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It should be no surprise that Google frequently adjusts its algorithm, given that it receives more than two trillion searches annually and has been around for more than 20 years.

If you’ve been affected by the ever-changing algorithm, you can lose more than half of your traffic and search results visibility. To avoid this, ensure that you always follow your SEO strategy. Pearl Lemon offers a wide variety of SEO services to help you recover from the Google core update.

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What Is The Google Core Update?

When Google makes significant and extensive modifications to its search engine algorithm and systems, this is known as a Google core upgrade. With the addition of more pertinent, practical, and reliable content, these modifications hope to enhance consumers’ search experiences.

Core upgrades often take place multiple times annually and are verified by Google. Here are some instances where Google performed core updates:

March 2019 Core Update

Google released the March 2019 Core Update at the beginning of March 2019. While Google did not provide specific information about the update, market research suggested low-quality content websites experienced the most significant changes, with lower rankings and traffic. The same survey discovered that most updated websites improved their content.

June 2019 Core Update

Google claims that the update mimicked other fundamental modifications and did not include any significant improvements over earlier, more comprehensive page speed updates. However, Google did advise people to read its 2011 blog article, more tips on constructing high-quality sites, to find out how to make their websites better in the long run.

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September 2019 Core Update

 Webmasters remarked on the update that the June 2019 Core Upgrade harmed ranks and traffic, whereas the September 2019 Core Update had the opposite effect. Some people also mentioned how many news and medical websites were impacted.

As you can see, Google’s core upgrades don’t often include specific details. This is because upgrades frequently impact multiple ranking variables rather than just one. Google must also protect the operation of its search engine algorithm to stop spammers and black-hat SEO.

What Did The Core Update Target?

Publishers and blog owners are typically not informed by Google about the components of the search algorithm it favours. Therefore, you should review and adhere to Google’s quality content development requirements.

To tackle issues like poor page speeds, low-quality affiliate websites, spammy link-building techniques, etc., previous revisions targeted various areas of SERPs and search mechanisms.

You can determine the primary goal of the core update this time by examining the SERPs and paying attention to what industry experts are saying.

Once you have that knowledge, you can take action to modify your website so that it complies with these new and updated Google search algorithm requirements.

Google's Take On Recovering From A Broad Core Update

Over the years, Google has sent conflicting signals about whether it is worthwhile to attempt to recover from a big core update – at least until the next one is sent out.

And John Mueller, a prominent public figure for Google who offers SEO advice to website owners, has mentioned that it is possible to make adjustments to your site, recover lost traffic after a core update and even before the next one is released.

In his Google Search Central video hangouts, Mueller has stated that there are several “incremental improvements” you can do to reverse a ranking decline following a broad core update.

In the first few minutes of the video hangout below, when Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz discusses the topic of rehabilitation with him, he makes an obvious comment about this.

Google Core Update Recovery Service

How To Recover From The Update

Are you wondering what incremental improvements can help you recover from a traffic slump?

There isn’t a clear solution to this because Google largely maintains the inner workings of its algorithms a secret. However, as an SEO expert, Pearl Lemon gathered some steps you can accomplish to help you recover from the core update.

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Ensure That You Follow Google's Guidelines

First, make sure your content development complies with Google’s webmaster rules. Indexability and on-page components like the title and meta description, image size, and name are all included in this. Rich data implementation, the addition of a robots.txt file, the auditing of internal links, and the speed at which page loads are all crucial.

Let’s say you adhere to Google’s recommendations and make minor adjustments to enhance E-A-T, content quality, and user experience. According to John Mueller in the Google Webmaster Central office-hours video, your website can gradually improve in rankings and traffic even before the next Google core upgrade.

Implement E-A-T In Your Seo Strategy

What Is The E-A-T Strategy?

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. It is a concept in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines; it’s not an algorithm. In essence, Google assesses the quality of those pages based on these three factors. Where that website appears in search engine results pages depends on its quality.

Google has frequently stressed to all content writers and bloggers the significance of E-A-T in SEO. Ensuring that you are giving your audience the greatest possible content has been the only thing they have advised anyone to do to recover from a Google algorithm update.

This is crucial for websites like Your Money or Your Life (YMYL). The readers’ well-being, financial situation, health, and security are all impacted by the information, goods, and services they offer.

Therefore, YMYL websites must provide users with trustworthy and high-quality information while persuading Google to trust them. But remember that a digital marketing strategy includes more than just high-quality content. Page speed, keyword research, link building, and other SEO elements are all equally crucial.

Identify Content That Needs Improvement

Once a broad core algorithm update has been implemented, it is time to determine which content has been most negatively impacted. Position tracking may already be set up if you use an SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush, which can assist you to identify rankings that have fallen (along with the associated content).

You can find pages with major traffic declines with the aid of Google’s Search Console and Google Analytics. Create a spreadsheet of “problem pages” that have experienced a particularly severe decline in traffic using the information from these tools.

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Audit Your Articles

After identifying your problem pages, the next thing you need to do is to improve them. You can ensure your articles’ quality, relevance, and search intent by auditing them, giving users and the Google algorithm the greatest possible experience. You should keep an eye out for thin content and keyword cannibalization problems.

When two or more pages target the same keyword with comparable content, this is known as keyword cannibalization. By competing with yourself at the same time as your competitors, you make it more difficult for yourself to increase traffic and exceed them.

Examine each of the poorly performing pages for keyword cannibalization. If you come across any, you have two options:

  • Consolidate both pages, write a longer piece, and point the older, less useful content at the more recent, better-written content.
  • All the pages should be combined into one new article.

Another problem that affects E-A-T principles and content quality is thin content. You must first conduct keyword and topic research for the pages with thin content. Then, consider how to enhance them by including fresh, pertinent themes and keywords.

Audit Your Backlink Profile

Backlinks are crucial for getting high search engine rankings. The popularity and authority of a website are determined by links in Google and other major search engines. Consequently, a site with more backlinks will rank higher.

Cleaning up your link profile is a requirement if you need to recover from a Google penalty.

Here’s how you can do it.

Find and mark all of your problematic links. To identify and eliminate problematic backlinks, you must perform a backlink audit. You can use these two tools for this task– Google Search Console and Moz.

Check your website for spammy links. Create a disavow file and submit it to Google to remove the links that can harm your rankings and site health.

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How Our Google Core Update Recovery Service Works

Recovering from the Google Core update requires improving or altering your SEO strategy. As an SEO professional, Pearl Lemon knows better than anyone how to regain the traffic you lose from the update.

We offer the following SEO services:

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Link Building

If done correctly, backlinks boost your site’s organic traffic, increase the crawl rate, and help with ranking. But not all backlinks are created equal, and unfavourable backlinks can seriously harm your site’s exposure during a Google update. Our knowledgeable backlink specialists at Pearl Lemon solely employ white hat, custom link-building techniques to achieve the best results and prevent penalties.

Technical SEO

We don’t just cross items off a “technical SEO checklist” as a technical SEO agency. We know that one effective recovery component must incorporate technical search engine optimization. Therefore, we construct specialized technical SEO strategies focusing on technical aspects.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategies are not fixed. This is because we know how quickly-changing and dynamic the SEO industry is. Your company and competitors’ activity varies while you’re working with us because the algorithm constantly changes.

Therefore, we constantly modify the SEO strategies for our clients based on any modifications and the outcomes they see. By doing this, we maintain our methods’ effectiveness and long-term value.

SEO Audit

Within 48 hours, we’ll perform a thorough SEO audit of your website and offer custom recommendations for your business’s website.

On-page SEO

Are your web pages-are they all optimized for the core update? We’ll investigate and develop a strategy to increase your ranks and regain traffic!

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Start Your Google Core Update Recovery

SEO is an uphill battle. Where recovering from it can be challenging. Reviewing Google’s guidelines, auditing your website and content, and improving it takes time. If you need help regaining your website and rankings in search results, Pearl Lemon can help you.

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Usually, they happen every two to three months. Core updates aim to improve Google’s search results by rearranging the order in which indexed web pages appear. Every major update modifies the algorithm used by Google to rank websites.

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Because Google changes reduce some weighting variables, it may take some sites 10 to 15 days to regain ranks.