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Before search engines became the ultimate thing, what digital agencies pretty much did was do research and identify a few keywords to understand what your clients wanted to read. 

Search engine optimisation is the foundation of online success as it has evolved rapidly along with digital consumer habits. Therefore, marketing campaigns and strategies must consistently adapt to remain competitive.

At Pearl Lemon, we understand the importance of succeeding in the digital world, and we can help you do that. We deliver SEO services to businesses and brands in Hammersmith and across the UK.

Our Hammersmith SEO strategies are targeted locally to help you get more site visitors, leads and ultimately sales. 

What is SEO?

SEO increases the probability of people clicking through to your website when they search for what you offer. 

Pearl Lemon can design a comprehensive SEO strategy to give you a competitive edge over other businesses. It’s estimated that over 90% of website traffic come from internet search queries, so you need to have your content optimised to reach your potential customers.

SEO is more than only including keywords in your content; it combines tactics and strategies to ensure your website is ready to be promoted in the search engines, enhance your visibility and rankings. 

At Pearl Lemon, we offer on-site optimisation, content marketing, link building, technical analysis, SEO audits and more to elevate your business above your competitors in Hammersmith and increase your sites’ visibility.

Our Featured services

Climb Search Rankings now with our Proven SEO Services.

The organic search landscape is more competitive than ever. You need an agency with the know-how to get your site where it belongs: at the top of the search listings. As a full service SEO agency we have tools, expertise and proven track record to do that and more.

Local SEO

Dominate the SERPs and generate more local business! We use proven local ranking factors to BOOST your organic visibility and increase your bottom line.

SEO Audit

Our expert SEO auditors assess how 'search engine friendly' your site is so we can create a personalized blueprint to get it to the top of the SERPs.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is one of the best content management systems when it comes to organic search - but we can make it BETTER!


E-commerce SEO

Need consistent, high-quality traffic you don't have to pay for? We understand e-commerce SEO is different, and how to make it work for you, whatever, and wherever, you sell online.

Technical SEO

We'll identify, and tackle, the often hidden on-site issues that are impacting the way search bots see your site and holding you back in organic search.

International SEO

Operating globally? We'll optimise your site to increase your visibility and appeal to your global target market, no matter where they are.

We Offer Bespoke And Result-Oriented SEO Services In Hammersmith

SEO is vital to rank your website high in the SERPs. We have an experienced team of in-house SEO specialists to help you fulfil your business goals.

We will take an in-depth study of your business needs to determine what hinders your progress and design an effective SEO strategy. Also, our SEO experts will ensure that you see a maximum ROI and drive in more sales than ever before.  

                                        We are a full-service London  SEO agency  serving clients across the globe! If there’s an SEO service that you require that isn’t listed below, let us know, and we’ll incorporate it into your bespoke SEO strategy!

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world! Our SEO experts can help you to leverage the power of video!

International SEO

Are you operating globally? We’ll optimise your site so that search engines can quickly identify which countries to target.

Mobile SEO

Our SEO experts, London based, will optimise your mobile site to increase your organic traffic and enhance your mobile UX.

SEO Strategy

Is your SEO strategy working? Our SEO experts will design and implement a bespoke SEO strategy tailored to your needs!

App Optimisation

We’ll help to increase your number of app downloads, increase your brand awareness, help you to generate app reviews and more!

SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics is a vital component of all results-driven SEO campaigns. Our SEO experts, London based, will analyse your SEO to see what’s working.

SEO Audit

We’ll conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your site within 48 hours and provide tailored recommendations for your company’s site.

On-Page SEO

Are all of your web pages optimised for search engines? We’ll check and devise a plan to boost your rankings and increase your visibility!

Some Of Our Clients

Our team of experienced and passionate SEO professionals focuses on delivering practical and effective SEO campaigns to help your business thrive in Peterborough. Our primary goal is to improve your website and drive long-term SEO success. 

Pearl Lemon has the technical ability to conduct in-depth SEO audits to identify and solve any issues on your website. We proceed to carry out customer and extensive keyword research to highlight opportunities that will increase your visibility. 

Our experience with many clients is proof of our great local SEO and SEO consultancy services.

We will work collaboratively with your business to identify marketing opportunities to help you rank in your industry long-term.

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Why Use A Hammersmith Based SEO Agency?

Local businesses in Hammersmith require exposure to generate new business and sales. You will find offices of global brands like L’oreal, Walt Disney and BBC Television Center there, more to it; Google will guide you to these results.

Besides that, other parts of the borough are packed with crowds navigating the congested streets or walking through the vast Westfield shopping centre after work; these are all prospects you need to reach. Become a business people visit when they are in town for the MSP Annual Black Tie Event or walking down King Street.

The northern part of the borough is a prosperous area filled with cafes and businesses that attract an affluent crowd coming from neighbouring Kensington and Chelsea.    

As a local business ourselves, we love to help other local businesses in Hammersmith attract more customers and prospects. For over 25 years, we have provided specialised SEO and consultancy services to Hammersmith and UK businesses to attract more inquiries from the local community.

We know the local dynamics, and we are skilled at implementing long-term strategies that will give your business a competitive edge. We understand the Google algorithm updates, meaning we are equipped to handle the SERPs changes.

More, we have a track record of delivering results for our clients across the UK. Do you want to see it? Take a look at our video case studies and reviews from our clients!. We use the latest data insights and digital trends to create an optimised digital foundation for your organic growth, build your brand and increase ROI.

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Increase Traffic To Your Website With The Best SEO Company In London

Partner With Pearl Lemon SEO Agency And See The Difference

We have some of the best-talented SEO minds in the business. So whether you want to establish a local, national or global presence organically, we have you sorted.

We will:

  • Bring in more clicks to your website and clients to your business.
  • Design and SEO strategy in line with your business needs and goals.
  • Keep a constant eye on your web analytics and check on the progress of your SEO strategy.
  • Offer you support like no other during your SEO project.
  • Design the best SEO strategies to get you maximum results.

Before starting on any SEO strategy, we will first carry out a comprehensive SEO audit that will help us formulate your tailored strategy accordingly. 

How Pearl Lemon SEO Consultancy Works

Choosing Pearl Lemon as your SEO Consultancy is a painless and straightforward process.


Book a call with our Head of Business Development, Ion, to discuss your needs and desires for your SEO campaign. He will design and outline the best package for you to ensure that we are the perfect SEO agency in Hammersmith for you.


After that, you will receive an official SEO proposal to accept. If you accept our proposal, we will continue to move forward with you, and we will begin the official onboarding process between you and our SEO team. 

You’ll receive an onboarding form, so our team will have as much information as possible to ensure that the SEO campaign is tailored to your specific needs.

Link Building


Once your form is filled out, our team of SEO consultants will have an onboarding call with you to be sure we understand your answers and to ask any additional questions we may have. As a bonus, we get a little bit of extra time to get to know you.


We’ll review the video and form to launch your campaign. You can expect our team of SEO experts to send you regular reporting to update you so you can see the progress. 

You will also have the opportunity to book a bi-weekly (or monthly or whenever) call with your dedicated CRM to answer any additional questions about your campaign.

Let Us Take Your SEO To The Next Level

Local SEO is all about getting your business in the eyes of local customers. Lately, people search by “service in location” or simply services near them- so it pays off to target location-specific keywords.


Pearl Lemon is a diverse team of SEO experts living in the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Israel, The United States, Pakistan, and India! Between us, we have over 25 years of SEO experience!

Also, Deepak Shukla, the founder of Pearl Lemon, is an awarding-winning SEO consultant and understands rapid growth. This is a testament to show that partnering with Deepak and the Pearl Lemon will SKYROCKET your organic traffic, click-through rate, and conversions.

Furthermore, Pearl Lemon provides affordable and effective SEO services to help you cut through crowds and get noticed in Hammersmith and beyond.

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