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Goorus Versus Masterminds

Mastering Cold Email: Goorus Versus Masterminds

As an SEO agency, as is the case for any company, we actively solicit business for ourselves as well as for our clients. And as an entrepreneur for founded the company, I – as in Deepak Shukla – am still heavily involved in those efforts. And what you may not know is that I recently launched a course sharing what I have learned about lead generation and the art of cold email as this company has grown.

But why should you care? What makes it worth considering? Let me explain:

For all the great stuff on offer, you’ll find on the Internet, all the great advice, help and coaching you can receive to help you with your Internet marketing efforts there is just as much garbage (and that is using a polite word!)

In my book, there are two main types of people offering products and services to help people make money in Internet marketing – Goorus (you know gurus, but with a BIG emphasis on the word, these people really want you to believe they are exceptional) and masterminds.

Goorus are the guys (or girls) who have those splashy, twenty-foot long landing pages. The ones that promise you that if you buy into whatever course or class, they are offering you will get rich overnight. They fill their websites full of pictures of people driving fancy sports cars, lounging at the side of a pool with a gaggle of gorgeous girls (or guys) and couples wearing designer clothes lounging on their decks.

This can be you they promise. It’s easy. All you have to do is pay X dollars for their “secret” (they rarely tell you what their secret is until you have parted with your cash) and you can give up your day job tomorrow. Their money-making methods require no work, you can make money while you drive a big Ferrari around Monte Carlo with an Angelina Jolie lookalike and live next door to Lewis Hamilton.

These are the snake oil salesman of the 21st century and although I make it sound funny here hundreds of people are conned by these Goorus every day. Sadly there is no secret formula; there is no Holy Grail of Making Money Online arriving in your inbox. Usually, there is just a fight to get your money back that they make very hard for you to win.

Masterminds are different. I’d like to think I qualify 🙂 Masterminds are real people who have used their brains and actually been willing to put in some hard work to come up with tactics to actually make money online.

Masterminds usually do not drive Ferraris – well some might, but it’s not my style – but they do have the money to pay all their bills every month, take their significant others out for a nice dinner, live in a decent place, go on a trip to somewhere nice and just struggle a lot less than they would if they had a “9-5” job. And now that they have come up with a way to make money online, they share their knowledge with other people.

This is the case for my latest course. I’ve been there, done that and am now sharing what I’ve learned. It’s no-nonsense, straightforward and simply offers you what you need to know to make cold email work for you too.