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Magento E-Commerce Case Study

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Welcome to another SEO case study!

 This particular client brought us onboard for Magento eCommerce SEO.

Our client was Wolf Auto Parts. They are sellers of used Volkswagen and Audi Parts. They rank at the top for multiple keywords in the United States. They’ve got over 75 SKUs individual product listing on their website is a big and quite complex website with lots of things going on.

It was initially a $500 project and the project ended up getting an additional boost to the budget due to our work. (They gave us a 5-star review as a result). The project included a range of things from optimising category and product pages, sales and a piece of conversion rate optimisation on their website’s Magento based platform of over 50K products.

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This was a simple website. We produced a digital marketing report for a project manager. It has 20 pages plus an SEO report… which included a breakdown of page load speed and total page size. 

Then we produced a video based feedback for a Facebook profile review. We also took a look at live chat tools. 

And then we went into some of the more granular stuff which is how to deal with out of stock products that are still listed on the site. No next message cannibalization of URLs as well as other things to include product reviews, robot text as well as some other areas that we felt really moved the needle for the business.

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Within Google Analytics, all of their key metrics improved. This meant more traffic sources an increase in overall audience and longer times spent on page. Through this project we were able to track the exact flow users tended to follow.

We even got involved with their AdWords campaign and spent a couple of $1,000 a month advertising.

It was an extremely thorough report that was produced for them. We have got many videos with decent and extensive reports. And it was really a snip at the price that they got it for $400 to $500.

At the end of the project they gave us a five-star rating, they had rolled out all of the changes, and they had seen an improvement of some of his SEO across the website.

That is what we did for a Magento E Commerce website to improve on-page SEO.

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