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Is It Worth Spending Money On An SEO Company For Your Business?

My short answer would be: if you are not getting the RESULTS that you are looking for, then yes. I would definitely recommend looking into working with an SEO company.  


Well, the life of your business is customers. Therefore, it only makes sense to pay someone to help you get in front of them.

While you may not know the best practices for SEO, (or may not have time to learn SEO whilst running your business).

A professional SEO company with a team of SEO consultants, who are experts in their field is going to be able to keep up with the trends and understand what is working now. Not last month, last week or yesterday, but right now!

Whilst I do highly recommend hiring an SEO agency, here’s a word of warning:

Things to do before hiring an SEO company:

  • Do an adequate amount of research into the agency.
  • Check to see how well their SEO is doing for their own website.
  • If they are nowhere to be found for their target keywords, this is a major red flag –  you probably do not want to use them for your own SEO efforts!
  • Ask them what their plan/ strategy for your website is.
  • Find out if they have customer testimonials.
  • Ask them if they have worked with any small businesses similar to yours in the past.  
  • If your business targets a local audience, ask for a case study where the agency has successfully offered local SEO services to another small business that is similar to your own.
  • Once you have selected the SEO company you wish to work with, make sure that they send you regular reports on the progress. Any good SEO company will be fine with all of that stuff; it’s just the bad ones that won’t.


I can’t stress the above points enough! So many small businesses end up being burned after choosing terrible SEO companies to work with.

The problem is because there’s money to be made in SEO, you get SEO companies who will lie through their teeth just to get business and then attempt to deliver on what they promised via some terrible black hat SEO techniques. ?

If you are considering hiring an agency to start seeing the RESULTS you truly deserve, I’d like to introduce you to my SEO marketing agency called Pearl Lemon; I’m based in London; however, we have clients all over the world!

Be rest assured:

  • You can ask me as many questions before deciding to hire us!
  • We have a bunch of client testimonials.
  • We keep our clients up to date on the progress we are making.

So if you’d like to get the ball rolling, and discuss your digital growth goals, and affordable SEO packages justgive me a shout!

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