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We take our PR seriously! Serious enough that our service model is based off of the results we were able to get for our founder Deepak Shukla. It’s a case of practising what we preach. 

So the challenge we’ve had is that I’ve also got the same naming convention of Deepak Shukla– similar to numerous other professionals sharing the same name.  That was a challenge because people often confused Dee with the virologist of the same name. So with that in mind, if we go back to the original search, I’m searching for a UK based IP and the UK results- focusing on UK based keywords was very important for this project. We did a couple of things, as you can see.

We created a whole range of content… to the extent that we’ve been able to push down this Wikipedia link of the virologists all the way down to the bottom of page one. Looking from a PR perspective, we’ve got results covering a huge amount of page one as well as page two and an event going as deep as page three. If we follow it up to page four, I think it might be here that it begins to change and the other chap begins to show up. 

Continuing on with this project was the news. We ended up with a publication in Digital Journal, which is in relation to some actual internship placement. Regarding news articles, it is all about tactical placement. In addition to this we got our founder podcast features, blog features and more.

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