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Meet our SEO team!

We are a diverse team of SEO experts, living in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Israel, The United States, Pakistan and India! Between us, we have over 26 years of SEO experience!

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Our Experienced Team Will Double Your Organic Traffic In 3 Months

If you don’t have an SEO department or an in-house SEO team, you can hire us to take care of your search engine optimization needs. We will identify the issues that are decreasing the visibility of your webpages on the search engine results pages and strategically resolve them. But we won’t stop there. As a full-service agency, we’ll implement a link building strategy and also provide content marketing solutions. Our team is incredibly experienced and highly proficient in a wide range of search engine optimisation tools.

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Deepak Shukla - Award winning SEO Expert

Deepak is our founder and CEO! He founded Pearl Lemon in 2014 and bootstrapped the company from $0-20k per month in less than 6 months. He has featured in: TEDx, NBC, The Huffington Post, ABC, Inc and more!

When Deepak’s not working, he’s either rapping, watching movies, running marathons, playing with his cat, Jenny, Public speaking or getting inked (he has 53 tattoos!).

Our SEO Team Structure

We have a very talented team of organic search specialists. Most other search engine optimisation teams work full-time (9-5 Mon – Fri) However, as we are globally remote, at any given moment, there will be someone working on your campaign 7 days a week. Click on each team member’s name to find out what they’ll do to SKYROCKET your rankings!



SEO Writer
Coffee practitioner. Musician.



Operations Director
Avid Weightlifter and Coffee Enthusiast.



Managing Director
Greek-Born Barcelona Living Former Rock Star!



SEO Expert
E-commerce Guru. Innovative Thinker.

Ali Ubaid

Ali Ubaid

SEO Operations
Fitness Lover & Always Loves To Fight For 1st Position On Search Engines 😉

Farman Rind

Farman Rind

Technical SEO
Family Guy. Outdoor Lover.


Saurabh Khajuria

SEO Executive
Spicy food connoisseur.

My New Dp


Head of Web Designer
Foodie. Loves Traveling & Designing.


Ali Yasin

Web Dev
Movie lover



Web Dev
Movie lover

Ali Rind

Ali Rind

SEO Operations
Fitness Lover



Seo Content Writer

Outsource SEO To Us, Here's How We'll Make Your Life Easier :

If your business doesn’t have the resources to manage search engine optimisation in-house, it’s a wise idea to outsource your campaigns to our team of experts. After all, we have a track record of delivering significant results for our clients consistently.

We’ll take the time to fully understand your business and collaborate with your digital marketing team. We’ll devise and implement a bespoke strategy and report the results back to you regularly. 

Let us take care of your organic search activities so that you can focus on what you do best. 

user-centric CRO model

Collectively, Outside Search Engine Optimisation We Are...

Working remotely gives us the flexibility to travel the world and pursue many weird and wonderful hobbies and activities! Creating these life experiences helps us to better understand our client’s businesses and essentially enables us to build greater relationships with our clients!

Growth Hacks

Growth Hackers

Asides from ranking multiple pages on page 1 of Google, we’ve sent 1 million + emails, created viral content and made connections with Go Daddy, Uber, Nike Planatir and more!

backpacked 50+ countries


We’ve backpacked across 50+ countries including India, South Africa, Venezuela, Kosova, France The States, Australia, Thailand and more! Oh yeah, and we’ve lived in 14 countries between us!



As well as being fluent in SEO, we speak English (of course!), Hindi (नमस्ते), French (Bonjour), Gujarati (હેલ્લો), Italian (Ciao) and Patois (Wah Gwaan) Oh and Cockney (if that counts!).



We love Marathons, Ultramarathons, Ironmen, Muay Thai, Karate, Swimming, Cycling, weight training, soldiering, rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and more! (Basically, we enjoy the great outdoors & fitness)



We’ve taken part in over 24 marathons, lived homelessly for 7 nights, hitchhiked for 1,100km, dived in over 30 countries, applied to the SAS, recorded over 150 rap songs and more!

25+ years of SEO experience


We have 25+ years of SEO experience, as well as Google Adwords & Analytics certificates, HubSpot certifications, 1 IDM Award in Digital Copywriting, 5 bachelors degrees & 1 masters degree!

What Does It Take To Become A Member Of The Team?

We’re not an ordinary team of search engine optimisation specialists. We don’t have the typical agency culture where a game of pool in the afternoons and a beer or two on a Friday is the norm. Our culture resembles that of an investment bank. We put in an insane number of hours each week, our pace of work is extremely fast and our ultimate objective is to achieve significant results.

To work at Pearl Lemon, you must be able to: work 7 days a week, be able to take direct constructive criticism, improve rapidly and keep up with the fast work rate.

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