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What is CRO, and why do we need it?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of optimising your website to increase the likelihood that visitors will complete a specific action. The higher your website’s conversion rate, the better. 

You could be driving in traffic from different platforms, but driving traffic isn’t the end goal, and it’s important to convert or at least nudge these visitors into interacting with your brand.

There are many different steps you can take to create a website that persuades browsers to perform an action. That action could be making a purchase, enquiring about a service, creating an account, subscribing to a mailing list or getting in touch.

The Customer Journey

To understand how to increase your conversion rates, we first need to look at something key … the Customer Journey. 

Your customer journey is how you understand your user’s behaviour while they visit your website, looking at how you can improve their trip, so they keep coming back. You really want to get inside the minds of your customer here to understand how they connect with your brand.


Customer Journey

When you map the customer journey, you’re able to identify which channels are driving in traffic that tend to convert more. This way, you can optimize the journey of the customer from that platform to your store and eventually make a purchase, with lesser dropouts.

There are many ways the customer journey can be pulled apart and analysed for optimum results, so read on for some guaranteed ways you can start to increase your conversion rate today . . . 

10 ways you can increase your conversion rate

1. User Surveys

“Take the good with the bad!” 

It might not always be the response you hope for when asking for feedback, but it’s vital that you listen closely to your customers.  Not all websites, products, journeys, audiences and buying decisions are the same, and to treat them all this way is a mistake.

Qualitative research will produce the most powerful insights when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. Put together exit surveys, live on-page surveys and email surveys sent to both recent customers and those who drop out of the final booking phase. 

Some of the following are useful platforms for customer feedback:

  • Qualaroo
  • Mopinion
  • WebEngage
  • Survicate
  • Qualtrics
  • GetFeedback
  • Feedbackify

2. Test, Test, Test!

Of course, you can also find the answers to existing problems yourself, using the data available to you. Tracking platforms will enable you to identify increased drop-out rates, longer dwell time or clicks away from your landing page – all indicators that customers are searching for answers to questions. 

Once you find the problem, try and fix it. Whether to use less copy and fewer pages will depend on your test results – do what’s right for your individual product based on your results and remember that each buyer persona will be different. 

There will be a lot of trial and error, sadly there is no crystal ball here- but this is the closest you can get to reading the minds of your customers!

3. Click Maps

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to find conversion increases on your site. A click map is a type of website heat map that displays where users click the most. Click maps are a great way to help you track on-page user engagement, such as clicks on buttons, links, images, etc. across a website, which in turn helps optimize your pages and CTAs for better conversion.

With click heat maps, you can:

  • See where website visitors click and tap
  • Identify underperforming CTAs that are getting ignored
  • Find bugs and areas for improvement
  • Showcase engagement data visually

4. Build Trust

No one likes to be the first person to use a product or service; users like to see social proof when making decisions as it puts their mind at ease. Adding the following to your homepage could instantly build trust with new visitors and relieve anxiety:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews from previous customers
  • Logos 
Testimonials for conversion

Keep it Simple

Use more human language throughout to make it sound friendly, trustworthy and persuasive

Call to Action

 It’s worth mentioning here that your call to action (CTA)  will also make a huge difference to your conversion rate. Try to avoid generic CTAS such as “Sign up” and “Start trial” which won’t give you the best results.

Instead, try starting with the word ‘Yes’,  for example – ‘Yes, I want your offer’. This can be effective in encouraging a positive response. 

Try out different buttons and copy to see which get the best clicks, and don’t forget to then track how they are doing with heatmaps and recordings.  

5. Get rid of the clutter

Distractions and clutter create anxiety, in much the same way a messy desk can distract us from getting on with our tasks and making decisions – the same is true for your landing page. A website pulling you in too many directions will only lead to customers bouncing or worse exiting and giving up altogether. 


Give your visitors a clearly signposted ‘journey’ to your call to action.  Remember, you want your visitors to focus on your offer and nothing else. This includes forms with too many fields which will just scare visitors away, leave only those that are essential to accomplishing your goal. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get them to engage with your page and products or services is by offering a simple registration process. Try using these 123FormBuilder registration forms through which registration is as easy as counting to 3! People don’t like complicated forms that ask for too much information and take too long to fill in – and that’s exactly how you’ll miss out on many potential clients.

Make sure your landing page is:

  • Clear 
  • Concise
  • Easy to Navigate

Tip: Don’t be afraid to break the page up into sections, particularly when presenting extras or options this will appear much less intimidating than one long page of text!

6. Be Helpful

Sometimes we just need to speak to a representative, and when this isn’t an option, it can be frustrating. Having help immediately available doesn’t just help the shopper make an informed purchase, but also reduce the returns and exchanges that come to your business.

Live chats or chatbots are the perfect way to catch those customers who may be on the fence about making a purchase. Having answers to their doubts in real time and sending autoresponses could make an immediate boost to your conversions, whilst also leading to fewer returns or exchanges. You can even consider help desk solutions for your customers to have a smooth journey on your website

Live Chats

Be sure to offer help whenever needed. Research shows that 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support and we already know that SMS based customer support is one of the fastest-growing SMS marketing trends. Offering customer support in real-time via mobile can make the experience easier and better for users. A trustworthy customer service quality assurance checklist that enables you to compile and examine customer feedback can help you raise conversion rates. Afterward, you can apply this feedback to improve the general live chat user experience.

Implementing AI-powered live chat in your customer support strategy can significantly enhance the real-time mobile experience for users. By integrating AI live chat, you can streamline responses and provide instant assistance, ensuring a smoother interaction. Additionally, a reliable customer service quality assurance checklist, combined with AI, allows you to efficiently collect and analyze customer feedback, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and an enhanced overall live chat user experience.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a customer support representative present 24/7. You can set up your online and offline hours to be transparent with your customers.


Alternatively, you could consider implementing chatbots. Even when your representatives are not online, you can still engage confused shoppers by letting the bots address the FAQs. 

7. Offers & PopUps

Arguably one of the best ways to see an immediate impact on your conversion rate. Try out different offers until something clicks with your audience. Experiment and track your results until you find a winner.

Tip: Using a 30-second delay timer on the countdown popups, or using cookies so it only appears once per user will stop them from getting annoying. You will be getting a conversion boost whilst avoiding complaints – it’s a win-win scenario!

Try out offers such as:

  • PDFs
  • Premium content
  • Freebies
  • Different products

8. Offer A Money-Back Guarantee

Another way to build trust and help your visitors feel secure is to offer a money-back guarantee. Consumers ultimately want to avoid risk, and this will help them to take another step further in their purchase without fear or objections.

9. Add A Countdown Timer

Adding a little pressure may help to coax those more indecisive visitors to your site and create a sense of urgency. A countdown timer on your landing page can, therefore, increase higher conversion rate by capitalizing on this feeling.

10. Gaming

Bounce and exit rates can often come down to not having anything new to offer. Leveraging gaming to boost customer engagement and conversions could be the key to giving you fast results.

image1 1024x577 1

Tip: Create a unique experience for visitors by using elements of a game in your conversion optimization strategy, for example encouraging a visitor to play a game on your site before they leave and win something valuable such as a discount.

Being targeted by a game instead of the usual email pop-up increases engagement levels of site visitors which inevitably leads to higher conversions ..which is the ultimate goal!


So there you have it, 10 ways you can increase your conversion rate today. As you know, running a business or website requires relentless experimentation, and there is never a one size fits all solution, however, from this list you should be able to pick at least one or two ideas which will help your conversion rates reach new heights.

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