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AJ Smart was a client of ours that came to us for our YouTube SEO Services. The scope of the project included looking at their tags as well as their own page descriptions. In addition to this we looked at social sharing, reviewing the playlist, the titles they create, and doing some level of off page link building for their YouTube channel. 

We monitored the overall traffic and traffic sources and as soon as we were involved and through the length of the campaign. Over a few months we were able to help them achieve two and a half thousand extra minutes watched and 500 more views overall.

As Featured In:

Additionally we achieved 400 more minutes of premium content, premium watches as well as 50 more premium views. The average view duration has also gone up by 4 seconds.

We have been able to get similar results for our own YouTube channel, just to prove we practice what we preach.

Another channel we worked on was Amir Bomand. We were able to grow the total watch time to 145 minutes.

Average view duration up
0 s
more minutes of premium content
0 +
etra minutes watched
0 +
more premium views
0 x
0 +

That channel also got 1000 impressions. 

These are just a few samples of YouTube growth we were able to achieve. We would love to help you grow your YouTube channel!

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