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We have a client that is a design consultancy based in Berlin whom we have worked with for several months. They have a very unique approach where they use a system called Design Sprints for their products. 

This unique approach benefits companies that need to move fast so Pearl Lemon wanted to help make their approach known! We have worked closely with their marketing director to help our team understand the goals for the site.

The results have included a 24.4 net improvement in terms of the average positions, 71k baking quality for the total sessions. Search showed 28K improvement and a lot of keywords are ranking and improving just over the past couple of months.

Design Sprint agency went up 29 places in the last three months, and there’s multiple pages ranking on in search results. Overall a lot of positive numbers across the board of analytics.

Average positions improved
searches improved
0 k

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Taking a look at the competitive search volume we’ll see, Sprint Framework for 60,500 searches globally, as well as Design Sprint for 18,100 searches of global searches. And they’re not doing too badly on these keywords at all, which is really good to see. 

Overall a lot of impressive results with our client. Both the Pearl Lemon team and our client have worked together to make changes and have waited patiently for the results.  Our client has actually been able to open up a whole new linear revenue as a result of our work in terms of organic conversions.

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