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BigCommerce is a popular e-commerce solution for many businesses, as it makes building a professional-looking store simple. Building a store is one thing; having good SEO and ranking it high is another. Our BigCommerce SEO experts will take your store and optimise it to its maximum potential.

Strong Bigcommerce Growth Requires Steady Traffic And Repeat Sales

We can help you with that.

Why optimise your store for Bigcommerce SEO?

You can rank higher, gain more traffic and importantly, more conversions and sales.

How Will We Get Your Bigcommerce Store Ranking?

We take your BigCommerce store very seriously. As such, here is where you can find the various aspects that we will be focusing on as we optimise your store’s SEO:


One of the most important things you need for your store is security. We will ensure that you have the most recent security certificates. Remember, search engines like HTTPS sites.


We don’t just focus on driving new traffic; we’ll leverage your existing traffic. We use a combination of tools such as Google Analytics and techniques to assess your sales funnel.

Google Search Console

We’ll register your website with Google Search Console so that the search engine can begin crawling your pages and showcasing them in results.

Category Optimisation

Stores strategically place products to optimise the browsing experience & maximise sales. When it comes to your eCommerce store, we’ll essentially do the digital equivalent.

What's Our Bigcommerce SEO Process?

You may think that we plug some data in and then end it there. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, as a BigCommerce SEO company, we take the time to ensure that every aspect of your BigCommerce store is accounted for in our SEO strategy. We do our homework – take the time to research your ideal target market, your growth plans, and how our Bigcommerce SEO services can help you accomplish that.

The best BigCommerce SEO strategy always tends to involve:

Conducting data-driven keyword research,

Optimising your BigCommerce site setup

Local SEO – if you also have a physical store improving site authority.

Campaign tracking and reporting

SEO strategy

Growing Your Online Store With Bigcommerce SEO

Ultimately, investing in a Big Commerce SEO expert will lead to improved sales by ensuring that the search engines can easily parse and interpret your products, identify and fix any underlying issues such as duplicate content and optimise your sales funnel.

Need another reason? It will also pinpoint missed opportunities and ensure that your copy is properly optimised.

Get More Conversions And Sales!

We are an experienced BigCommerce SEO agency with a team of highly qualified SEO experts! We’d love to discuss how we can design and implement the best BigComerce SEO services for your online store to boost your sales and help you achieve your digital growth goals.

Growth Hacking

Ready To Scale Your Bigcommerce Store?

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BigCommerce SEO FAQs

BigCommerce SEO works by optimizing certain points both on and off page from your site to help ensure you achieve and maintain good rankings within SERPs. This includes optimising images, titles, keywords, and more to have great results. As a BigCommerce SEO agency, we can help ensure your BigCommerce SEO is the best of the best.

Optimizing SEO for BigCommerce sites involve following a multipoint checklist to ensure no stone is left unturned. A BigCommerce SEO Consultant will likely tell you that you need to register your site with GSC, make sure headings and titles are correct, URLs are user and bot friendly plus plenty more. Our team of BigCommerce SEO experts can help guide you through all the points needed to be changed via an audit and campaign with us.

BigCommerce is good for SEO. BigCommerce has all the features required to execute a successful SEO strategy plus options to make additional changes where needed. Beyond Bigcommerce’s ability to customize settings, bringing in a BigCommerce SEO agency can help you ensure your SEO plan is sustainable and executed well.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it gives your site an added layer of security. SSL certificates provide this security, and they’re pretty easy to get. You could use the ‘Encryption Everywhere’ website security product, which is included as standard in all Bigcommerce plans, purchase a more advanced certificate, or install your own third-party version.

Regardless, this is important as search engines, ESPECIALLY Google tend to favor secure sites in their results, as opposed to insecure ones.

Indexing your BigCommerce store is a great first step to improving your SEO. To do this, you will need a sitemap for your site.

A sitemap is simply an XML file that contains all the links that are a part of your site.

After you have your sitemap, it and your website must be submitted to Google’s Search Console; this allows Google to crawl for your content faster in the future.

While you must never overuse keywords, as doing so can do far more harm than good in terms of your BigCommerce SEO, you DO need to make use of them sparingly in product descriptions and other website copy. Keyword research must be undertaken to discover just what keywords are being used by consumers searching for products like yours. Due to this it is a good idea to hire BigCommerce SEO experts to help you with your site.

As page speed is critical to good SEO rankings, keeping it in mind is smart for your store. Your options concerning reducing page speed are a bit limited with Bigcommerce: rather than being able to buy your own hosting and code your own template, you have to use Bigcommerce servers and their templates (which, whilst perfectly good, don’t give you fine-grain control over the speed at which your site loads).

A common problem that BigCommerce stores often have is failing to create unique and engaging unique product descriptions. All too often, e-commerce stores use product descriptions copied from the manufacturer, so every e-commerce store that sells those kinds of products are using practically the same content. As Google can only rank copy for one site, the chances are excellent that it will not be yours.

An e-commerce SEO campaign ensures that unique product descriptions are created over time to avoid duplicate content on all product and category pages. It is extra work and perhaps even an extra expense for e-commerce site owners but is the only way a product’s page or listing will ever stand a chance of ranking well in SERPs.

Easy, Google will tell you. As long as you have Google Search Console enabled for your website (which really is a must anyway) any serious issues will be pointed out to you there. Suppose you want to do an immediate test, however, to look for the smaller things that will improve your site’s SERP positioning, head to Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. Input your URL, and you will be given a basic score and then head to GSC a full report which will include suggestions for improvement.

One of the most significant elements of a web page is its title – search engines treat it as a key piece of information when working out how to categorise and rank it, and your title itself shows up as the largest component of a search result (as well as at the top of browser windows).

You should ensure your BigCommerce page and post titles are never vague in nature. Additionally, they should ideally start with your ‘focus keyword’ – the phrase you want to rank for in search.

Research study after research study has shown that more and more consumers rely on online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. So if a consumer can view positive reviews on your website that is almost certainly going to boost their confidence in purchasing from you.

How reviews affect SEO is less clear, as Google is not very forthcoming about whether these are a ranking factor they consider. However, as numerous reports have shown, there does seem to be a correlation between displaying reviews and increased organic traffic to an eCommerce site. One study conducted by Yotpo, on more than 30,000 businesses who agreed to implement reviews on their eCommerce site, found that organic traffic to these sites increased by as much as 30% within nine months of the implementation.

An excellent way to determine your site’s mobile-friendliness is by subjecting it to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Sites that favor mobile users tend to get strong SEO results, so this is a golden opportunity to rank higher.

Social sharing can increase your store’s inbound links. But remember that most social media platforms use no-follow links. “When someone discovers something on social media, there’s a chance they’ll share the link. Not only can this increase the number of inbound links to your site—improving your credibility—but it can also show how popular your content is as well.

Featuring a video makes it 53 times more likely that your page will get a front-page Google result. And because people love videos, it’ll also make it 41% more likely for someone to click through, and up to 85% more likely that they’ll buy. You don’t need anything super slick or fancy — just show off your product and how it can be used, just like you would if you were selling to someone in person.

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