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Advertising is an effective tool for getting your message to the public and getting your target market to notice your company. Google offers every company a platform to showcase its services and grow its customer base.

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is a form of paid Google advertising in which businesses can place bids to display their banners, videos, or product listings to website visitors.

Google can insert ads through its ad network on websites, mobile apps, videos, and non-search websites in addition to the results of search engines like its own Google Search. 

With Google Ads exposure, you can increase your consumer base by displaying your company’s ad on top of Google search results for the keywords most relevant to your business. 

Google Ads support brand exposure, product or service sales, product or service sales, and website traffic growth. Google currently handles more than 3.5 billion searches daily and 1.2 trillion searches globally.

With Pearl Lemon, you can construct online ads with Google Ads to target people at precisely the right time for them to be interested in the services and goods you have to offer. We also help you show your advertisements when potential customers are looking up locations, attractions, or events using targeted keywords.

Are you ready to boost your direct booking with customised ad copy? 

Contact our experts, and let’s talk about your google ads campaign.

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Comparing Google Hotel Ads With Other Google Ads

It is crucial to recognise that the Google Hotel Ads platform differs from the leading Google Ads service and offers a great approach to increasing visibility on Google search engine results pages.

The advertisement for Google Hotel Ads offers current availability and price information. Users can also compare prices with other websites offering hotel reservations. 

Notably, a user won’t see the advertisement if a hotel doesn’t have availability related to their search query. That’s why having a google my business and enlisting your hotel on google hotel finder is a wise decision.

A more conventional PPC advertising platform, however, is Google Ads. 

Hotels and other companies use the Google Ads platform to build ads and place bids on pertinent keywords. 

Despite the current availability, advertisements are shown to users who enter those keywords. The hotel is then charged for each click that results from this. The goal of Google Hotel Ads is to encourage reservations, as opposed to the goal of Google Ads, which is to encourage clicks.


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Ads Help Your Business Marketing

Independent hotels can benefit alot from using Google Hotel Ads, including chances to:

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Bring In Tourists Looking For Hotels In A Certain Area

Making sure your hotel is listed in Google Hotel Ads is an intelligent way to try to reach the many travellers that start their search for a hotel in a specific location on Google. 

In addition to the name of your hotel and the cost of a stay, the adverts will also feature links to booking engines and a location finder from google maps enabling customers to make a quick and simple reservation. Furthermore, adverts will only appear when they make targeted google searches.

Boost The Volume Of Direct Reservations Your Hotel Receives

Your hotel website can be one of the online platforms that Google Hotel Ads uses to present pricing information so customers can easily compare room rates. From your google business profile, prospects can access free booking links and book with you for their vacation rental.

It could significantly boost your direct bookings instead of those made through online travel agents. It is helpful since you won’t have to pay a commission, allowing you to keep more money from each booking.

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Take Charge Of Every Facet Of Customer Experience

A third party enters the customer journey immediately when a consumer books a room at your hotel through an OTA (Online Travel Agency) or offline travel agency. 

But you can ensure you control the entire client journey by using Google Hotel Ads to create direct reservations. In addition to giving you options for up-selling and cross-selling, this can aid in providing clients with a higher level of consistency.

Increased Customer Information Access Benefits

Finally, employing a Google Hotel Ad campaign to increase direct reservations gives you additional helpful client information, including contact details. 

You might be unable to get these details if they make their reservations through an online travel agency, which could restrict the amount of interaction you have with them before, during, and after their stay. 

You can use contact information for reputation management, cross-selling, and up-selling. 

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Here's How Pearl Lemon Can Help You

At Pearl Lemon, we take into account the following tactics to get the most return on your Google Hotel Ads investment:

On-Page SEO

Improve The Booking Process

Your booking system and website should have great photographs, descriptions, and highlights of the accommodations, features, and perks to entice travellers and set your property apart to increase conversion rates.  

We help you create a user-friendly platform that is highly interactive and clutter-free. 

Check out our other services to check how we can help you maximise your lead and create compelling marketing to boost your revenue.

Adapt It To Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are used for the planning of a lot of trips. 

We ensure your booking engine and website are developed with responsive web design to function on all devices. Our experts also check your website frequently to see how users might perceive it.

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Include A Promise To Match Any Price

Don’t allow customers to abandon your website in quest of lower hotel rates. By highlighting a conspicuous best rate promise and offering incentives to book directly, we assure your customers that they are booking with the appropriate company.

Keep Rate Parity

Your direct pricing should be the same or better than your hotel rates on OTAs and other networks to maximise direct reservations. 

Just a few dollars might dramatically impact travellers’ purchasing decisions. Our team uses a channel manager to keep rates equal on all channels.

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Create An Optimized GMB (Google My Business Profile)

Your GMB listing is just as crucial as your OTA and website listings. 

We verify that all details, including images, amenities, and location information, are accurate and up to date. 

Your Google ranking can significantly impact exposure and conversions, so be sure to reply to Google reviews and have a plan in place to get five-star ratings.

Track Your Investment's Return

Although you can define a daily budget, cost-per-click charges can quickly mount up, and bookings are not guaranteed. 

Our team closely monitors acquisition expenses and assesses the ROI of your search ads in comparison to other channels of distribution. 

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Make The Right Choice With Us

Nowadays, savvy travellers make their hotel arrangements online. As a result, you frequently pass up possibilities if you are not at the top of the SERP.

There is no question about SEO’s efficiency (Search Engine Optimization), but it is also true that it takes a lot of work and persistence to see results from your SEO efforts. 

Therefore, search engine marketing is the most effective strategy for generating bookings quickly. Pearl Lemon is aware of PPC tactics that can quickly enhance direct bookings. 

Every dollar you spend on Google Ads will provide a high return on investment, improved conversion rates, and more high-margin direct bookings, thanks to the efforts of our team of SEO and SEM experts.

Get in touch with us immediately to establish a solid Hotel PPC strategy and connect with the right people at the right time.

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Talk is cheap, so we don’t just say what we can do – we can show you! Our SEO campaigns have a track record of not just ranking our client’s sites on page 1 of Google but much more besides. You can expect an improved user experience, more traffic, better conversion rates, increased brand awareness and more.


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Hotels can place bids for advertising space on the Google Hotel Ads platform. Several pricing structures are available, such as cost-per-click– the hotel pays a set sum for each click the PPC campaign generates– and pay-per-conversion–where the hotel pays a set portion of the booking fee for each guest that makes a reservation as a result of the advertisement.

In each instance, you designate the highest sum you are willing to pay, and you only make a payment when a user performs the necessary action. 

The bid amount influences which hotel ads are displayed when a user conducts a search that might cause such ads to be displayed. As a result, the amount you bid significantly impacts visibility.

In light of this, a fixed fee for employing Google Hotel Ads cannot be specified. The price you would need for your Google hotel ads campaign to be seen can vary depending on how many other hotels have offered and if the OTA has also bid for your property. 

However, your spending limit is something you can change.

There are two basic ways to link your hotel to Google Hotel Ads. The first choice is to connect your hotel directly. Many individual hotels engage with integration partners to make the most of the Google Hotel Ads campaign because doing so requires appropriate technical skills and knowledge.

Third-party companies that have collaborated with the platform and have a working knowledge of it are Google Hotel Ads Integration Partners. Examples could be particular channel managers, connection partners, property management software, and an experienced agency like Pearl Lemon.

The consumer behaviours that are important to you in your new marketing strategy must be measured to determine the success of your Google Ad campaign. These could be transactions, subscriptions, leads, website page views, or video views. Your eCommerce transaction or direct bookings are the best indicators of the performance of your hotel website. These are referred to as conversions.