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Nowadays, even in the health industry, potential patients search and browse hospitals or clinics online before going. In fact, 84% of patients use online sources for hospital research. If you think that this only reflects traffic to websites, it occurs that these searches drive 3x as many visitors to hospital sites. 

You’re missing a lot if you have a medical practice yet to work on your online presence. When a patient searches for a hospital, they’ll obviously browse only on the first page. This is why everyone in the industry employs an search engine optimisation (SEO) and link building strategy so that they won’t fall behind with their content marketing. 

According to Google, one critical ranking factor is backlinks. As an SEO agency, Pearl Lemon offers exceptional link-building services that will help bring your medical practice website to the first page.

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What Are Backlinks And Why Are They Important For SEO?

When one website links to another, this creates a backlink. A backlink, in other words, is an inbound link that redirects a user from one website to another. This backlink is regarded as a vote or a trust symbol, indicating the page’s authority.

Backlinks are classified into two types:

  • Dofollow links – These links do not have any attributes. A dofollow link boosts your ranking and helps you climb the search engine result page (SERP) ladder. These links send link juice to your website or a specific page on your website.
  • Nofollow links – These links are required for a website to appear natural and combine do-follow and no-follow links. They also increase traffic and exposure. No-follow links have a special attribute in their code that tells search engines what link it is.

Backlinks are one of, if not the most important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. This is reasonable. If many good websites think your content is good enough to link to, then your website must provide the type of content that people want to read when they search on Google.

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All else being equal, the website with a stronger inbound link profile will outrank content from competitors with weaker profiles. Furthermore, if a company’s inbound link profile is significantly higher than average, competitors will have difficulty matching or surpassing the company in rankings without closing the link profile gap, regardless of what else they do in their SEO campaign.


According to Google, the medical field is a YMYL industry. YMYL is an acronym for ‘Your Money or Your Life.’ A website contains YMYL content that, if false, inaccurate, or deceptive, has an immediate and negative impact on the user’s livelihood. These factors include health, financial security, safety, and overall happiness.

With this type of content, Google leaves no room for error. Medical professionals with experience and expertise should write (or review) medical content. As you can see, trust and authority are crucial in healthcare SEO.

Link-Building Best Practices For Medical Websites

Websites with high SEO rankings did not appear overnight. To see any positive results, a quality backlink strategy is required. Here are some of the best backlink building ideas and tips for your medical practice.

Create Relevant And Quality Content

People will naturally link to you if you can create content that interests them, answers their questions, and provides unique value or insights. As a member of the medical profession, you must be willing to share your knowledge of your field.

Instead of saving it for your patients, consider turning it into online content to share with your audience. While videos are arguably the best way to communicate your message, both literally and metaphorically, you can also write your content if that is your strong suit.

And, if you think medical and healthcare topics are too serious to write about in a fun, lighthearted way, keep this in mind:

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When it comes to the virality and link worthiness of content, the gravity of the topic is never in doubt. It has a lot to do with the content’s quality. As a result, ensure that your content is accurate, well-written, and effectively communicates your message.

Need help in quality writing? Pearl Lemon offers services on content writing-reach us today if you’re interested!

Stay Active In The Medical Community

Backlinks from well-known and established professional organisations are highly valued by Google when determining a website’s page rank. To obtain these connections, you should remain involved in the medical community and organisations relevant to your practice. 

Medical professionals should consider publishing research, offering expertise in relevant conversations, and presenting at medical conferences highlighting their specialties.

Depending on your SEO objectives, you can also join local professional rather than national organisations. Links from both can help you, but links from local institutions can help you claim one of the top three positions in the Google Map Pack.

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Leverage Directories

If your medical practice offers branded procedures, such as Botox, doctors must usually be certified to offer these procedures. Once certified, they can be listed on the company’s physician finder, which usually includes a backlink to your medical practice website.

These directory profiles can also be linked to the pages of your services.

If your doctor has any special medical certifications or awards, the certifying organisations will have a profile page or listing with a backlink to your medical practice.

It is recommend linking these types of backlinks to your doctor’s profile page on your website because it is specifically about that doctor.

College And University Websites

Suppose your speciality is something that is taught in medical schools, undergrad colleges, or universities. In that case, you can obtain backlinks by searching the school curriculum to see if you have written about something being taught or contact the website owner.

These backlinks will come from the site and demonstrate a high authority level. Marketing professionals highly value backlinks from .edu sites to improve page rank.

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Guest Post

Guest posting is the most tried and true method for increasing traffic to your website. Being in the medical field is advantageous because medical websites constantly need updated content.

When something new in your field emerges, write a piece to submit to local and national sites. Begin by sending content to your local news, then expand to more specialised health websites.

When submitting your post, include a byline with a link to your website. Also, include a link to quality content (such as a blog or case study) within your piece.

Reach Out To Link-building Services

SEO is one of the most difficult aspects of digital marketing. It operates in an ever-changing environment, with new updates, rules, and restrictions released regularly. When dealing with SEO tactics, this necessitates constant updating and professional assistance. 

While performing link building on your business may appear simple, without the assistance of a professional, you may end up harming your website with penalties rather than increasing your rankings.

Pearl Lemon is an SEO agency that offers exceptional link-building services, ensuring that your website will get accurate results. Get in touch with us.

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Why Buy Medicine Backlinks From Pearl Lemon?

Pearl Lemon experts can handle link building for you and find appropriate websites to place links on. This will help you improve your backlink profile, which will help your Google ranking.

Knowing how our backlinks and backlink experts can help gives you peace of mind if you’re hesitant about our backlinks services.

We Have Expertise In Your Niche

Link building is a more than one-size-fits-all approach. If you want to ensure the success of your SEO initiatives, you must hire a link builder with experience in your industry like Pearl Lemon. After all, link building necessitates the creation and distribution of content. You want someone who understands your audience’s needs and industry insights. This increases the likelihood of receiving quality backlinks from relevant and trustworthy websites.

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We Do The Hard Work For You

A link building campaign consists of initiatives that necessitate significant time and effort, among the most common are blogger outreach, guest posting, and link-building. All the initiatives are included in the contribution of our SEO backlink service. The common ground is that you must provide feedback and approval but are not required to perform the “dirty work.”

Save Money With Our Experts

When outsourcing your link-building with Pearl Lemon, one thing that cannot be denied is that it helps you save a lot of money in the long run. Rather than attempting to do this on your own, hiring someone to do all of these backlinks for you will be more cost-effective and will ensure that the job is completed correctly and without any issues. 

That means that even if you are on a tight budget, you can get everything sorted quickly by working with someone who understands how things work and has done this for many other clients, as evidenced by their work.

Why should I outsource my PPC service?

Risk-free Reputation

Another critical factor to consider is your reputation. Link building entails outreach, which is fundamentally a PR strategy. If you need to learn how to do outreach correctly, you’ll send several emails that many recipients will regard as spam.

Some agencies will not reveal the client’s name if you outsource link building and will conduct outreach through their corporate emails. At Pearl Lemon, we keep the client’s identity hidden until the very end. An agency will take care of your reputation in addition to building links for you in this manner.

Bring More Patients To Your Practice, Let's Help You With Your SEO Needs.

Your medical practice website requires backlinks and numerous ways to obtain them. However, it takes so much time and effort. 

As an SEO agency, Pearl Lemon is fully aware that not all backlinks are created equal, and bad backlinks can seriously affect your site’s visibility. That’s why our team of experienced backlink experts here only uses a white hat, the bespoke link-building process to achieve maximum results while avoiding penalties-ranking you higher on SERPs. Hence, opening a door for your potential patients.

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Yes! Backlinks are valuable because the number of backlinks pointing to a website is a major search engine ranking factor, particularly for Google. Simply put, the more relevant and high-quality links pointing to your website, the higher you can rank in search engine results pages.

Backlinks can cost anywhere from $100 to $20,000 per month, depending on their quality and volume.

Absolutely! Backlinks to a medical website are crucial. People want to believe their doctors and other industry leaders. As a result, Google prioritises ensuring that medical practice websites that appear in Google search results are the best of the best, especially for a healthcare website.