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Do you want to take your Moonfruit website to the next level? Pearl Lemon can help you grow your online presence with our MOONFRUIT SEO Experts. Let us give you crucial tips to boost your ranking and get more visitors with our Moonfruit SEO Service.

Claim Your FREE Moonfruit SEO Audit, There Is Nothing To Lose.

We’ll assess your site for completeness and any improvements that may be needed to improve your SEO and overall Rankings. We will do a complete audit and competitor analysis.

Our audit will be able to tell you exactly how we can help you improve your site and create a custom-tailored plan for your business; boosting traffic and click-throughs.

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We're A Team Of Moonfruit SEO Experts, We'll Take Your Moonfruit Website To New Heights.

Our Moonfruit SEO Service Is Designed To Deliver Results

As a Moonfruit user, you want greater visibility. We’ve created our service to help you to achieve that. We’ll optimise your site for all the ranking factors. Our service includes but isn’t limited to:


We’ll draw on our resources & expertise as a full-service SEO agency to boost your Google ranking.


We’ll guarantee that your visitors have the best experience regardless of what device they’re on.


A slow-loading website will indirectly affect your organic search rankings and increase your bounce rate.

Mobile Optimization

Our team will help you capture the top search engine placements using proven strategies for mobile search engine optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves determining which keywords your site would ideally rank for in search engines and which ones to shoot for right away.

Off-Page Optimization

We’ll improve the signals that search engines use to rank your website by building links to your site and increasing mentions of you across the web.

Titles/Meta Improvements

Web pages have meta titles and descriptions, both crucial for on-page SEO. We’ll review each page, ensuring the title and description are optimized with keywords.

Content Review

We’ll look at the content on each page of your website and determine what we can do to improve it. We’ll make small tweaks to keywords and structure.

Site Architecture

Does your website flow correctly? Can a visitor easily access what he or she needs? Are there hidden pages or errors in your sitemap?

A Moonfruit SEO Service That Guides You To Increase Your Organic Traffic

Many Moonfruit users assume that once they set their page SEO metadata that their page is set for searches.

Using the SEO metadata tool is only as helpful as the content-filled.

It is critical to take a robust and well thought out approach to SEO for Moonfruit sites.

That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive results-driven process for optimising our client’s sites.

Technical Website SEO Optimization
Schema Markup Implementation

Why Should You Hire A Moonfruit Expert?

The SEO metadata tool will assist you in getting your on-page SEO right.

But, you shouldn’t entirely rely on it to manage your SEO strategy as it only helps if properly updated.

If you are serious about SEO, it’s better to use other tools.

Hiring an experienced Moonfruit expert can help you to rise through the rankings and as a result, get more traffic.

Moonfruit SEO Case Study

We are a Moonfruit  SEO agency with 20+ years of SEO experience between us. Here is a video case study that demonstrates our ability to rank our client’s sites on the first page of Google. Check out our other video case studies here.

Hire A Moonfruit SEO Agency

When it comes to Moonfruit and SEO, we really know our stuff. We are a team of SEO experts with a track record of getting Moonfruit sites to rank higher!

If you use a different content management system, that’s fine – we optimise all platforms! Give us a call today, and we’ll discuss how we can create a tailored SEO strategy for your site.

Ready To AMP Up Your Moonfruit Site?

If you’d like to optimise your MOONFRUIT site for search engines, get in touch with our experienced team of SEO Expert’s today!

Moonfruit SEO FAQs

You can potentially improve your DuckDuckGo SEO by:

  • Getting quality backlinks.
  • Submitting your websites to other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
  • Submitting your bang!
  • Make sure to repurpose your content on other publishing platforms, like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, beBee, Amazon, and so on.

Moonfruit is a paid platform to build your webpage on.

£3.99 a month for their basic package. It allows for one site with unlimited pages, Moonfruit ads, 500MB of storage, and connects your domain.

£8.99 a month for their premium package. It allows for five sites with unlimited pages, no ads, 10GB storage, connects your domain and a free domain voucher.

H1 tags are the most important heading within an HTML. Usually, this is the webpage title. Search engines use these to denote what your webpage is to help users find your site properly. So having an accurate H1 tag is vital to being found because it allows search engines to know what the page is about.

Like many platforms, Moonfruit allows you to add animation to your webpages.

Visuals can have deadweight on your site and make your loading speed slower.

Moonfruit does allow the user to set up a sitemap.

This allows your site to be more visible to users and crawlers.

HTML5 is a version of HTML, meaning HTML5 is the most recent or newer and better version of HTML.

HTML5 offers better support for things like audio and visuals, allows JavaScript, allows for new inputs, and better at finding a location without the need for third-party plug-ins.

Moonfruit is designed to cater to ANY business type. Moonfruit offers a variety of templates for users to choose from. Templates are all only for use with the original, non-responsive editor. To use the responsive editor, you have to choose the blank editor and build it from scratch.

The Pearl Lemon team can help you fully optimize your site’s SEO. Moonfruit has existing features that allow their users to take full advantage of. Some of these include:

  • Being able to register a domain with them or from an outside source
  • Create a professional email with Moonfruit
  • Adding social feeds and bars to your site
  • Moonfruit is fully HTML 5
  • Lobster images integration
  • Code-free editing
  • Global styling
  • Much more
  1. Using your right sidebar, select the page tab.
  2. Open the dropdown menu for SEO settings.
  3. Complete the title, description, and keywords for each page 🙂

Adding this meta data helps search engines know exactly what is on the page and its purpose.

Having well-optimised media helps with some overall SEO aspects. These include optimization in page speed and alt tags, so search engines know what the media is.

Most things can be embedded with the HTML Snippet widget. You will need to get the HTML code off any third-party site you want and save that code in a document.

On your Moonfruit site, go to the Page that you wish to insert the file into and click on Insert > HTML Snippet > Click on ‘Set up’ > In the ‘Set up’ tab, copy and paste the code you saved in the text or notepad > Click ‘Apply’ > ‘Save’ and then ‘View my site’.

Building a website and buying a domain name is not enough alone for your site to appear at the top page of Google. You’ll have to spend some time working on your site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to drive traffic and increase your web presence. The Pearl Lemon team can help bring your Moonfruit site to the top.

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