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The days of spreading information about a company through door-to-door solicitations and direct mail are long gone. Nowadays, nonprofit marketing is much more complicated in practice. 

Amidst this challenge, Google has come up with its Adwords feature. 

According to statistics, Google Ads are so prevalent in businesses that they are clicked on four times more frequently than those from other ad networks. 

Therefore, Google Ads are one of the elements that help nonprofits to raise the funding necessary to support their vital mission. 

Even with this, many nonprofits find it challenging to allocate additional funds for advertising costs– and that’s where the Google Ad Grants programme steps in.

The Google Ad Grant program for nonprofits is a reliable foundation for advertising numerous groups. The program’s almost free promotion can increase the effectiveness of your charitable organisation while helping you attract visitors to your online website, where people can see what you advocate for. 

In contrast to most programs, Google Ad Grants offer a relatively straightforward application procedure– but without the proper guidance, you may end up wasting this opportunity.

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We understand that every charity has different objectives. If Google Ad Grants can assist you in achieving your goals, whether they involve raising awareness, enlisting volunteers, luring new donors, or increasing donations, then allow us to help you utilise this strategy for a better cause.

Our experts at Pearl Lemon will assist you in setting up your Google Ad Grants account and maximising all of the program’s benefits. You just have to set up a call with our specialists.

Contact us now to get started.

Maximise Your Google Ad Grant With Pearl Lemon

In the past year, Google Ads Grants have assisted thousands of nonprofit organisations. Even though $10,000 appears to be a lot of money, it’ll be gone before you know it.

You must ensure that your campaigns are effective and successful at converting people to notice your advocacy.

For this to be effective, tracking your performance and adjusting your strategy is necessary. You can’t just leave it after creating ad campaigns and letting them run. 

But of course, we know that you might be too busy or may not have the proper knowledge when it comes to running these types of ads.

No need to worry, though, because we’re here to help you out. Take a look at how we can help right down below.

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We Excel At Keyword Selection

Useless keywords like “contribution,” “nonprofits,” or “soliciting” should be avoided. If you do, your ad can’t be seen because large enterprises and other businesses are already bidding on that term. You wouldn’t want your ads to be shadowed over, right?

Pearl Lemon experts focus on quality rather than quantity. When developing your Google Ad Grants strategy, we use long-tail keywords.

We design highly targeted campaigns that use long-tail keywords with a specific landing page in mind because the interaction between targeted keywords, ad copy, and landing page content affects the Quality Score and CTR to an extent.

Our experts find your keywords by listing significant issues to your organisation. These can include issues you support, communities you serve, problems your nonprofit addresses, or services you provide. 

We do keyword research using data-driven methods by incorporating SEO tools, consumer interactions, and your site analytics programme information.

We Focus On Campaigns And Ad Groups

Our experts plan and create broad categories from which to group your keywords. One helpful guideline is that every ad group in a campaign ought to point to the same landing page. For your audience, this will result in a more pertinent customer journey.

In a Google Ads campaign, an ad group consists of one or more ads that are related by a standard set of keywords. It is a hybrid of a campaign and a standalone advertisement. 

We set up the following at the ad group level:

  • Age, gender, parenting status, and household income are among the demographic characteristics of your target audience;
  • Your ads appear at the ad-set level using keywords, subjects, and placements.
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Every ad group has its bid, representing the most extensive sum you are ready to spend to serve the ads in that ad group. 

This figure is your maximum cost per click, or Maximum CPC, for campaigns on search networks. 

Remember that campaign-level settings, not ad group-level ones, are used to determine the campaign’s overall budget, bidding technique, geotargeting, start and finish dates, and more.

We Create An Optimised Landing Page

At Pearl Lemon, we ensure that the keyword and ad copy must coincide with the messaging and goal of your landing page. 

In other words, it must appropriately reflect the claims made in your advertisement. Verify the speed, functionality, and relevance of your landing pages. 

To increase the click-through rates you anticipate, we test your ad copy frequently. It ensures that your keyword’s Quality Score is at least 2.

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Optimising your website’s landing pages for particular keywords is advantageous for your Google ad campaign and your SEO. When fresh, informative pages are introduced to your website, search engines appreciate it.

Based on what your advertisements claim, you ought to direct visitors to the most valuable pages on your website. 

Keep your promise by directing users to particular sites based on the keywords they entered.

We Use Geo-Targeting

No matter how great your advertisement is, it probably won’t perform as well if it doesn’t show in the correct places.

Pearl Lemon team include geotargeting in our ad campaigns so that searchers in places relevant to you should see your Google grant ads.

For instance, it makes little sense to serve advertising to Atlanta searchers if your target audience is in Savannah. 

Targeting entire nations may be advantageous if your organisation is a sizable international nonprofit. If your nonprofit doesn’t offer programmes in all places or cities, or you would prefer to concentrate your advertising efforts on specific regions within a nation, think about utilising more targeted advertising.

If you are based locally, and most of your beneficiaries and supporters are in the area, consider expanding your target radius.

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We Target Conversions

Google Ads aims to increase conversion rates by emphasising high-quality traffic generation rather than merely generating a lot of it. 

Whatever your CTA (Call to Action) is (donation, newsletter signup, volunteer application), Google wants you to utilise more bidding methods like Target CPA, Maximise Conversions, and Enhanced CPC and optimise conversions.

Pearl Lemon experts help you identify which calls to action are most effective at getting visitors to take action with the help of your team.

We also track visitors from the time they click on your ad until they take action on your website, like subscribing to your newsletter or making a donation, by using conversion tracking in Google Ads.

We Measure And Analyse Your Campaigns

Precise data is the foundation of great campaigns, so it is crucial to understand how to evaluate the effects of your advertising correctly. 

Our experts connect your Google Ads account to Google Analytics to determine which campaigns and keywords perform best.

We eliminate any unnecessary keywords with excessive spending. Instead, we replace any stalled keywords with fresh ones. 

If a term generates a lot of clicks or costs but no conversions, you should pause, lower your bids, or eliminate them. Look at the Search Terms section in Google Ads and add pertinent or practical (high CTR or conversion) keywords.

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Pearl Lemon allows you to test ad copy because the Grant requirements state that you must run at least two ads per ad group. You can identify an advertisement having the highest CTR over time. You can then replace the less effective advertisement.

We measure and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns and advertisements frequently and make changes as necessary. It is wise to audit your account every six months to make sure it is still functionally sound and working. 

Experience Expert Google Ad Strategies

Most nonprofits cannot compete in social media and digital advertising markets. 

But thanks to Google Ads Grant, thousands of organisations are reclaiming their position at the forefront of people’s minds. 

Google Ad Grants are the most efficient way to deliver targeted advertisements to your organisation’s most influential audiences.

Expand your organisation’s reach by getting new subscribers to your emails, boost donations and product sales, and increase awareness of your nonprofit by driving new website visitors each month.

At Pearl Lemon, we work hard to make your nonprofit experience as fruitful as possible through our online fundraising solution, distinct marketing features, premium lead generation solutions, or any other assistance.

Contact us today to escalate your donations and nonprofit campaigns.

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Using the Google Ad Grant, you can reach many people for no cost, based on how many people are looking for what you offer. It is a great programme and, in our opinion, one of the NGOs’ most underutilised resources at the moment.

For your organisation to be eligible for Google Ad Grants, it must be a nonprofit, have a top-notch website that complies with website standards and be able to adhere to the program’s rules.

The time needed will depend on how prepared your business is. The application procedure may take two to fourteen days if you have a website that complies with Google’s guidelines.