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The European was our SEO client and is a part of a large group, a collection of websites.

With a magazine website such as theirs, it’s always an interesting challenge because of the kind of the keywords they have, I. E. The content or rather magazine content they produce on such a wide range of subjects. The real key metric with a site is the traffic more so than any, for example, keywords in the added cost of looking at specific sectors.

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Our client approached us because they were doing a relaunch of their magazines from scratch, and they were looking for force to get organic traffic off the ground, which is where our team came on. Over the course of 4 to 6 months we had a goal to be sure to fix the technical structure of the site that relates to metadata and types of tags. Along with looking at any issues with HTML CSS, if there’s any kind of job scripted, really out any quotes, as well as ensuring that the page load is particularly quick with this.

Through the length of the project we worked closely with their development team internally, 

By the end of the 6th month we had seen a significant increase in organic traffic, 96% actually in terms of users, and again directly comprising some components of organic as well. The other channels referral has also rapid rapid growth alongside. We were able to achieve a 93% increase in new users in two months in addition to this!

New users Increased in 2 months
0 %
technical issues resolved
0 +
users Increased via Organic traffic
0 %
click rate increased
0 x
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Their click rate also improved to a tune of more than 15x as well.perhaps. The average position of the keywords only lowered because the actual range of keywords that they rank for heading can expand it, which brings the average down.

If you work for a magazine company, or maybe something else, and could use these kind of improvements, give out team a call today!

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