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Deepak Shukla

Looking for a trustworthy SEO Team?

Hi my name’s Deepak. You might know me from my SEMRush Webinars, My TedX talk or you got no clue who I am lol (gooooogle me :))

I’ve been in the SEO game for 7+ years and I’d LOVE to help you with your SEO journey

It’d be amazing for one of my team to talk to you on the phone – if you want to book a call in with one of my team perhaps we can talk?

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Pearl Lemon SEO Timeline Reporting Structure

Thinking of Hiring an agency to 'action' your audit?

Well, we’d love to help you with that – and will offer some insights into how we work:

How would Pearl Lemon work with you?

  • Every Monday Reporting
  • Dedicated Whatsapp Group
  • <24 Hour Email Response Times
  • Shared Email Access
  • Detailed Bi-Weekly And Monthly ‘Big Daddy’ Reports

What can we offer?

Local SEO

Dominate the SERPs and generate more local business! We use proven local ranking factors to BOOST your organic visibility and increase your bottom line.

SEO Audit

Our expert SEO auditors assess how 'search engine friendly' your site is so we can create a personalized blueprint to get it to the top of the SERPs.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to organic search - but we can make it BETTER!

E-commerce SEO

Need consistent, high-quality traffic you don't have to pay for? We understand e-commerce SEO is different, and how to make it work for you, whatever, and wherever, you sell online.

Technical SEO

We'll identify, and tackle, the often hidden on-site issues that are impacting the way search bots see your site and holding you back in organic search.

International SEO

Operating globally? We'll optimise your site to increase your visibility and appeal to your global target market, no matter where they are.

Our SEO Team Structure

We have a very talented team of organic search specialists. Most other search engine optimisation teams work full-time (9-5 Mon – Fri) However, as we are globally remote, at any given moment, there will be someone working on your campaign 7 days a week. Click on each team member’s name to find out what they’ll do to SKYROCKET your rankings!



Head of SEO
E-commerce Guru. Innovative Thinker.



Technical SEO
Family Guy. Outdoor Lover.



Managing Director
Greek-Born Barcelona Living Former Rock Star!

Lydia New PL


Operations Director
Avid Weightlifter and Coffee Enthusiast.



SEO Writer
Coffee practitioner. Musician.

Vasco PL


New Business Director



SEO Operations
Fitness Lover & Always Love To Fight For 1st Position In Search Engine 😉



SEO Executive

Usman Jatoi


Web Designer
Versatile Creative

Pearl PL


Head of PR

Akhila PL


Head of HR



Research Analyst
Enjoys Matcha, Precision, and can often be found streaming or sleeping



Head of Content



Head of Design
Foodie. Loves Traveling & Designing.

Our Excellence doesn't go unnoticed.
We're Recognised by our Industry.

If you're looking for the best SEO agency for your company. Platforms such as Clutch, Design Rush and Agency Spotter all rank Pearl Lemon amongst the best SEO agencies in the UK.

Design Rush has ranked us as the best provider of Ecommerce SEO services in the UK out of 70+ firms. For our general SEO service, they’ve ranked us in 1st place out of over 120 SEO companies and 10th globally out of 1080+ SEO firms.

Clutch has placed us amongst the top local SEO companies as well as in the 2019 “Best SEO Agencies in London” report.

We also featured in the latest Agency Spotter report, listed in the top 20 marketing agencies.

Let us improve your SEO!

What Our Clients have said about our SEO Agency

Here at Pearl Lemon, we grow companies!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say!


I highly recommend their team!

We’ve been working w/Pearl Lemon for 4-6 months now after we found them on LinkedIn. We’ve seen our traffic increase 3x organically and our keywords improve overall by +24.4 w/several page 1 results. What I love most about Pearl Lemon is their speed of delivery, willingness to go the extra mile and appreciation of our needs. We’re busy – so they have made the process as turn-key as possible. From getting involved in YouTube SEO, producing content and more – I highly recommend their team 🙂

Laura Faint
Head of Growth at AJ&Smart GmbH


Couldn’t Recommend Pearl Lemon Enough!

Deepak and Pearl Lemon gave me the tools to boost my presence on Google which has led to organic and valuable interactions and ultimately potential and actual business. They have always gone above and beyond, couldn’t recommend them enough!

Aarish Shah
Founder EmergeOne


Regular and Robust Nature

I’ve been working with the Pearl Lemon team for the last 3-4 months primarily on our SEO. What I like most about them is their energy and determination to get things done – which is very unusual from an SEO team. Furthermore the regular and robust nature of their reporting. We’ve been waiting to migrate our website over to a custom CMS for some time and in spite of this being delayed, I’m seeing our organic traffic grow steadily week on week and keywords increase rapidly Great work guys!

Amir Bormand
Co-Founder at Elevano

We Have Worked With:

undraw marketing v0iu

Want to work with an SEO agency that actually delivers?

Finding an SEO team you can rely on to get you real results when you’re trying to grow your organic search positioning is tough. Finding out months down the line you’ve been working with the wrong SEO company is even harder.

You need a reliable, dedicated SEO team you can trust and who practices what they preach. From day one. An SEO agency that delivers on its promises.

That agency is Pearl Lemon. Let Us Improve Your SEO!

Watch our Case Study videos

Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.

How do we Deliver our SEO Services? Overdeliver - For every client.

6 Stages from Discovery to Reporting
SEO reports

Stage 1 – Discovery Call


This is the stage where we take the time to fully understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. We’ll ask a few questions to get a better understanding of:


  • What your company does, the people who power it, your brand values and the messages you want to send to a wider digital audience than ever before via SEO.
  • What other digital marketing activities you’re doing, or have done in the past, and what has worked and what has not.
  • Who your main competitors are
  • What your digital growth goals are and what you are hoping an SEO agency can help you achieve.

This conversation isn’t a one-way process. We want to listen to what you have to say, and we will, carefully, but we also encourage you to ask us questions to help you determine if we are the right SEO agency for you.

Stage 2 – Audit


Performing a comprehensive SEO audit is vital.

This will help us identify the issues that are stopping your webpages from ranking well within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our experts, who will provide actionable recommendations on completion,  will perform a search engine optimization audit tailored to meet your needs, not a boilerplate plan sold to every client.

Award-Winning Service SEO service
Customer Acquisition

Stage 3 – SEO Strategy


Based on our findings from stage 1 and 2, we’ll create a results-driven strategy tailored to your business.

We’ll continue to adjust our search engine optimisation strategy based upon the results we achieve during your campaign. And we will always keep you updated on EVERYTHING we do before we do it.

Stage 4 – Implementation

With an approved strategy in place, we’ll get to work. Your search engine optimisation campaign will in the safe hands of our experienced search engine optimisation specialists and we’ll maintain close contact with you every step of the way.

An image showing a process in SEO
local seo for wordress

Stage 5 – Free SEO Training Course

As a client, we’ll grant you access to our ‘search engine optimisation quick wins’ course for FREE. We’ll empower you with knowledge and equip you with everything you need to to grow organically whilst working with us and beyond!

Stage 6 – Analytics & Reporting

The data we collect allows us to transform insights into growth strategies.

We’ll create reporting and data audits that are easy to digest, then use that data to ensure the work we are doing is as effective as possible. If it’s working, we’ll keep doing it. If not, we’ll find out why and tweak and adjust the strategies accordingly.

Web Analytics

Ready for 93% more traffic in 6 months?

you've come to the right place.

To be honest, it’s not what we do that sets us apart. There’s no ‘secret sauce’ to organic search success (and any agency that tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth!) Here at Pearl Lemon we’re all about transparency.

The reason our clients achieve results like increasing their revenue by $120k, doubling their unique visitors in 2 months, outranking companies such as Wonga and more is down to who we are and how we deliver our proven search engine optimisation services.

SEO service in london

Our SEO services are designed to get your website ranking higher in Search Engine. Increase Your Web Traffic, Attract New Leads, And Generate More Sales with Pearl Lemon.

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