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Worry Less From Now On When Google Updates Its Algorithm

Each year, Google releases updates to its core algorithm. There is a lot of significance to these updates, which can make the earth tremble– specifically, business website owners falling down on their knees.

There is no denying that In a very short period of time (as the update is fully implemented), many sites across the internet are affected by their core updates. A site’s traffic can spike or drop by 60% or more without warning.

We know– it’s devastating, and that’s why we’re here to help. Our experts can save your site and recover every traffic you lost during the update.

Keeping up with Google’s updates is an important aspect of our commitment to delivering the best results to our clients. We know that we should be on the lookout for these things, and when that happens, we can make preparations and solutions to help businesses like yours recover.

With Pearl Lemon, you’re in safe hands.

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Google Hummingbird Recovery Service

Even though Hummingbird is a brand-spanking-new engine, it still uses a lot of components other search engines have! It has the ability to comprehend context and allows it to understand the purpose of specific search better, and thats where we’re here to help you out.

Google Medic Recovery Service

It’s been communicated by Google that the Medic Update will affect 50% of all medical and health-related websites, so their search results will drop indefinitely! We won’t let that happen to you with our SEO services!

Google Penguin Recovery Service

Do you need help and are suffering from the Penguin update that Google implemented? Pearl Lemon has a dedicated team to help you avoid penalties from Google for bad link-building! We work on your search engine optimization to ensure your website is the top search result.

Google Panda Recovery Service

When you have the help from our services at Pearl Lemon, tactics are created and implemented so your blogs or websites get the necessary enhance they need so your search ranks are higher then all the rest.

Noticeable Changes With Uk Search Engine Marketing Services

You need to have your business's website appear properly online and digitally advertised effectively so then people are able to find you. We have the best way to grow your business through our SEO services.

Google Core Update Recovery Service

Are you being affected by the constant and annoying algorithm on Google? Worry no more as if you follow our SEO strategies, then we can help you recover from the Google Core Update.

Google Bert Recovery Service

Don’t let Google BERT affect your brands visibility and traffic, allow Pearl Lemon to help you fully understand the algorithm and requirements, while our SEO services help you keep your needed ranking on search results.


There is only one main reason why Google keeps on updating its algorithm. The information helps Google determine which pages serve searchers the best answers across all types of content.

Certain fixes can be implemented to remove the penalty, but traffic and ranking may not be restored. Thus, it’s crucial to prevent them from happening in the first place.

You can always maximise your social media outreach, email outreach, content marketing, digital advertising, and many more techniques to recover your site.

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