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Black Fog was one of our successful SEO clients for their SaaS tool. Black Fog is a cyber security management company, and they have a range of tools and products that consumers can find them for.

Black Fog is a part of the B2B space and approached us through an ad campaign. We then had the joy of building a close relationship with their marketing director Brenda. Black Fog was a very fun and interesting client from the start for our team. As both a cyber security company and that they do not use Google Analytics made for a unique project.

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When we first got in touch, there were initially 21 exchanged emails in the first month. The site had a large amount of technical issues to solve immediately; there was a range of 518 important fixes to 870 semi important fixes. After these issues started to be addressed, they were able to index for over 169 keywords.

Part way into month two, they had 221 clicks to increase by a factor of almost tenfold. The click rate varied in growth but it averaged between 5 and 7 times.The average position has increased as well as the number of keywords that they actually index for. Darren, their CEO, was impressed with the work through the length of the project.

Important technical issues resolved
0 +
Keywords Index
0 +
Semi-Important technical issues resolved
0 +
click rate increased
0 x
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Black Fog was a great example of something that can be achieved with a site that’s new from an SEO technical standpoint and the opportunity for improved ROI that is out there for you.

If you work within the space of cyber security or have a SaaS tool you would like to improve ranking for, we can definitely help you. We would love to show you what we can achieve for you and your site in terms of SEO!

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