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A meandering, unpredictable online consumer trip has replaced the process of strolling into a physical store, paying for an item, and leaving.

For example, today’s internet customer may begin his or her journey by clicking on your banner ad, visiting your site, but not purchasing anything. Within a week, they may see a retargeting ad, hear a TV commercial, read an internet review, and get a referral from a friend before returning to your store to make a purchase.

Predicting and motivating customer actions has never been more important than it is now, thanks to the unpredictable nature of today’s buying journey. To convert visitors into customers, you must improve your whole marketing strategy as well as the design of your eCommerce business’ website.

This entails reducing barriers to buying, incentivizing certain activities, and providing customers with a smooth and secure experience. All of this may be accomplished through eCommerce conversion rate optimization, and working with an experienced eCommerce CRO agency like Pearl Lemon is the best way to get a successful CRO effort for your online retail business up and running.

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CRO and SEO: Not the Same Thing

CRO and SEO (search engine optimization) are two strategies that are related but fundamentally different. CRO is concerned with how humans engage with your website, whereas SEO is only concerned with how bots, algorithms, and Google interact with it.

Different phases of your sales funnel are targeted by CRO and SEO. The goal of search engine optimization is to attract visitors to click through to your site sooner in the funnel. From there, CRO takes over—visitors have arrived; now turn them into shoppers and subscribers.

At times, CRO and SEO overlap. When you optimize your blog post for specific keywords, for example, you improve the clarity and readability for human readers at the same time. Another example of CRO and SEO collaborating is streamlining your website architecture.

Why CRO is Important to Your Retail Business

CRO allows you to have more control over how your visitors engage with your site and the paths they take to convert. But what are the real advantages? Here are three of the most important:

CRO Helps You Make More Money

More consumers are visiting your product sites, opening your emails, and subscribing to your services if your conversion rate increases. You can pay the same amount to attract customers while increasing the number of real buyers by making simple CRO modifications.

CRO Helps You Get More Targeted Traffic

Customers find it easier to navigate your site, find the right items, and make a purchase when your site is optimized for CRO. Visitors who convert better stay on your site longer, post more good reviews, and depart as delighted customers. More significantly, these satisfied customers will recommend your store to their friends and family. You'll get more visitors, make more sales and increase your profits.

CRO helps you stay focused on your customers

The customer is constantly at the forefront of any good CRO's mind. When making a design modification to your website, using a CRO focused strategy allows you to see things through the eyes of your customers, rather than your web designer's or personal tastes. Customer-centric design, text, and ad placement selections are more likely to increase your conversion rate and create those loyal repeat buyers that every retailer wants and needs.

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Why Our eCommerce CRO Agency?

As a leading eCommerce CRO agency, Pearl Lemon can offer you extensive, proven experience in what can be a complex and time-consuming effort. But what does that actually entail?

Every eCommerce CRO project we undertake is different. It has to be, as every retail website, every retail business is different. There are, however, some basic principles that guide us in every one of them that helps ensure success:

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1. Have a well-defined value proposition

When customers grasp what sets you apart from the competition, they go on to the next phase in the sales funnel. This may mean making all kinds of CRO focused tweaks. For example, we might increase the font size and bold the price tag if your value prop is your pricing. If it’s your service’s quality, we might dedicate a whole section of your homepage to making your case. Customers will compare you to other firms, and once they realize the benefits you provide over them, they will convert more.

2. Encourage your customers to take action

Because they push shoppers to act, half-priced promotions, 30-day trials, and free downloads enhance conversions. But consumer motivation is about a lot more than just giving away free items.

Customers are also influenced by money-back guarantees and social evidence. Whether a visitor clicks through to your product pages or leaves depends on these factors, and also things like the quality of your “About Us” and FAQ pages.

Customers are enticed to buy by well-composed product photographs and are encouraged to share your content and return for more based on the quality and usability of your blog articles. Our eCommerce CRO efforts focus on improving all of this and more.

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3. Reduce Conversion Barriers

Customers require incentives to act, but if there are roadblocks in their way, no amount of offers and free stuff will compensate for a poor user experience. We remove anything that is obstructing the conversion process. Obstacles can include the following:

  • Prices that are too high
  • Page load times that are slow.
  • Customers being forced to go through a cumbersome registration process to buy  
  • Customers are becoming frustrated hunting for a hard-to-find “Buy Now” button.
  • Product descriptions that are difficult to understand or badly written
  • The lack of product images that truly showcase what’s on offer
  • Complicated or seemingly insecure checkout processes

These are only a few of the most significant roadblocks to online shopping. If you get rid of them, your incentives will be more effective and more of those who have been persuaded to come to your site will convert.

4. Give the customer a sense of security

Customers who are unsure of your brand or processes, will often be unwilling to act—no matter how high the reward or low the barrier. Many factors influence a customer’s level of comfort, from the color scheme of your homepage to the payment gateways you use.

Some marketing methods already have a smattering of skepticism connected to them. Pop-up advertising on your homepage, for example, can be successful at converting visitors into subscribers. However, they have a negative connotation because they are frequently exploited by cyber criminals to steal information. They’re also a pain to deal with and drive some people crazy enough to leave right away.

As your eCommerce CRO agency, we’ll consider the costs and advantages of every aspect of your retail website and your onsite marketing strategy, and ensure you never put customer confidence at risk for a quick conversion.

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