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You’ll find that most SEO agencies are only ‘versed’ in Google SEO. This is understandable, Google is the main search provider for much of the world, but that is not the case in Russia. There, as Russian business owners know, it is Yandex that’s most popular, and it’s there that most local Russian businesses want to see their company appear more prominently.

At Pearl Lemon, our team not only understands the importance of Yandex to your local market but can tailor an SEO plan that meets the ranking requirement for Yandex specifically while also keeping firmly in mind as well. We want to be able to help Russian businesses boost their online visibility as high as possible and by ensuring that you can be found easily no matter which search engine your prospective clients make use of.

Looking For A Larger Russian Audience?

Are you a small, medium or large local Russian business looking for new customers? Or are you worldwide brand looking for communication with Russian audience?

Here are some important facts you should know about Russian market:

Huge Potential: Russia is the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe. And now it is the 1st largest Internet market in Europe.

Growing Internet Use: The Russian Federation is one of the leading countries in terms of Internet usage growth in Eastern Europe.

Socially Connected Country: The Russian Federation is the fifth-largest socially connected country in the world (eMarketer research, 2012).

Cross-Border Outreach: The Russian language is widely used not only in Russian Federation but in all ex-USSR countries.

To reach more of these Internet savvy consumers you’ll need a precise combination of Russian SEO strategies and targeted local SEO. This is a ‘secret sauce’ that the Pearl Lemon SEO team have perfected.

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SEO is a specialist area of digital marketing that has become increasingly important over the past 15 years, and even more so in just the last five. All over the world – Russia included – people expect to find just what they are looking for online, and to find it fast. And it is any businesses goal to show up as high in a search for their chosen keywords as possible.

Doing so calls for search engine optimisation (that’s what SEO stands for) strategies to be put in place both on and off site. No amount of off site SEO will work as well as it could if a business’ on site SEO is poor, and vice versa. Therefore, the best Russian SEO campaigns are those that pay close attention to both.

Why invest in Russian SEO rather than in PPC? SEO won’t work overnight. Anyone who says it does is either not very good at it or not being very honest. All SEO – local SEO included – takes time, effort and expertise. The results however – genuine, targeted traffic that is consistent and far more likely to convert – are worth waiting a few months for.

Russian SEO isn’t something every SEO agency can take on and succeed with, as they don’t understand the people, the culture, the search engine best practices or even why local SEO is different to general SEO.The team at Pearl Lemon do.

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Put Your Russian Business On The Map With Local SEO Services

Local SEO helps businesses promote themselves online to local customers within a geographic area. The difference between local SEO and general organic SEO is intent. Search engines can pick out queries that have “local intent,” meaning the searcher wants search engine results with local companies featured first.

Why is Local SEO taking over? Because local searches are more people-centric than organic search results, meaning it’s more customized for each user. Nowadays, Yandex and Google searches are all about local “near me” searches.  People want what they want when they want it. Search engines organise their results to give it to them specifically, relevant to where they are at and precisely what they are looking for.

Russian Local SEO is highly targeted and time sensitive – people are searching for a business literally at the exact moment they need it. You can’t get much more personalized than that. And great local SEO Russian makes sure that your business ticks all the boxes search engines want it to to rank at the very top of local search for the products or services you offer.

If your business is only concerned about being found locally, and not nationwide, then where backlinks come from are very important. And that’s not all. Just having your business name, address and phone number listed (also called a NAP listing) in prominent places can help the search engines determine which searches your business should be highlighted in.

This is where partnering with a local Russian SEO company is an advantage for your organization. Most large, national only SEO firms will usually automate the link building process. They have endless online networks that they plug your information into, letting computers do the rest.

Local SEO companies have done lots of research on where to get your business found by your local target market. Whether it’s local news outlets, local directories or reliable, local blogs, marketing companies in your area know the ins and outs of getting local results.

Here at Pearl Lemon, our team of local Russian SEO experts will create a results-driven strategy to improve your SEO and help to boost your conversions. Our SEO services are designed to drive qualified website traffic and leads to your business while also cementing your reputation as a local, trusted brand.

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What Is Local SEO?

What Goes Into Great Local SEO?

Need your Russian business to rank locally? There’s more involved than you think! Google considers all the following (and more) when determining which local businesses to rank highest in their local search results.

Link Signals

Link domain authority, inbound links, link quality, link relevance and more. We make sure you get the local and national links you need to climb the SERPs.

Review Signals

Consumer reviews are very important to local businesses. We’ll help you get more of them across all the review sites relevant to your local business.

Onsite Signals

Are you offering search bots and browsers the best onsite experience? We’ll help you ensure that you do.

Citation Signals

It’s important that information about your business in directories across the web is consistent. Our local SEO audit will track down all your NAP listings to make sure that’s the case.

EAT Ranking

Expertise. Authority. Trust. EAT. These things are increasingly important to search engines. They want to point their users to the best local businesses. We’ll help you build a reputation that will have them sending people to you.

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We are ranked as one of the top Local SEO agencies on Clutch’s Leaders Matrix, demonstrating our ability to deliver excellent results to our clients. We are incredibly proud to be acknowledged as 1 of 15 global market leaders in SEO out of 11, 932 firms.

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SEO And Yandex

Most SEOs will tell you that if you can ‘do’ Google SEO Yandex is pretty much the same. That, however, is only a half truth. The two are increasingly similar, but Yandex still differs from Google in some significant ways that any effective Yandex SEO campaign has to take into account:

Yandex Takes (More) Time

Unlike Google that tirelessly crawls and indexes everything new that is added on the Web, Yandex does that a couple of times per day or even a couple of times per month, depending on a type of the content.

Yandex Cares More About User Behaviour

Yandex cares about users’ impressions on a particular website more than Google does. A website that is able to grab and hold user attention, engage and encourage users to interact will be valued and granted better rankings. If someone links to a website with good engagement rates, which means that the link is actually clicked, the link will bring value regardless of how authoritative the website is.

Yandex Is Pickier About Content

Yandex loves fresh, unique and informative content just as much as Google does, but it takes content manipulations such as duplication and over optimization more seriously and can take stricter measures for rule violations.

As for technical mistakes, Yandex can penalize for things that you might have not even considered as mistakes like invalid bits of code. So with Yandex you have no option but to double check everything on your website if you do not want to sacrifice higher ranking positions because of your own inattention.

Online Reputation Management


We’re a full-service SEO agency operating on a global scale, but maintaining a local mindset. Here’s a look at the answers to some questions we are asked most frequently. Have more questions?- Contact us!

Its’ us!!!

The best Russian SEO consultancy isn’t even based in Russia. Pearl Lemon is an award winning SEO agency, based in London, but also specializes in Russian SEO. We have a Yandex SEO consultant on our team to provide the best SEO service in Russia, the UK and beyond.

To find the best Russian SEO company, you should books calls with those respective companies’ Yandex SEO consultant. This will give you the opportunity to discuss budget and needs. To see who provides these services, just head to Yandex or Google and search ‘Russian SEO agency’ or ‘SEO service in Russia’. 

This will bring up a menagerie of Russian SEO companies.

A Russian SEO agency will set its service costs around the team’s experience, how many services are in your package and pricing around the competition. Pearl Lemon offers bespoke Russian SEO services in three different packages to suit all of your SEO needs to get your position on Yandex to improve while sticking to your budget.


The best company for SEO services in Russia isn’t even a Russian SEO consultancy. Pearl Lemon is an award winning SEO agency, based in London, that specializes in Russian SEO. We have a Yandex SEO consultant on our team to provide the best SEO service in Russia…and beyond.

Local SEO marketing is the process of optimising a website – and its individual pages – to generate traffic from location-based searches. The rapid growth of mobile usage and on the go searching has made local optimization an important focus for a variety of businesses, but most importantly for businesses with brick and mortar stores or offices.

Local SEO marketing is not something you pay someone to take care of technically behind the scenes without your involvement as a business owner. Local SEO Cardiff is a process that needs to be integrated into all your marketing, writing, publishing, and customer targeting activities.

The main difference between general organic SEO and local SEO is that local SEO has a geographical component.  

If a user searches for an industry/service/product  + location, the search engine – whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or even Facebook – knows that the search has local intent. And all search engines want is to give the user exactly what they’re searching for. So a local business that has implemented local SEO specifically is almost always going to show up ahead of one that has not.

local SEO strategy is especially important for small, local businesses. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is important in order to increase traffic, attract customers, and make your business known.

That, depends of course, upon where your business is located. But, in very general terms, as of July 2018,  46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information (and that’s according to Big G themselves) That’s nearly half, another indication of just how important local SEO is.

Do you remember the Yellow Pages? That big thick book that used to be delivered to homes and businesses in countries all over the world? They are still around, but in much smaller numbers, and most people either throw them out if they do receive one (or use it as a doorstop or something similar)

Why? Because people use the web to find what they are looking for these days. And the web uses Local SEO citations to help deliver that information to them. In a nutshell, a local SEO citation or local business citation (the two are essentially the same thing) is any listing that contains (at a minimum) a business’ name, address and phone number. Google and other search engines rely heavily on what are known as citation sites to find local businesses to include in their results.  

Directories and citation sites go out and scrape business information from the web – in mass quantities. They then pull business info into their database and share it with the world. Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, Trustpilot, Merchant Circle, CitySearch – they’re all examples of citation sites. And those are just a few of the big ones, there are many more.

Name Address and Phone (NAP) accuracy is critical for local businesses. It’s important for your NAP to be correct and consistent not only throughout your website, but also anywhere it appears throughout the entire Internet.

Having strong Google reviews and completing your Google My Business listing – adding photos and videos and selecting correct categories – improve your business’ chances of showing up on Google Maps.

Something else that people just don’t use anymore is an atlas. Or an A-Z (remember those?) Instead they often rely on their trusty cell phone to find things and to find their way making use of Google Maps. There is a Google Maps app installed by default on most smartphones and Google Maps data is also used to power hugely popular GPS apps like Waze.

And on Google Maps, if a business has a Google Listing, people will find that business as they near it. Or look it up. To see this in action right now head to Google Maps for a minute. Do a directional search for a location near your business. See those buttons that are offering you the chance to look up restaurants, bars, cafes, and almost any other kind of business located in the area? This is where you want YOUR business to appear, which is what Google Maps Optimisation and Google Maps Marketing as executed by a local SEO expert sets out to achieve.

The benefits of local SEO for a business that has a local presence are almost too many to list here. But here are some of the most important:

  • A stronger web presence in your local market
  • Higher search engine rankings in local search
  • Your web content will rank higher in search, driving more traffic to your site.
  • Increased website traffic
  • An increase in phone calls from local potential customers
  • An increase in foot traffic to your business location
  • Increased sales revenue
  • An increase in repeat business
  • Stronger local community presence
  • More effective incentive-based marketing campaigns

As an SEO company that specialises in Local SEO, we have developed a set of proprietary local SEO techniques that we tailor to suit the needs of every individual client we work with. In local SEO there is no one size fits all solution that will ensure that every business ranks as well as it possibly can in local search.

Instead we examine the needs of each business/client we work with and create a unique local SEO plan that will include Google My Business listing optimisation, general website SEO optimization, Google Maps optimisation, locally focused content marketing, local business citation optimisation and much more, according to the individual business’ needs. 

Absolutely. Each location is different, and so we treat it that way, even if you only maintain one website (as is the case for most local businesses) As a business that maintains a number of regional locations ourselves we have a unique insight into the challenges such companies face and we’ll put all that we have learned to work for you too. 

Not nearly as well, though it is possible to create and claim a Google My Business page for free. Those can show up in the map 3-pack if the competition isn’t too fierce for your local industry but it’s a very difficult feat to pull off. 

Follow “white hat” tactics approved by search engine webmaster guidelines so your listing isn’t in danger of disappearing from results altogether.

If learning about SEO and local SEO makes your head spin, outsource it. You pay an accountant to handle your books, so pay an SEO agency to handle that side of your business.

SEO -and local SEO – is an ongoing process. Search engines change their algorithms all the time – Google makes up to 80 small changes a week – and so keeping up is a must. You may need fewer hours though as time goes on and your SERPs positioning improves.

Websites that are not mobile friendly tend to not rank as well on Google, especially when the search is from a mobile device. With over 50% of local searches from mobile, it is bad for your site if it offers users a poor mobile experience. Google ranks websites that offer great mobile experiences the highest.

If needed our team of technical SEO specialists – who also boast some impressive programming and coding skills – can help get your website up to speed and delivering a better user experience for both human browsers and bots.

Our local SEO team will help you select the review sites that matter the most to your business and create a process to make reviewing your business easy.

Yandex is used by a little more than half of all Russian speaking people. This includes Russia and the neighboring countries. Yandex places high value on being able to search and find in Cyrillic. Some other differences is that Yandex crawls sites much slower than Google will and focuses much more on a need to have original content and geo-targeting.

Unlike Google, Yandex displayes Favicons. Favicons are little icons that are displayed next to a search result. They are representative of the website that it is next to. It is typically the brand logo or image.

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