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You want an agency that not only knows what they are talking about, but also practices what they preach. For Pearl Lemon that means implementing our suggestions to our own platforms and going above and beyond by getting certifications from multiple platforms.

Pearl Lemon is certified through Google, Youtube and SEMRush. Pour over our specialty certifications through Google Ads, Youtube, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Marketing, Google Digital Garage, SEMrush, and more…

Google Ads Certifications

We have more than just knowledge of Google Ads. Pearl Lemon is certified in ALL Google Ad types. This means we can help you with your ads no matter the type, whether it be video, display, or shopping.

Google My Business Certification

Being listed on Google My Business and maintaining that takes some skill. The Pearl Lemon team has made an effort to be able to fully understand this platform, so you can harness the power of GMB.

Analytics Certification

What good is having analytics if you don’t know how to read the information properly. Our team has gone through extensive training to be able to know how to read the information Google Analytics reports and give you the best suggestions around that.

Google Marketing Platform Certifications

Google Marketing Platform is THE place to learn how to best achieve your marketing goals. Our team is skilled in these areas, so we can help guide you through the ins and outs of marketing.

Other Certifications

Beyond Google, Pearl Lemon has also gone through the process of maintaining and achieving other ad based certifications, so we can help you best and better tailor your overall experience with us.

SEMrush Certifications

SEMrush is a renowned platform for its position in the world of SEO. Pearl Lemon has gone through the certification process to achieve additional knowledge beyond Google in the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Amazon Ads

YouTube Certifications

Youtube has its own unique tricks and techniques needed to tackle SEO and growth. Here at Pearl Lemon, we understand that and have gone through the education and certification process to be sure we KNOW what we are talking about to help you achieve the best growth and development of your channel.

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