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When They Type Your Name Or Business Name On Google, What Do People Find?
Do they see Ripoff Report-like websites making an appearance prominently in the results page their search creates? Will they find inappropriate images? Will they find that your goods or services seem to have more bad reviews than good? Or will they find very little relevant information about you, or your brand, at all?.


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Reputation Management: What it Is and Why It Matters

Business Reputation management services help give you the power to discover, monitor and ultimately control what people see as they look for you and/or your business online.

Online reputation management is the process of creating a positive professional image for your brand – whether that’s your personal Reputation or a business brand. It’s about tailoring, building, and in some cases rebuilding your ‘online image’ so that people find the information you want them to see. Reputation management companies are specialists in helping to repair your reputation.

Taking the time and making an effort to create a positive buzz around your brand helps develop your brand’s reputation and can become a big deciding factor when it comes to the next steps people take after searching for you. Investing in a reputation manager online can streamline this process, allowing for effective online reputation control. With proper reputation management, businesses can proactively shape the narrative surrounding their brand, ensuring that it aligns with their values and resonates positively with their target audience.

Don’t let a bad online reputation – or no visible online reputation at all – stand in your way, whether that success is dependent on people calling you to discuss your services, hiring you for consulting or speaking gigs, putting in that online order or whatever else you want them to do.

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There’s no One-Size-Fits-All solution.

Each individual situation – and brand or individual – has different needs when it comes to online reputation management. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all online reputation solution that will work for everyone, no matter what some practitioners try to tell you.

An effective reputation management strategy must be tailored individually. Whatever the nature of their brand, their work and the current state of their reputation, the one thing that we find is almost universal: each business and/or individual faces a number of challenges when it comes to their online reputation.

The good news is that we also find that almost all of them can be addressed with the help of a reputation manager online, and the negative effects of various online ‘black marks’ can be minimized and, in many cases, nullified through effective online reputation control. With strategic reputation management management strategies in place, individuals and businesses can regain control over their online presence and shape the narrative surrounding their brand or personal identity.

Reputation Management: Are You Making These Mistakes?

Companies and individuals invest significant resources in crafting a positive brand image, recognizing that online trolls, disgruntled customers, malicious rivals, or even their own missteps can swiftly undermine these efforts. This underscores the importance of engaging in proactive measures such as hiring a reputation manager online to monitor and manage online reputation control. Effective reputation management management strategies are essential for safeguarding the integrity and perception of a brand in the digital age.

In today’s world, to track, create, and protect your brand, it is vital to have a professional online reputation management firm on your side, no matter what niche you operate in, how large or small your business is or at what stage of its lifecycle it happens to be in.

Here are just some common online occurrences that can damage your reputation and your bottom line dramatically:

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Poor Product Reviews

Are you selling a product or providing a service? If you do, then as we speak, there is a good chance that someone is writing a review about your business.

The occasional unfavorable review won’t be too likely damage you or your business, but if you have only one highly disgruntled customer with a vengeance on their mind, they can do considerable harm by doing things like overwhelming review pages with horrifying, sensational – and maybe very untrue – statements about your goods or services and you and your business in general.

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Negative Press

The online news – or the search results at least may still be dominated by past lawsuits, business missteps, or personal controversies. You should not be judged for your errors in the past if you have made considerable efforts to learn from them, nor should you continuously have to respond to the public – and your potential clients and customers – about frivolous cases in the courtroom or unproven gossip that belongs in the past. This underscores the importance of hiring a reputable reputation manager online, who specializes in online reputation control and reputation management management, to help navigate and mitigate any lingering negative associations.

Your Content

Some successful business owners and entrepreneurs can be their own worst enemy when it comes to reputation management. For your customers or clients, you want to make the best impression, but if social networks and other websites include images of your last drunken weekend in Vegas, it can be difficult. And there is sometimes nothing that you can do about it when these images surface on websites outside your influence.

Or so it might seem. Hiring a great reputation management company can minimise the fallout from your faux pas and help restore the upstanding public persona you want – and need – to project to help your business – and brand reputation – thrive.

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Online Invisibility

False and inflammatory information online can damage your business, but lack of information can do so too.

Today’s consumers are extremely savvy in our Google-friendly world, and the vast majority of them are turning to the Internet to conduct research – often exhaustive research  before investing their hard-earned money.

When customers search for your company, they should be able to find the kind of background information that gets them truly excited, not a big fat zero. Successful management of your online reputation solves this problem by helping you create the wealth of positive online information about your brand prospects need to see.

Mediocre Messaging

Even if you have a good online reputation, it doesn’t inherently mean that customers are going to associate it with your message or brand. A large part of reputation management is about helping you build your brand in such a way that not only are consumers satisfied with what they encounter when they search for you, but that it attracts them to your brand too.

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Online Reputation Management is About More Than Just Reputation Repair

People often start thinking about online reputation management when they need some kind of damage control. But it is about so much more than that.

It’s about producing and maintaining the kind of image you want to present to the world in general. In order to benefit from reputation management, you don’t need to have a closet full of skeletons. Any company will reap enormous benefits from online reputation management, because if you do not take care – and control – of your image, the public will and you may not like what that looks like when they do.

Pearl Lemon - The Online Reputation Management Agency That Will Help You Build a Healthy Buzz Around Your Brand - And Much More

We know, that’s a big statement. And you are probably wondering just what we can offer in terms of online reputation management strategies and services to back it up. Here’s a look at what reputation management services we offer:

We'll Demote Negative Content

If negative content is the first thing people see in a search for your brand, then that is a terrible way to create a first impression. If that negative content is out of the realm of your ability to have it removed – as it almost always is – we can create an effective plan – and then execute it – to push it down in the SERPs to a point where it is far less likely to be found.

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We'll Create on Message, Brand Positive Content

We’ll develop meaningful, on-brand topics to help push positive content about your brand, products, or services.

We'll Keep Monitoring EVERYTHING

You’ll never be left in the dark about just where your brand’s reputation stands as we work to build your positive online presence. We’ll provide metrics and feedback on how the project – and the strategies used are progressing every step of the way.

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Online Reputation Management the Pearl Lemon Way

When your brand’s reputation is being tarnished by bad reviews, bad press or just plain malicious trolls it can seem like it is very little you can do about it and that once the damage is done, there’s no going back.

That’s simply not the case. Here are just some things Pearl Lemon has done for a wide variety of clients to help them create, restore and/or elevate their brand’s online image and reputation and can do for you.

Review Management

Bad reviews suck, especially if they really weren’t warranted. The old adage that states that you can’t please all the people all the time is very true. But you can carefully monitor what people are saying about you online, respond to their concerns when needed, mitigate their anger and encourage those who do love what you do to share that opinion with the world.

Our Review Management services monitor reviews left for your brand across the web – and there are lots of places people can leave reviews – and consider each one carefully. If they are good, we’ll do a little happy dance on your behalf. If they are bad, or just so-so, we’ll help you respond to them in a way that will put a more positive spin on things.

If reviews left for you online are just downright malicious and false, in some cases we may be able to help you get them taken down, and if that’s not possible, we’ll help you gather as many positive reviews as possible so that those nasty ones just won’t ring true at all, even to a casual searcher.

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Negative Content Suppression

Content Suppression

You are not a bad person. Your company is not a bad company. But there are things that have happened in the past that may make it seem to some as if you might be when they read about them online.

Using a process we have been developing for several years now we will ensure that enough positive content is created, and promoted to dominate the search results for your brand so that the bad stuff is relegated to page two of an Internet search (at least, page three or four is ideal).

Content Creation

No content, or poor, thin content, can be as bad for your brand image as negative content. We will help you create content that not only paints your brand in a very flattering light but also engages, informs or entertains your target audience as is most appropriate for your company, products and/or services.

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Brand Promotion

Getting a shoutout on a popular podcast, a link from a very popular niche related blog or a mention in the news can work small wonders for the positive reputation of your brand while also making those who were yet to be aware you excited sit up and take notice.

We work hard as a team to find you these kinds of opportunities and, when we do ,ensure you take full advantage of them in just the right ways

Ready to Grow Your Online Reputation?

At Pearl Lemon, our marketers, SEO experts, content creators designers and developers work together to create and implement the most effective online reputation management services for our clients. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


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The client appreciated the positive experience working with the Pearl Lemon team. Their workflow was straightforward and always ready to answer any questions. They were very helpful in providing instructional videos and their speed of execution was impressive.
Scott Henderson
Founder & Managing Director at 1 More Rep
Deepak and Pearl Lemon gave me the tools to boost my presence on Google which has led to organic and valuable interactions and ultimately potential and actual business. They have always gone above and beyond, couldn’t recommend them enough!
Matthew Roles
Managing Director at Curzon Investment Partners
The project increased conversations with customers and increased understanding of the market. A reliable partner dedicated to their work, Pearl Lemon been notably responsive and helpful throughout the engagement.
Max Newton
Head of Sales at All Services 4 UHead of Sales at All Services 4 U

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.

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How do you build a positive online reputation?

Here are tips on positive reputation management for agencies:

  • Be transparent
  • Be open
  • Keep your promises
  • Exhibit a strong and trusting relationship with your audience

What is online reputation management in digital marketing?

Online reputation management services monitor how healthy a website’s presence is online and ensure that it’s reputation is strong and positive.


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What is an Online Reputation?

Online reputation is the reputation on the Internet of a company, person, product or service. This is affected by what is visible to individuals as they search online for someone or something and their response to it and interactions with it.

Collectively, these search results / links are known as online content, which takes multiple forms. It could be your website, your blogs, social media posts made by you or others about you, pictures, videos, ads, online PR, news or press reports, lists of business or directories, feedback, reviews and forum comments.

All this data relates to your reputation online, which is very important because it affects your credibility, recognition, and influence. A good online reputation is also paramount to consumer trust.

So, creating and sustaining a positive online image is critical for both individuals and companies. It can damage your personal and your business goals if people say negative things about you or your business and other people read, or worse still, share them.

What Does Online Reputation Management Include?

Many projects will require any or all of the following after an audit:

  • Creating and improving social media profiles and directory entries so that they rank.
  • Developing engaging, appropriate content and social media strategies and providing the target audience and market sector with useful content on a regular basis.
  • Building positive PR about you, your experience, business, brand, and digging deep to find interesting stories we can pitch to journalists.
  • Positive profiling on pages that we know are going to rank.
  • Challenging negative material with search engines/review sites where appropriate.
  • Online review management.
  • Online mention tracking.
  • Reporting and performance assessment.
  • Proactive ORM consulting.
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What Types of PR Can Be Used to Boost My Online Reputation?

We typically work to get you/your business considerable media attention that we know would be ranked so that it occupies a spot on Google’s Page 1. An ‘exclusive’ with one particular title, such as an online publication/3rd party blog, is one good example. We will build them if there are no apparent PR opportunities, such as by conducting surveys on your behalf and publishing the results.

Why Can't I Just Have Things Deleted From the Internet?

In certain cases, the content may be deleted at the source – often for Yelp! etc. or delisted by Google, usually when the content violates the terms and conditions of the websites or the guidelines of Google itself. If this appears to be possible, we will help you through the deletion request process.

Most of the time however third party content cannot simply be deleted, especially if it comes from a legal source – court records, newspaper reports etc. – and we have to work to ‘push it down’ in the search results instead.

Why Do People Say It's Important to Control Page 1 of Google?

Page 1 and page 2, actually. When individuals search for something online, they Google them and click around for validation on a company or person, from brands to corporations and individuals. About half of the clicks searched go to the main website; the rest go to Pages 1 and 2 for the majority of the search results. So, by ‘owning’ as many of the search results on Page 1 and 2 as you can, you can control your reputation far more effectively as well as where people click to find out more about you.

Why is it So Important that Online Content About Me and My Business Builds Trust?

Research reveals that 90 % of individuals just look at the first page of the results of the search engine to create their impression of a person, business or product. 64 per cent of individuals trust search engines while performing this research. And as much as personal advice, 85 per cent of customers claim they trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from friends and family. This all means that it is crucial that your online reputation builds trust.

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Can a Better Online Reputation Really Help Me/My Business Make More Money?

Companies that have favorable feedback online attract more business. For example, for every 1 * rise in your Yelp! rating means a sales increase of 5 to 9 per cent. 68 per cent of customers claim that if they have a better experience, they are likely to be willing to pay up to 15 per cent more for the same service. Never underestimate how much the customer experience matters when it comes to your bottom line.

What is the Right to Be Forgotten?

In Europe (not the US or elsewhere in the world at the moment) there is a limited ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ statute that Google and other search engines must subscribe to.

The initial case was brought by Mario Costeja González to the European Court in 2010 and was mainly concerned with data security.

This created a precedent that contributed to the creation of 2013’s “Right to be forgotten.” ruling. For further information, please refer to this link.

What Are the Requirements to Make a Right To Be Forgotten Request?

You need to be a citizen of the EU to apply, and the link that appears in a Google search must appear in a search for your name. To confirm your citizenship, you may need to have a copy of your passport or driving licence. Post- Brexit, UK residents can no longer apply.

How Do I Start Working With Pearl Lemon on Reputation Management?

Start by contacting us here. Then, if you decide to work with us on your ORM, to get to know you and your priorities, we will schedule a meeting or call and discuss what we need to build a workable plan.

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Who Will Create Content and Arrange PR?

If you want us to, our highly respected and experienced content creation team will write the majority of your online content and PR. But it may be easier for you to create content occasionally where appropriate, particularly if you are already doing so or operate in an industry that is regulated.

Will an Improved Online Reputation Last Forever?

No, perhaps not. You’ll need your good image to be sustained by monitoring and sometimes changing stuff. On review sites, people can leave negative comments at any time. Search engines can find new results for indexing. Maintaining a positive online reputation by monitoring and working on it on an ongoing basis will keep it healthy.

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How Will You Monitor and Measure My Online Reputation?

We capture various metrics, including mentions, followers and opinions of influencers. We evaluate conversations, make it easier for you to understand them and help you develop a proactive online strategy.

Specialist tools allow us to track and report conversations, backlinks, content, shares, social interactions, and to track keywords and competitors.

To track improvement over time, we benchmark decided on KPIs on a monthly basis.

Online Reputation Management FAQs

White label reputation management and online reputation is ethical as long as certain boundaries are kept. Building a brand based on false content solely to appear a certain way is unethical.

Each case and solution is unique, but we can tell you that it won’t happen overnight. There’s no clear-cut answer to this question, and anyone who promises you one is not being honest.

The amount of time it takes to repair a damaged online reputation and/or build an effective, positive one depends on factors such as how hard it is to push down or delete any negative content, and how long it takes to rank a sufficient amount of positive content in Google and other search engines. You should see online reputation management ventures as a 6 month+ timeline prospect at the least.

People Google people. They Google companies, products and services. Your online reputation, in the form of search results pages (SERPS), is often what they see first. Your online reputation – or that of your business, is now usually seen long before your CV or your business’ mission statement—the more impressive that reputation, the better.

An online reputation management company will first identify what is currently being said about the company. The reputation management agency will track any brand mentions and identify any concerning sources.

Speaking for Pearl Lemon, it differs depending on the issues facing each organization or individual and their goals. To meet the needs of you, your business, goals and audiences, we tailor our approach. We usually begin by auditing your online credibility, taking our research approach and applying it to all platforms and presences. Based on what is uncovered in the audit, we then make recommendations for you and what we know will get you the results you are looking for.

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