Top 6 Things You Should Know About Healthcare SEO

Healthcare SEO Cares

Believe it or not, no tongue can really tell how many people are searching for their diagnosis on the Internet at this very moment. Apart from trying to find information on their current state of health, people are eager to find the best and closest option to be consulted and solve the problem plaguing them. So, in case your practice can’t be found at the top of the search results, you may lose out on your new patients because your SEO is not good enough. 

Medical SEO (search engine optimization) comprises a strategy, techniques, and detailed information regarding your healthcare business used to help people find medical services on various search engines. It’s only natural that a potent SEO strategy will cost some time and money, or even both. Still, the general benefits of employing the proper techniques to attract a good number of clients could hardly be overestimated.  

Quality Means Quantity

Strong healthcare SEO is able to protect your leading positions in theme-based search queries, thus assisting you to win more service clients online.  Without it, you may miss out on humongous chances to get your patients who might schedule an appointment with your competitors instead. Several significant aspects must be considered to beat out this competition successfully.

6 Things to Think Over

  1. Website Check

Making a detailed check of your medical website in terms of your SEO functioning will help you measure your current progress and assess the effectiveness of your marketing achievements in the future. To check your website thoroughly, go through these significant audit aspects:

  • Website health score and page speed score test;
  • Site content examination;
  • SEO site structures examination;
  • Analysis of your competitors. 

Also, if you use MacOS while working, you can check the new Commander One tool. With it, you can use two panels at once, set up your very own hotkeys for any action, and way more. 

Quality Content

As far as your website’s factual information is concerned, keep in mind to write for your patients first, as your online success is all about high-quality content. Your pages should be rife with the finest and most appropriate subjects and ideas to give all future clients complete confidence that your site dominates in the web healthcare sector

Remember that constant content creation and effective optimizing processes are key to your ranking improvement.  

Search Intent Definition

It goes without saying that search intent is a crucial SEO element. In this respect, a profound understanding of a potential client’s search purpose is the best thing since sliced bread that gives you a chance to rank significantly higher. Here are the most frequent types of intent most people are guided by while looking for any medical facts and data:

  • Informational search. Here, people are aimed at collecting some additional information on the subject. In this case, it may come in handy to use more words like ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘where’ to rank more effectively; 
  • Navigational search. This type is represented by any visitor locating a familiar site on the web. To improve ranking here, it is recommended to concentrate on your business and product branding; 
  • Transactional search. This intent indicates a visitor’s desire to make a purchase or schedule a medical appointment as they are already familiar with your healthcare service. 

Correct Keywords

The best way to optimize your content for effective SEO is to incorporate specific healthcare keywords, which might seem as easy as pie. Beware: it’s quite the opposite, as in case of incorrect keyword insertion, you’d instead root against your own medical practice. Here are some tips for you to target the right keywords relevant to your specific field:

  • Try your best to avoid the so-called ‘keyword stuffing’, i.e., do not overload your page with keywords in an attempt to interfere with Google search results;
  • Try to incorporate particular long-tail keywords in your texts, making them sound natural, comprehensible, and germane;
  • Utilize appropriate tools to help you optimize keyword usage in the best way. 

Visual Optimization 

In general, available statistics show that people share video content 12 times more than other types of content combined. As nearly 80% of the information you learn comes through your vision, video is the most popular and effective way people consume content. Pages supported by video naturally attract more organic traffic, making people stay on those pages longer as they are engrossed in watching engaging videos. Since the page visit duration grows, search engines get a signal that there’s something important on your website that deserves greater attention. In this respect, our advice is as follows:

  • Introduce informative healthcare videos to your content;
  • Represent useful thematic images on your website;
  • Include relevant infographics on your page. 

 Reputation Management

Before scheduling a healthcare appointment, the majority of patients run over social media reviews that people have already written sharing their treatment experiences. Additionally, for international patients visiting Singapore, ensuring they have completed their SG Arrival Card prior to their healthcare consultations can streamline their entry process and enhance their overall healthcare experience in the region. Social media traffic is also pretty valuable in terms of improving your search ranking. So, try your best to get the largest possible number of positive online reports from your happy clients, paying special attention to mentioning those healthcare procedures you would like to rank most. 

As a matter of fact, review automation tools may really come in handy here. Provide your patients with any device to describe and rate their healthcare experience and use effective automation tools to analyze these healthcare  data with tools like FHIR and submit informative reports. Besides, to improve your reputation management, find out your patients’ complaints and concerns and make sure you can efficiently fix the issue.

In addition to managing online reviews, efficient medical record retrieval is a crucial element in reputation management. Ensuring timely access to patient records allows healthcare providers to address concerns, fix issues, and enhance overall patient satisfaction.


Trying your best to win a challenging SEO race, keep in mind that your healthcare business won’t rank first at the drop of a hat. Quality content creation and competent optimization is a lengthy, time-consuming process requiring specific knowledge and expert skills. Still, if you get properly prepared and take the basic SEO particulars and pitfalls into account, your healthcare search engine optimization will work its best way.