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Search engine optimisation is rapidly growing, and business owners notice the advantages a solid online can bring to the table. While small business owners opt for consultants that offer local SEO services, larger businesses instead opt for an international SEO consultant.

International SEO consultants need vast knowledge to develop more comprehensive scaled strategies than local SEO, as their target has to go beyond borders. 

Local and international SEO Agency have to track their progress on their client’s websites, like where their traffic is coming from and how users interact.

This information is critical as it shows where an SEO strategy is succeeding and where it’s falling apart. 

Now that we know that let us dig deeper into the responsibilities of an international SEO consultant and the benefits of hiring such.

But First,

What is international SEO?

International SEO refers to all the activities aimed at improving a sites’ organic search presence in different countries or languages. This includes but is not limited to technical SEO adjustments, content localisation and multilingual link building.

So, this makes an international SEO consultant or agency people who help businesses determine new countries to target and branch into. They help map out plans for a brands website and ensure that that the SEO is correct.

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Responsibilities of an international SEO consultant

While local and international SEO consultants execute similar tasks, the latter must perform much more detailed and complex strategies. 

Instead of aiming for a particular area, international SEO consultants focus on various regions, making the strategies complex, especially if a particular business targets different regions with different languages.

International SEO consultants build a team of people to perform the work, and they source writers, strategists, developers and any other relevant talent to accomplish the job.

This is mainly because international SEO consultants work with large corporations, and each section of SEO is inherently more extensive and a little more complex.

For example, keyword research is one of the main aspects of any SEO strategy. An international SEO consultant invests more hours and time doing an in-depth search for the best-suited search queries. 

For a local SEO strategy, a handful of localised keywords can be enough. Still, with an international SEO consultant, they will need to include thousands of competitive keywords in the search query. 

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These keywords will need to be aimed at the services or products and the various locations. Therefore, they must be relevant to the search users intent.

International SEO consultants are responsible for creating content for the businesses website based on the queries found in the keyword research. 

Suppose a business wishes to appeal to various languages. The SEO consultant will be responsible for hiring efficient writers who are fluent in those languages and developing an understandable website structure to create the best user experience.

These are only some of the duties performed, but they don’t end there. Depending on the business and what it needs, there will be a range of activities done.

Core services provided by international SEO consultants.

There are plenty of practices that can be adapted to your site’s visibility, keep the visitors hooked, and ultimately convert them to customers. 

Many of the strategies employed require collaboration from both consultants and business owners. Such collaborations can help the consultant gain full knowledge and insight about your business, which they can use to curate the best solutions.

Take a look at some of the standard services provided below:

SEO training

While many consultants will ensure that the work is executed for you, some will train you and your employees on SEO basics.

Keyword research

As you know, SEO consultants conduct in-depth keyword research, which they will incorporate in their strategies across all pages of your website and content.

Link building

Legit international SEO consultants offer a solid backlinking strategy and reports on the progress on your site. Quality backlinks are a vital factor in influencing your ranking on search engines like google.

Site analyses and reports

These will come in at the start and as the work progresses. SEO consultants will have to report back to you regarding any on-site improvements and other aspects that need attention.

Social media marketing

Social media is also another vital piece of SEO. Every business should have a strong presence on multiple social media platforms. Consultants will go ahead to create and manage your social handles by regularly publishing posts and engaging with your audience.

Website design

Part of the SEO package is the site design. It can be a simple design, or the consultants will need to remodel the design altogether.

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What should you look out for in an international SEO consultant?

Finding the right SEO expert for you isn’t necessarily an easy task because they come in different forms. It can be an employee, or an individual consultant or an SEO consulting agency. 

They all have in common that if they are experienced, they will review your website and get into detail about your business goals. 

Let us go ahead and look at some of the things you can consider before hiring an international SEO consultant for your business.

1. History of work

Anyone can set up a company and call themselves an expert. What will sieve out the authentic ones and the posers will be the years of experience on their hands. 

They may not have the required knowledge within your field, but the years of experience should have them do an excellent job on your website.

The SEO expert you choose should be dynamic because trends in ranking factors are ever-evolving, so they should adapt to the changes.

2. Knowledge about various SEO levels.

There are three types of SEO, namely technical, on-page and off-page SEO. The expert should be able to understand how each of them works and what needs to be done.

A successful SEO strategy requires that all these three elements are tackled in the most appropriate way as per your site needs. 

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3. A good record of success

Modern SEO needs an understanding of all relevant marketing strategies at a deeper level, for example, the psychology of consumers and the various aspects of web analytics. 

Ask your international SEO expert about their previous, ask them for references you can contact and give yourself time to gauge whether that particular SEO expert will positively impact your business or not.

4. Relevant knowledge about marketing

This knowledge includes focusing on conversion and achieving the desired search engine rankings. Any SEO technique they apply should be able to attain the goal and even more.

They should understand user tendencies and what will drive traffic to your site and understand user intent and search engine marketing psychology.

5. Understand your overall business goals

Your international SEO expert should understand your goals and appreciate what you are trying to achieve.

6. Expertise in using SEO tools

Usually, SEO experts will need to use several SEO tools to achieve results with your website. There are different tools used for different purposes.

Your SEO expert should know about all of them and how to use them, including the cost for each. 

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7. Fit your company culture and niche

This aspect isn’t only for the SEO experts but everyone you will be working with. The SEO expert you hire should be willing to work with all members of your company and communicate within your company style. 

8. Excellent communication skills

This is really important. You don’t want to hire an expert who doesn’t communicate or works on their whims.

They should clearly understand why your website needs the changes they are suggesting and be competent to put their point across in a respectful manner.  

A top SEO expert should know how to work with different people and understand how to get tasks done efficiently and effectively.  

Types of businesses that can benefit from international SEO consultant services.

Essentially, international SEO consultants focus on brands and businesses that are more likely to spread internationally or have established markets in multiple countries. 

They may not necessarily be well-known brands; they only need to spread quickly in various nations.

International SEO is complex, so the company that you choose to partner with must understand the markets that your business is trying to expand to. 

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