Shopify SEO Case Study - Cosmetics


Our SEO team is really proud to present the results that we’ve got for an e-commerce business that we had the pleasure to work with. This particular client is a leader within the cosmetic industry, but more specifically within the magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes space. (I know fancy right)

If you look at the business and take a look at the competition eyeliner, you’ll see that there’s a ton of stuff going on here. The company has lots of good things happening and of course, from our side, we want to highlight the SEO work.

In four months the domain authority increased from eight to fourteen-this was from February to May 2019. In addition to this, the page authority increased from twenty-one to twenty-seven; which is absolutely brilliant…but we didn’t stop there.

The authority has continued to steadily increase month after month and with this total users did as well. In this time new users increased by over 275 people. This is from organic methods only, no ads. To break this down further; new users have increased by 300%, sessions have increased by 289%, balance raised decreased by 5% pages, positions increased by almost 10%, and average sessions have increased by 17%.

And as you can see, we’ve got some pretty impressive revenue numbers and revenue growth for Moxielash. Then we’ve got search console the number of clicks- the amount of actual impressions- the click rate is great.

The average position is also great due to our work. PPC does play a part here. If you look at keyword coverage now, from the 1st of February to the 28th of May, just over three and a half months, but less than four months. We got another keyword into the top one to three-space through this work.

New users increased
0 %
positions increased
0 %
sessions increased
0 %
average sessions increased
0 %
small business marketing consultant

We’ve got another keyword into the top ten space and another 200 keywords between eleven and one hundred. When they started in February 2019, 53 keywords were being indexed, they’ve now got 257. They got another 250. So 204 keywords that are ranked inside the actual top 100!

So if you’re interested in working with an e-commerce SEO agency, the heavy-hitting and do some really good stuff. Please, get in touch.

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