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With over 6 million CBD users in the UK, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to ensure that most users buy from you. And the best way to outperform the competition is through marijuana SEO backlinks.

It’s much easier to understand why having more backlinks to your cannabis website can be beneficial if you think of it as an actual web. Because the central point is the most “linked to” part of the web, it is most likely the most essential part of the web. This is how Google’s (and most other search engines) algorithms work. If your website is frequently linked to it, it is most likely an authoritative website with helpful information and content.

However, you don’t want to spend most of your time in the lengthy link-building process to obtain quality backlinks. Many agencies allow you to buy a quality link, thus saving you time and effort.

Pearl Lemon‘s marijuana and CBD SEO solutions will undoubtedly increase your site’s organic traffic, backlinks, and keyword research competitiveness. 

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Best Backlinking Practices For Your Marijuana Website

Backlink buildings can be a minefield in the cannabis industry. Building backlinks can make or break a website domain, especially with many cannabis websites containing flagged content or having low domain authority.

Here are some simple ways to build your domain authority using backlinks to avoid common backlink-building mistakes. These methods are quick, inexpensive, and simple to incorporate into the daily operations of any cannabis business.

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Cannabis podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. This is an excellent way to gain exposure for your company. You can appear as a guest on a podcast and discuss your CBD brand, CBD products, or industry. Make sure the podcast you choose is relevant to your marijuana business. 

It is also critical to examine the podcast’s quality and popularity. The more popular the podcast, the more exposure your company will receive. Ascertain that your target audience is already listening to this podcast and is eager to hear something new.

Cannabis Directories

Directories were popular early in search engine optimisation (SEO). They’ve lost their value over time, but they’re still useful if the directory is reputable and relevant to your target audience.

Begin by listing your business in local directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

Then, expand your search to look for an industry or niche-specific directories.

To find a directory near you, try searching for the following terms:

  • cannabis + medical directory
  • cannabis recreational directory
  • marijuana directory + region
  • cannabis directory + demographic
  • cannabis directory + niche
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Marijuana Forums

There are hundreds of popular marijuana-related forums where you can get good backlinks and a lot of referral traffic. 

Ensure not to spam any forums by simply posting your links everywhere! You must be sneaky and clever when posting links on forums, or they will remove them.

The best (and safest) way to build forum backlinks is to include your link in your signature and post great content/answers. You will notice a significant increase in referral traffic

Paid Links

You may wonder why websites are still doing it if paying for links is so frowned upon. People speed in their cars for the same reason: it’s faster, and some think it’s worth the risk.

It reduces the workload required for link building and significantly shortens the time it takes to see results.

With this in mind, many cannabis SEO professionals are willing to take a risk. Paying for links, believe it or not, has not always been frowned upon.

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Why Buy Marijuana Backlinks?

Some CBD companies and business owners prefer to purchase links despite the risks involved. They discovered the best way to use backlinks to increase your exposure and organic traffic. And it is these advantages that we will discuss.

Short Efforts

One of the main reasons why many businesses prefer paid link building to link earning is that the latter necessitates consistently creating high-quality content.

You provide value to a publisher by paying them and providing content when you use paid links. As a result, the required content quality is lower with paid links than with free links.

You can also have much more control over the content in which your link is embedded and the anchor text with paid links. If done correctly, this can drive local SEO benefits more efficiently than paid links, which must be made “for the reader” rather than with SEO in mind.

Buy Marijuana Backlinks To Save Time

You can purchase backlinks if you cannot afford to go through the entire link-building process. This saves you and your crew a lot of time.

If you are serious about link building, it will take a long time to go through everything you need. This is especially true if your business is new to the digital marketing industry. You cannot wait for links to appear on their own.

That is why people buy links to save time. If you buy the link instead, you will get the backlink in much less time. This is because you bypass the other steps of link building by purchasing links.

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More People Are Buying Or Selling Links

The buying and selling of links have never been more active. This activity provides numerous opportunities for people who want to promote their marijuana startup websites.

There are now more flexible options available. You can choose where to link based on your budget, niche, search engine rankings, and other factors. You can buy quality backlinks from the host site if your link is relevant to the host site.

Outperform The Competition With Pearl Lemon On Your Side

Most of your competitors are also probably buying links, and if you still refuse to buy links, your site will fall behind in search results.

You could also construct the links to ensure they are white-hat dofollow backlinks. Consider your other online business tasks if you have a lot on your plate; doing everything alone may not be a good idea and will spread you thin.

In this case, you should purchase backlinks and delegate the creation of backlinks to a reputable link vendor. Pearl Lemon has a proven track record of assisting websites in ranking higher in Google searches.

So, if you buy links from us, you can expect higher Google search rankings once we’re finished! 

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How much does it cost to buy marijuana backlinks?

A single backlink should never cost less than $500. The average high-quality backlink from a unique, high-DR, high-traffic, high-authority domain costs $1000. Anything less means you’re paying for low-quality domains, low-quality content, and low-quality services.

Absolutely! Backlinks are still important for ranking websites today. The more you buy high-quality backlinks for your website, the more visible it becomes to search engines and has a better chance of ranking higher on the search engine results pages.