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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and as the name suggests, it is all about getting your Leicester based company on the digital map.

Essentially it is making sure all your content is optimized so that you rank as high on search engines as possible. Sometimes you may even create new content specifically for this goal.

However, it is all well and good to have big ambitions and aim to rank number 1, but you must crawl before you walk.

This means focusing on local Leicester SEO first.

To understand why you need to understand how Google works. This understanding and pairing with a Leicester local SEO expert, is what will help your business become as well known as the National Space Centre or Leicester Museum and Art Center.

How Google Operates

Using Google as an example, we know that the results they provide aren’t the same worldwide.

The results that one gets are dependent on a range of factors, including device, search history, and most importantly, location.

Think about it. 

If you are using Google on a mobile device or even their voice assistant, you are more likely to ask for a product or service ‘near me.’ For example, ‘bakeries near me.’ (p.s. many are near Spinney Hills)

This is because people are used to how Google operates and therefore use it to their convenience.

Even without specifying, Google often displays local results closer to the top, it may not necessarily be the top result due to a number of factors, but it will tend to be on the first page.

This means whether you are in Anstey, Arnesby or Birstall…Google factors your exact registered location in searches based on users GPSs.

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What To Know About Local SEO

As mentioned before, it may be tempting to try and rank globally, and the Pearl Lemon team can help you do this; however, you’ll see much more immediate benefits by targeting Local SEO first.

There are many teams that will promise you high ranking presence in Global SEO, but you need a company like us – one that knows the intricacies of the search algorithms (and the City Centre) like the back of our hands.

We also recognize the importance of local data and how to implement it so that your company is Leicester-specific.


Location can also be an important aspect of your brand and your company’s identity. 

Without it, you will just be another fashion company on the internet (for example), but creating Leicester-specific content as a way to target SEO gives you something to distinguish yourself from other companies in the world and gives you a target audience to work with.

People tend to gravitate towards what they are familiar with, so if they have the choice to buy from a company halfway across the world or from a local one, they will choose the local one 9 times out of 10.

Some people may even feel like they are giving back to their community or supporting a local business, thus increasing their likelihood to shop with you.

Despite the reason, it is clear that local Leicester SEO is something worth investing in and can greatly bolster your brand. After all, how great would it be to be as well known as Lanes Fine Jewelry.

Benefits Of Working With Us

I’ve already told you about how local SEO can become a key component of your brand, but what other benefits does SEO as a whole offer?

Increased Traffic

We get you more visitors on your website. As I alluded to, it is better to be 1st locally than 1000th in the whole world as more people are going to see your content and visit your website, thus driving up traffic. Start near where you are based and branch outward from there.

Increase In Conversion

Visiting is one thing, but we get people to actually purchase as well. It is one thing to get many people to visit your website, but what we do is get people to use your service or buy your product, which is represented by your conversion rate.

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More Long Term Customers

Buying once is all well and good, but we keep them coming back. After we get people to use your product or service once, people are more likely to develop brand loyalty which you could use to target them with more products and/or services later.

Legitimizes you company

People are more likely to trust your page if it is one of the 1st results due to their trust in search engines and their results. This is how we legitimize you in the mind of consumers, but we can also do this indirectly, e.g., through link building and domain strengthening.

Why Work With Pearl Lemon?

You may be wondering why you should hire Pearl Lemon to help you improve your SEO in Leicester.

Well, first and foremost is because of time. Well-done SEO requires a lot of research, trial, and error, etc. 

In order to rank above other companies, you need to know what they are doing so you can outperform and exceed them. Leicester is home to over 42000 registered businesses with more than 98% of these employing less than 50 people. This means you have some small business competition close by.

This can be time-consuming, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for, so it makes sense to let experts like Pearl Lemon help you.

Our years of experience and our expertise make us the ideal company to completely transform your current SEO strategy.

Time is the most valuable asset, and we have already dedicated a countless number of days to perfecting our craft so that you don’t have to.

This is without even mentioning the time needed to maintain it. 

No one ever said SEO was easy – you have to update it constantly, so you are never left behind or surpassed by the competition.

You also need a company that has their ear to the ground, and again, Pearl Lemon are experts at this.

Whether this is a change in search engine algorithms or an emerging trend in the industry, our SEO strategies are flexible enough to be fixed on the fly, depending on what your business needs.

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However, you also need to make sure everything is consistent with your branding, which requires clear and continuous communication, another one of Pearl Lemon’s specialties.

There is always someone to talk to you and booking a meeting couldn’t be easier. 

Here at Pearl Lemon, we make sure our customers are satisfied, so you will always have the final say.

We make sure there is 100% transparency at every level, so you know exactly how we are elevating your company, rather than some vague promises and dubious statements.

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