top SEO keywords for your business, determining a better digital marketing strategy based on what your consumers care about most. 

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line SEO services in Brighton, then Pearl Lemon is just what you’ve been looking for, as a partnership with us includes: 

  • An experienced team – All of our team is not only trained by our founder Deepak Shukla, who is an industry expert in SEO and has revolutionised the industry, but they’ve also had great success in improving the SEO results of numerous companies all over the world such as OAL, Indie Law, and Astteria London. 
  • Access to the latest extensions and tools – Our team uses the premiere and proven tools in the industry like paid media, structured snippets, and location extensions to ensure that your company’s sites do well with the local Brighton population. 
  • Availability – Our team doesn’t close its doors at 5 pm. Thanks to our internationally-based staff, we’ll always have someone available to address your concerns or answer any questions whenever you need us. 

You don’t have to look further than Pearl Lemon! Armed with an experienced team and the latest developments in the SEO industry, a partnership with us will bring your company new leads and greater brand awareness, sure to bring your company new levels of success on the digital landscape. 

Yes! SEO is the most reliable digital marketing process that any website or online content creator can use today. This is because SEO goes straight to the source, determining the most common google search for each topic and understanding which keywords, site format, and messaging will get your website a higher rank on Google. A high rank on Google is fundamental to your digital marketing strategy because your site won’t get anywhere with the general public if it’s stuck beneath the top of the first page. 

The cost of SEO services will largely depend on what digital marketing strategy you want to obtain for your business. Often, an SEO strategy that gets results will involve a lot of digital marketing techniques across multiple content channels, including google analytics, PPC advertising, and paid media. This heavy use of marketing techniques can cost our team a lot in overhead and person-hours, but we’ll always give you a fair price that breaks down the exact cost of each service. You can book a call with us here to get a quote from our team.

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