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Ready to go viral? Pearl Lemon can help. As a leading viral marketing agency we have the expertise, imagination and experience to help any brand make a big splash, no matter where they’re located or what they have to offer.

What is Viral Marketing Anyway?

Viral marketing is a form of modern marketing that utilizes social networks and new and emerging technologies- plus good old fashioned word-of-mouth – to promote a product or service and the brand behind it.

It works by creating content or a message that is highly shareable and likely to be passed along from person to person, much like a virus. The goal of viral marketing is to create a buzz around a product, service or brand, and generate a large amount of exposure and engagement in a short period of time.

Stellar Social Media Marketing

It’s the rare brand these days that does not know that their business needs a social media presence, and usually one across several different social media platforms. Where many businesses come unstuck with social media marketing is that they struggle to make an impact, their content goes largely unnoticed and, having failed to see any real ROI on their active social media marketing efforts they become frustrated and abandon their efforts.

Which is a huge missed opportunity. Social media initiatives for small businesses or solopreneurs DO have the potential to go viral. Because there are considerably fewer upfront costs and social media connects the world, it is an excellent way to expand your business globally without incurring the additional costs of traditional advertising.You do not need to sink huge amounts of cash into social media marketing. But you do need to approach it the right way.

As a viral marketing agency that makes it our mission to get our clients’ content shared far and wide, Pearl Lemon works to ensure that the brands we work with leverage the power of social media to the best possible effect. This involves a lot more than simply helping you to create content – although we do that very well – but calls for a strategic process, including all the following steps:

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Influencer Marketing That Reaps Rewards

Too many businesses are under the impression that influencer marketing is just for huge brands to take advantage of, and that if you don’t have million dollar marketing budgets influencer marketing is out of reach. But that is far from the truth.

Influencers, unlike superstars, can be found in any environment. They might be anybody. Their large online and social media followings are what make them influential. A prominent fashion photographer on Instagram, a well-read cybersecurity blogger who tweets, or a recognized marketing executive on LinkedIn can all be considered influencers. There are prominent people in every industry—you simply have to look for them.

Some individuals will have hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers. However, many will appear to be average folks. They may have only 10,000 followers, or even fewer in some situations. Nonetheless, they will have established a reputation as specialists in their industry.

They are the go-to persons for answering people’s questions. They are the ones who make the most interesting social postings on their particular themes, depending on their field of expertise. They post the most beautiful photos, create the most amusing videos, and host the most instructive online discussions.

With Pearl Lemon on your side as your viral marketing agency we will help you find the right influencers to rep your brand, connect with them successfully and then create and run viral influencer marketing campaigns that benefit everyone involved.

Because influencer marketing often calls for lots of negotiation, and more than a little careful match-making and vetting, it can be hugely time consuming to even get started with. As your viral marketing agency, Pearl Lemon takes care of all the ‘grunt work’ though, leaving you free to concentrate on the things you do better, like running your business and developing those great products and services.

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Cutting Edge NFT and Blockchain Marketing

Trends change as quickly as the moon’s tides, and it looks like a new one has washed up on our shores. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have entered the digital market and are quickly becoming a big trend among many people. It was just a matter of time until NFT marketing evolved, given the rising interest in NFTs.

NFTs have already had an impact on some of our news headlines. Mike Winkelmann, often known as Beeple, paid $69.3 million for a JPEG file of his computer art. The fervour for this new style of art does not stop there. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey auctioned off his first tweet as an NFT for slightly over $2.9 million.

With these well-known influencers and their spectacular winning bids, it’s difficult to overlook NFTs’ growing popularity and the potential for a significant return.

When a new product enters the digital art market, new marketing strategies must be developed and applied. Most marketing agencies aren’t ready for that yet, and can’t offer any guidance to individuals interested in marketing their NFT offers, let alone tangible NFT marketing solutions and services.

Pearl Lemon, on the other hand, was founded on thinking outside the box and being ahead of the curve, so we DO have a thorough understanding of the NFT industry and how to assist our clients in positioning and promoting their offers to get the best potential marketing outcomes.

NFT and Blockchain technology can be used in marketing not just to go viral but also to create more transparent and secure marketing campaigns, with the ability to track and verify consumer interactions with a brand down to the last click.

This technology can bring trust and transparency to various marketing strategies and activities, making it an interesting tool to enhance the customer experience and build a strong brand reputation and a loyal following.

As blockchain marketing is so new, most marketing agencies know very little about it in general, let alone have the expertise to help their clients leverage its power successfully. That’s not the case for Pearl Lemon though.

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Pearl Lemon provides you with everything you need to be successful in the blockchain arena. We can help you with anything from onboarding a strategic partner to growing with the brand to engaging influencers to generate buzz around the project.

On and off social media, social publishers and earned media outlets collaborate with influencers to build virality and boost overall exposure between public and private communities. Our content capabilities, along with our performance marketing knowledge, allow us to create content that generates demand while also reaching the relevant consumers.

Creating and sustaining communities on social media or discord/telegram is important to the success of a project. Our teams will make it simple for you to stay up to date on discussions and will always ensure that the community stays engaged and devoted.

Creative and Engaging Roblox Game Development and Viral Marketing

For marketers, Roblox games provide an opportunity to exchange passive ad exposures for immersive experiences that really contribute to people’s digital lives, and hence to their real-life as well.

An increasing number of major brands, including Nike and Mattel, as well as Kellogg’s and Heinz, are making use of what the platform has to offer, as are a plethora of smaller brands and even local businesses. And your business can, too, with the right game and the accompanying Roblox game promotion and marketing.

Where Pearl Lemon is miles ahead here is that as a part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group we have a close association with Pearl Lemon Games, an original Roblox game development company that has extensive experience in creating engaging games for businesses to leverage as a part of their viral marketing efforts.

In short, we offer a one stop shop that other marketing agencies cannot. From game concepts through Roblox game creation and branding to successful viral marketing campaigns we can do it all, and do so very well!

So, are you ready to go viral? Contact us today and let’s chat about how, with Pearl Lemon as your viral marketing agency, you can do just that.

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