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Squarespace is often seen as a website builder of choice that’s available today, especially for e-commerce. However, trying to optimize your website for SEO may prove to be more of a challenge. Rank higher on search engines by letting our team of dedicated Squarespace SEO experts handle your website’s optimization.

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And we can help you achieve it. Why optimize your store for good Squarespace SEO? You can rank higher, gain more traffic and importantly, more conversions and sales

How Will We Get Your Squarespace Store Ranking?

Squarespace is a platform that is second nature to us here at Pearl Lemon. As such, we have developed strategies designed to rank our clients’ websites higher in their chosen niches. For your Squarespace SEO campaign with us, we will be focusing on these major aspects:

Website Speed

Having a fast website isn’t just pleasant for your visitors, but for Google too. As a Squarespace SEO company we’ll comb through your site’s framework to identify points that be adjusted for increased speed.

Google Search Console

We’ll register your website with Google Search Console so that the search engine can begin crawling your pages and showcasing them in results.

Custom Domain Sourcing

By having a custom domain, you strengthen your brand, and potential customers have an easier time to find you in search results. We will implement that domain.


Not only does having good security certificates help protect your website from cyber attacks, but it’s also an important ranking factor for Squarespace SEO. We will add the latest SSL certificates to your site and boost its protection.

Is Squarespace SEO Worth It?

Squarespace is a great platform in many ways – its templates are gorgeous, its content management system (CMS) is easy to use, and it provides a strong and comprehensive set of features, including e-commerce functionality.

The initial SEO for Squarespace is a bit weak, due to a variety of factors such as lack of SEO plugins, unfamiliar search terms and difficulty in adjusting some tools for website optimization.

But that’s where our Squarespace SEO experts come in. We’re quite familiar with the ins and outs of the platform and have used our knowledge to build multiple SEO campaigns that have proven successful.

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Grow Your Online Store With Squarespace SEO

You can see some major ROI by investing in your Squarespace SEO. It can prove to be a powerful tool, once the necessary steps are taken to provide your potential target market with valuable content and consult with a Squarespace SEO expert to direct your campaign.

Squarespace SEO Case Study

Dream Team Baby was a client of ours that came to us for our Squarespace SEO Services. We have been pleased to work with them so far and deliver the results that they expected of us. Take a look here!

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Squarespace SEO Service FAQs

To do SEO on Squarespace you need to check your site content, titles, descriptions, and images are all keyword-focused relative to your site, content, and industry. Your images, content, and URLs all need to be user-friendly and industry-focused. There are plenty of other aspects that you will have to consider when improving your Squarespace site’s SEO. The Pearl Lemon team can help your Squarespace site reach the top of the SERPs. Book a call with our team HERE to discuss our Squarespace SEO services.

Using SEO on Squarespace means knowing how to navigate your admin panel and website in order to make required edits and changes. This means editing images to include alt tex, adjusting URLs so they have an appropriate slug to suit the webpage, and proper headings to help identify page sections. Changing your SEO on Squarespace can be quite the task though, so for the best improvements you should bring in a Squarespace SEO specialist 😉

Doing SEO on Squarespace starts with ensuring your site content, titles, descriptions, and images are all keyword-focused relative to your site, content, and industry. It’s essential to optimise all content and images when making changes to your Squarespace site. Another important note to make is that you should use simple URLs. 

Optimising your SEO on Squarespace means starting with research. Be sure to know what keywords to use, what your meta titles and descriptions should be, and more. It’s essential to cover all of your bases the first time, rather than having to go back and make changes continually. Publishing regular, keyword-focused content can also help with the optimisation of your Squarespace SEO.

Squarespace is good for SEO if you are experienced. Squarespace is a bit more technically lead with a more complex interface than other site options. If you are comfortable working with Squarespace, it’s perfectly fine for SEO as long as you have the time. As a Squarespace SEO agency, we will ensure that your SEO is far beyond just good.


Squarespace is not bad for SEO. It may not necessarily have as strong of a reputation for SEO as other platforms, but Squarespace is still good. This platform needs more time to be able to master fully. If you are comfortable with the time aspect, Squarespace is well suited for boosting your search engine rankings.

Yes. If you want to achieve rankings beyond Google, you can verify your site elsewhere as well. Squarespace has the ability to manage your site’s presence on Bing and Yahoo as well. You have to do this yourself though, so it does not automatically happen when you launch your site.

Yes, meta titles are a must-have for having bespoke Squarespace SEO. Meta titles allow both users and the search engines to get information on exactly what the page was about. Your meta title will show in a variety of key places, but most notably it shows up as the headline link in search results.

Yes, meta descriptions are necessary for excellent SEO. Meta descriptions allow you to build up your meta titles and take advantage of an additional 155 characters to describe what your page is about.

Squarespace does have the ability to allow for custom URLs. This means your slug can say the title of the blog/page rather than a string of random letters and numbers. In Squarespace, this is done in page configuration settings.

As far as SEO goes, having URLs that accurately represent the page will please both Google and users.

Yes, different level headings allow search engines and users to see what information is where. This helps categorize sections of text and show important breaks in the information.

Most platforms have levels H1-H6, but Squarespace only has H1-H3. You can still make your content well broken down with these three levels, but maybe not as much as having the option of six different levels.

Yes, it is. Site speed is important to both bots crawling your pages and users. Site visitors expect to have a less than 2 second total load time, so any longer increases bounce rates. Squarespace has a well-known reputation for having a solid infrastructure designed to support good site speed and avoid downtime.

Need help with your site speed on your Squarespace site? Book a call today to talk to a Squarespace SEO specialist 🙂

Yes. Having a site that runs well on mobile as well as a desktop is crucial for success. A site that looks like crap on mobile is a major deterrent to users. Most people have a mobile device in their hand, so you want your site to be beautiful on all viewing platforms and be able to capture as much traffic as you can to your site. Mobile optimisation also allows your site to rank well throughout search engines as well.

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