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Pet parents constantly search for a pet shop that can cater to their pet’s needs. That’s why they always look for the nearest and most commendable pet service shop on the internet.

With a 94 search value on Google, we’re sure people continuously search for pet services online. So if you want to be the first one they see for every search, then it’s time you try PPC.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we have pay-per-click management services that can surely make your pet services stand out on every fur parent search.

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It’s no secret that the pet care industry is growing steady over the past years. And that’s why more and more businesses such as yours are looking for ways to market effectively and stand out.

With that adamant need, why not try PPC for Pet Services right here?

Competitor Analysis

Our experts take the time to analyse your direct and indirect industry competitors. Given that you offer pet services, we'll also check on animal clinics, pet grooming salons, pet food stores, and many more establishments that may relate to what you do. From there, we will monitor what they do and how you can do better than that.

Bidding Research

You'll need to manage your PPC bids to get the return you desire and the results that will help your pet service business. We will assist you budgeting and searching keywords for your campaign so your business will succeed and obtain the most significant results. You can definitely obtain the most excellent pricing on high-quality and high-performing keywords with us.

Keyword Research

You must see which keywords are working effectively for your PPC campaign. Pearl Lemon will find keyword sets that need the least time and effort to run and get the best results. We guarantee the most effective and efficient keywords to guide your business to its online success. By mixing discovered keywords with innovative advertising and engagement, you will entice more people to see your content and receive the most hits across the internet.

Geo-Target Improvements

Its either you go to their homes or they come to you, either way, your business is a physical business where people will be interested in where to find you. By amplifying your visibility in the local market, pet parents will easily spot your pet service business and check out the offers you have. Not to mention, your location will also help Google identify your legitimacy and credibility online.

Ad Placement

You don't randomly put up your PPCs anywhere. Strategizing where to place them first is essential because one wrong placement can lead to many lost opportunities. Pearl Lemon will place your PPC ads in the places that most people go to so that you won't have to worry about your investment flunking.

Monthly Reports

You must know how your PPC campaign is progressing. With Pearl Lemon, you'll never be in the dark on how your campaigns are working because we will give you updates on the reporting intervals we agreed to do. You'll have analysis reports, data, and background information on everything around your PPC investment.

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Why Pearl Lemon's PPC for Pet Services?

Still having doubts about hiring our PPC for pet services? Then read on to find out more about us.

We Are What You're Looking For

Our experts have 25+ years of experience and have handled many campaigns across various sectors, so you can be guaranteed the results we give. As a reputable PPC agency, we continue to hone, encourage, and train our in-house professionals and talents, utilising the latest strategies to give you only the most refined PPC ads. Our affiliations also reflect our expertise and equip us with a vast range of support from which we may draw to solve your marketing problems.

We Understand The Needs You Have

There’s no such thing as a general marketing strategy with paid searches. Every plan that Pearl Lemon conceptualises will be tailored to your business goals and needs. Pearl Lemon recognises that your pet services business needs a personalised PPC campaign because every business is unique and diverse. Through a thorough research and background study on your business, we can get to know you and customise the perfect PPC plan to guide you to your online success.

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We Will Meet With You Halfway

We’re not sure if you’ve experienced it. Still, sometimes average PPC agencies or companies overpromise and oversell their services, and in the end, they never deliver the results they promised and sold you. If you’ve experienced that, we’re sorry you had to go through that. If you haven’t, then you are in luck. However, no matter what experience you’ve had here at Pearl Lemon, you won’t ever have to worry about those things. We value transparency, honesty, and integrity. We tell you what we can and cannot do right off the bat. We layout feasible requests and offer a different solution to your needed results if we can’t do the tasks you request.

We Give You What You Aspire To Have

Most businesses or companies hire an SEO agency, a web designer, a web developer, a social media manager, and a PPC agency separately. Aren’t those relationships exhausting, unproductive, and inefficient if you can have them all in one agency? When you partner with Pearl Lemon for your PPC campaign, you will work with an SEO agency, a web designing and development company, a PR agency, and a PPC agency. And don’t worry because even if we have many services, we have the specialise in them, so you can guarantee that we will meet your expectations and exceed them while we’re at it.

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.


What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency.

Here at Pearl Lemon, we can help your company grow.

The engagement has led to an increase in inquiries through multiple channels. Pearl Lemon works closely with the internal team to ensure an effective collaboration. The team is open and transparent, providing a high level of customized service.
Lucy Russell
Director, Winova Properties
The engagement generated eight calls within the first month. Pearl Lemon establishes a seamless workflow to ensure consistent communication. Their professional team is enthusiastic throughout the process.
Leigh Ashton
CEO, The Sales Consultancy
Attendance to the event grew at a rapid pace, and a significant number of respondents gave positive feedback regarding Pearl Lemon’s approach. The team provided recurrent progress updates that clearly demonstrated their impact. Their knowledge and transparency set them apart from other vendors.
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith
VP Events & Sales, Paddington Works

Serving More Pet Parents Through PPC For Pet Services

Advertising your pet services is an excellent approach for your company to attract qualified pet parents. But getting that advertising strategy isn’t easy. That’s why we are here to provide a helping hand with the matter.

Our 25+ years of experience in the industry made us capable of expanding ourselves and aiding others towards the success they long for. We have added value not just on our company, but for others too.

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PPC is a cost-effective, straightforward strategy to drive traffic and engagement to your pet service website. It’s a marketing strategy that can be readily tailored to your shop’s needs and used across various communication channels online. Your SEO approach will help you enhance your search engine rankings, but your PPC campaign will increase your exposure and drive visitors to your most engaged product lines.

PPC campaigns are more sophisticated than ever since they provide information on the demographics of each visitor who visits your pet service website. You can find out which visitors booked right away, who left the page empty, and who spent the most time exploring. It’s critical to monitor your statistics and analyse the data collected by each PPC campaign at its end. This will assist you in redefining the goal of future campaigns.

Expert PPC agencies are required for a successful PPC management campaign, typically delivered with other online marketing services. Keyword research, ad text, budget management, and landing page design play a role in your campaign’s success.

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