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The Quayside, The Jesmond Dene park, St James’ Park. What do these 3 things have in common? 

If you said they are all landmarks in Newcastle, then you’re partially right.

They are all cultural points of interest that we can use to build your company’s local SEO and allow you to stand as an important figure in your community.

You trust in your brand, and so do we, and this is why we at Pearl Lemon want to help you. However, it isn’t as easy to convince your target audience to trust you. 

This is why you need to make yourself easy to find by a large number of people but also present yourself in a way that builds trust.

And this is where the aforementioned local SEO comes in, killing 2 birds with one stone, but as one of the leadng SEO Newcastle companies, how do we help you do this?

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Why You Need SEO Services In Newcastle

Firstly, people trust what they know.

This is fundamental human nature – the more common ground you have with something or someone, the more approachable you seem to them.

Certain factors hold more weight, and location is one of the strongest, inspiring a degree of kinship.

This is why local SEO is essential as you are emphasising the similarities you have with them, and therefore increasing the likelihood they will choose you over another company halfway across the world. 


On top of this, we live in a digital age where information overload is more common than ever.

As a result, companies have to be as concise and specific as possible when marketing. 

Just claiming to be a ‘high-quality fashion retailer’ doesn’t cut it anymore. This is too generic, but stating that you are ‘Newcastle’s go-to for contemporary fashion’ translates the same message with more detail, flair, and individuality.

Frankly, this means you have to say more with less words and pack your website with as much information about your company, but it has to be done organically without overwhelming the reader. 

The more people know, the more comfortable they are.

Secondly, location is an excellent way to choose your target audience.

The best companies position themselves so that they seem as if they are adding to someone’s lives by fixing a specific problem for people.

This is most effective when it seems like they are being targeted individually; therefore, the more specific you can make your targeting, the better.

Consequently, local SEO gives you another way to tailor your content to a specific audience and get on more people’s radar instead of general content that may fall into the sea of generic brands.

This is even without mentioning other factors such as the satisfaction people gain from supporting local businesses and the feeling of ‘giving back to their community’ which could push more people to interact with your brand.

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SEO for Newcastle

There is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for building local SEO that we can tell you about here. It depends on a lot of unique aspects, such as the product or service you offer.

This is why you need an SEO Newcastle company like us that will work closely with you to find the best way to build your market presence in a way that aligns with your brand and vision.

To give you an idea though, Newcastle is very well known for its football team, stadium, and long history.

Their team color is black and white, so if your company sells clothes, perhaps you could emphasize the clothes that follow this color scheme on your front page. 

You could also write some blog pieces that discuss the best outfits to wear with the jersey for matchday or the best outfits to wear on a night out to the Quayside.


Reviews and Their Importance For SEO

SEO also takes place off of your website. This includes positive reviews on google and other sites, as well as links to and from your brand. 

The positive reviews make Google more likely to recommend you as it views you as legitimate. 

The same logic applies to link building, as this is another signifier to Google that you are a trusted company however, this only works if the website you talk about and that talk about you are legit themselves.

If your URL is found on many shady websites, this can harm your SEO, which is why we help to get many links for you but also make sure they are strong.


Why Pearl Lemon?

You may have already caught a glimpse of it, but let’s make it crystal clear – Pearl Lemon is your ultimate partner for all your Newcastle SEO requirements.

We comprehend the two vital aspects of search engine optimization that determine your online success: the technicalities of search engines and the behavior of people.

Google doesn’t arbitrarily rank websites on its results page. There are hundreds of factors that contribute to a site’s placement on the first page of search results.

Moreover, these factors are constantly evolving, which means that a competent SEO company Newcastle must be able to foresee changes and adjust accordingly to stay ahead of the game. And that’s precisely what we excel at!

Content Marketing

This isn’t something you gain from studying a course or reading articles. This is information gained from years of experience, which is something our team has in spades.

We have experience with businesses worldwide, companies big and small, digital and physical stores. You name it, we’ve done it.

These years of problem-solving mean we have intimate knowledge of Google’s inner workings.

For example, a recent update in Google’s algorithm has made user navigation and experience more important to your search ranking.

This means that your website must have a clear chain to follow for the user to find what they are looking for within the first few seconds of browsing – sounds easy right? 

That is until you factor in the multiple elements needed for excellent SEO such as an about page, link to other websites, testimonials, contact us page, images, call to actions, the product/service page etc. 

As you can see, there are many parts that need to be carefully pieced together in a manner that is practical, easy to look at, and easy to navigate – all to please the Google algorithm.

Some people may see this change in Google’s preferences and panic, become overwhelmed with the idea of changing their whole web page, and others may even miss such a monumental change and get left behind.

Not us though – here at Pearl Lemon we think ahead and future-proof our websites. If there is even a chance Google will change what they look for, then we will design our website in a way that can quickly adapt and get ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, Google’s algorithm is based on people’s behavior, so to understand Google and to effectively target people, we need to understand how people work.

You need to know how people make decisions, what subconsciously influences them and what deliberate steps people take when buying anything.

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Local SEO ROI and revenue

Again this is something that comes with experience.

For example, there are people out there who claim that 4 seconds load time is a good baseline for web speed.

This may have been true – 5 years ago, but as technology has become better and quicker, people’s patience has gotten shorter. With 5G becoming the norm and wifi speeds being quicker than ever, no one has time to wait almost 5 seconds to enter a page. 

On top of this, people view the home page as a precursor to the rest of your website, so if that is taking 4 seconds, they will assume the rest is just as slow.

Good web speed is a must for any competitive website. As a result, we aim for 2 seconds because it is a good time currently, but also this will stand the test of time.

Again, learning how to do this has come with years of tinkering with website sizes, image optimizations, compression and many other options that may not seem instantly obvious.


You can learn these but putting them into practice and implementing it is something completely different.

We also value communication extremely highly.

We don’t believe in vague promises with far-off deadlines. We want our partners to be happy, so we update you constantly and make sure you’re happy with any changes we make and suggestions we put forward.

This is crucial when talking about SEO, which is all about analyzing trends and meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers.

An endeavor like this requires constant attention and maintenance, so we only see it fit that you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

If you have any questions about us or how we do things, feel free to contact us, and we will be as transparent as possible.


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