Our Technical SEO Expert Will Fix This he Issues Holding You Back

Farman Rind

Meet Farman, our technical SEO expert here at Pearl Lemon.

He’ll make sure that your website can be easily crawled, rendered indexed and ranked by search engines.

Our technical SEO services are designed to identify any technical issues that are hindering your site from rising up the rankings.

Farman Is An Expert At Identifying And Resolving Technical SEO Issues

Farman’s problem-solving skills are unrivalled. Regardless of what content management system (CMS) you use for your site, Farman has the knowledge and the expertise to solve the most complex technical search engine optimisation issues. Farman’s ultimate goal is to fix all of the issues that are stopping search engines from being able to rank your site highly in the SERPs. Along with his 7 years of experience in technical SEO, Farman is highly proficient in a wide of technical SEO tools that he will use throughout your campaign.

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Farman Builds The Foundation For A High Ranking Site

The Top 3 Most Common Issues Farman Fixes

Farman works closely with our SEO Consultant and our head of SEO to ensure that his work is in line with your bespoke strategy. He will ensure that the issues that are having the most significant impact on your rankings are addressed first so that you can start to see results much quicker.

Duplicate Content

Search engines hate duplicate content. If this issue isn’t resolved it can lead to a dip in rankings & even original content being dropped due to Google’s Panda algorithm.

XML Sitemap Errors

Sitemaps help search engines to quickly find and index new pages on your site. Farman will make sure that you do not have any sitemap or Robots.txt errors.

Slow Loading

The amount of time your site takes to load has a direct impact on your user’s experience. We’ll resolve all the issues that are affecting your sites loading speed.

Find Out More About Farman

Farman lives in Islamabad, Farman. He speaks English and Urdu. When he’s not immersed in all things digital marketing, he loves watching cricket and binge-watching shows on Nat Geo and the discovery channel.

If you catch him on a Friday night, he’s most likely to be hanging out with his friends, eating some spicy Mexican food or reading a good book.

How many languages do you speak?

Urdu, Hindi, English

Do you have any pets?


Do you have any tattoos?


Star sign?


What would you love to learn in the future?

How to generate even more leads

Favourite food?


Favourite drink?

Mango smoothie 

Favourite movie?

Hindi – Three Idiots, English – Fight Club

Favourite book?

A little Life

Favourite thing?


Favourite animal?

Wolf, Eagle

What do you do for Pearl Lemon?

I’m a technical SEO Expert. I work hard to resolve clients technical issues both on page as well as off.

What makes you the best at what you do?

Research and Communication with the team.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to binge watch Netflix, play cricket and hanging out with friends and family. I also really enjoy watching Nat Geo and Animal Planet.

Have you done any adventurous sports/activities?


What might I find you doing on a Fri night?

You can find me out with friends or at a late night movie.

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How We Do Technical SEO At Pearl Lemon

We’ve built a comprehensive process for ensuring that we address all technical issues. Farman and our other SEOs work together by combining the use of powerful tools and years of experience to deliver results quickly. Find out more about our services

Claim Your FREE SEO Audit, No Strings Attached

If your site isn’t ranking well & you’re not seeing growth in your organic traffic, request a technical audit. Farman & the team will identify the issues affecting your webpages.

We will also outline how our full-service SEO agency can help you to double your organic traffic in 90 days. Request your audit today and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Technical SEO FAQs


Actually, the URL structure is one of the most critical elements of technical SEO for your website. And optimizing the URL structure of your site is equally important for your users/readers (usability) as it is for the search engines (findability).

The speed time on your page is crucial. Especially since Google officially stated that it’s a ranking factor in the SERPs.

There is no SEO advantage from choosing the one format over the other, it’s a matter of personal preference. What is important is to inform search engines about your decision and be consistent throughout the lifetime of your website.

Robots.txt is a text file residing in the root directory of your website that gives instructions to search engines as to which pages of your website they can crawl and add to their index.

A breadcrumb or, in other words, a “breadcrumb trail,” is a type of navigation that reveals the location of a user. This is a type of website navigation which strongly enhances the orientational awareness of a visitor. Breadcrumbs transparently present the website hierarchy and indicate where he currently is.


The structure of a website is a very important SEO factor. Users are more likely to stay on a website longer and find out what they want faster and search engines can understand and index a website easier.

Rich snippets provide you with information ranging from the star rating to the number of reviews.

Duplicate content is a serious technical SEO issue that can cause you a lot of trouble. So, it’s critical to check your website in order to detect any problems by using Google Search Console.

Go into the Google Search Console dashboard, and Search Appearance, then HTML improvements and check if there are any issues to fix.

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