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Walmart is one of the largest online retail stores in the world, with millions of daily shoppers. Get in front of more of your potential customers by using our expert Walmart SEO Services. Let’s boost your visibility and conversion rate!

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Our Walmart SEO Service Is One That Delivers Results

We get it – you’re a seller on Walmart that wants to boost sales. That’s why we’ve tailored our services to optimise your store and help you do just that. Our service includes but isn’t limited to:

Title & Bullet Optimisation

Your copy needs to be something that converts. Leave it to us to generate content that is relevant and engages.

Keyword Research

We’ll fact-check the best Walmart keywords for your niche and generate a list for your store.

Walmart Analytics

Our experts will provide comprehensive analytics to help you make informed decisions to improve your Walmart SEO ranking.

Product Categorisation

Our experts will ensure that your products are in sections that they actually belong to increase visibility.

Competitor Research

We’ll highlight opportunities to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Content Management

We’ll optimise your images and suggest the use of videos where relevant.

We'll Leverage Walmart's Search Algorithm To Boost Your SEO Rank

Optimizing Walmart stores is what we do – and we’re pretty good at it, too. We’ll cover all ranking factors to boost your visibility, relevance & conversions.

Here’s a secret: a wide variety of factors can influence Walmart’s search algorithm. Things such as the product title, key features and even your shipping choices can tip Walmart in your favor.

We fully understand the search algorithm behind Walmart.

Technical Website SEO Optimization
Schema Markup Implementation

Why Hire A Search Engine Optimisation Expert?

You sell on Walmart. And love doing it too.

Your ability to do so relies on the visibility and quality of your product listings.

From relevant keywords to effective product titles. Our team of Walmart search engine optimisation experts will ensure that your listings cover all the ranking factors.

We won’t just stop there. We’ll apply our e-commerce and conversion rate optimisation knowledge to boost your sales and make selling your products easier.

We Are An Award-Winning E-Commerce SEO Agency

Pearl Lemon Ranks #1 out of 90 agencies in the UK for E-commerce SEO services on Design Rush.

To get a deeper insight into the type of results, you can expect when you hire our Walmart SEO services, check out our video case studies.

Walmart SEO Services FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question about our Walmart SEO service, we’ll be glad to answer it so don’t hesitate to contact us!

SEO has a critical role in a potential customer finding your product. Good SEO regarding selling at Walmart means ensuring that the product includes product name, description, item attributes, key features, and an image. 

With all of these points in mind, you need a Walmart content optimization agency to go over your listings and be sure everything is correct.

Sales rank is the amount of time between your item selling. The smaller the number, the better your product is selling. Ideally, you would like your product to have a sales rank of 1. If you are concerned with your Walmart sales rank, bring in the Walmart expert *cough cough us* to improve your Walmart SEO ranking

Walmart’s algorithm for product sales likes a handful of fairly specific things. The “perfect” title is often 50-75 characters in length, unique in wording, includes high attributes, product features, and colors.

The product description is a critical component to your listings on Walmart. This lets the users and the algorithm know what your product is and does/the purpose. Your description should read naturally and have enough of your keywords and variations to be clear to what the product is. Avoid keyword stuffing, though.

Although it is unknown how much delivery time is factored into the algorithm itself…delivery time has a major consumer impact. It has been found that sellers that offer 2-day shipping on their products can see up to a 900% increase in sales.

The algorithm does factor in sales though with ranking. The more your product is sold, the higher the ranking. So, by offering 2-day shipping, there is a greater ability to rise in the ranks.

Reviews are critical to a seller’s rankings on the Walmart platform. Reviews provide social proof and show that your product is as you have described it. The Walmart platform allows for two types of reviews: Retailer and customer product reviews.

Retail reviews focus on the service of the seller and how the product arrived. Customer product reviews focus on the item themselves and how they compared to the listing. Walmart will automatically send follow up emails to get a review…so you are left to focus on excellent service.

So, the more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your product is. This then garners more sales and in turn, better rankings.

SEO is a term tagged to a platform with an algorithm that ranks users. This means Walmart as a marketplace platform is no different. For excellent Walmart SEO, you need a catchy title, a great image, and to write out the features in bullet points. All of these aspects impact your SEO within the Walmart algorithm.

The Walmart SEO algorithm is tagged as a freshness algorithm. They employ an AI-based algorithm as a solution called Eden. This is meant to enhance the customer experience and to extract the most data as possible from all information gathered.

It is definitely in your favor to bring in some Walmart experts that know how to work with the algorithm to increase your sales rank.

Your image is very important to your rankings with the Walmart algorithm. Having an excellent image is key to appealing to the users. Your image should be clear to what the product is without accessories if they are not included, have a relevant background to the product, offer a 360 style view (so take a few different photos at different angles), and be high definition.

These factors will help appeal to the users more and in turn, push for more sales and with great sales come greater rankings within the Walmart algorithm.

Your product attributes help give correlating keywords and categories for that item. Product attributes allow filters to keep your product in the most relevant categories. If you are selling a 500 thread count, twin sheet set, then you will want to list that all in attributes. This means when people start filtering through sheets, then yours will come up for twin as size and 500 as thread count.

This means for your SEO, there is an increase in relevant sales. People looking for very specific products will be able to find your product. Those looking for general ones under any of the attributes also potentially allows you to be found then too—higher visibility…higher sales.

Walmart PPC is using pay per click strategies for Walmart. This means you should likely bring in a Walmart PPC agency for your Walmart PPC management. Pearl Lemon is that Walmart PPC agency that can help you. We are both Walmart SEO experts and PPC experts, so we can ensure your listings and ads are fully optimised for users and bots.

Walmart uses SEO to rank its own products and the products of third party affiliates that list their products on the site. Walmart factors reviews, titles, keywords, descriptions and more for their SEO.

Improving your Walmart SEO starts with improving your product listings. This means ensuring the title and description are accurate and keyword-focused. The images you use are representative to what the actual product will look like. A good idea may also be to book a call with some Walmart SEO consultants to guide you through the Walmart SEO process.

To rank up at Walmart, you need to bring in a team of Walmart SEO experts to analyse and improve your product listings. Ranking up at Walmart means optimising your listings to be more keyword focused to be found by relevant searches, along with other changes, to ensure your listings are at the top of page one.

The shelf description on Walmart is the part of your description meant to highlight three benefits of your product. Including these bullet points make it so there is a quick spot to scan by users to see what makes your product the best. Our team of Walmart SEO experts can help you crat the best shelf description for your Walmart listings.

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