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Medical SEO services for physicians and doctors are an absolute must. More often than not, your potential new clients will be going to Google and looking up “doctor’s offices near me” “physicians near me” or whatever type of practice near me, and checking out Google maps. For this reason, ensuring your clinic’s office is fully optimised for local searches is an absolute must.

With over 25 years combined experience, Pearl Lemon is one of the top recommended medical SEO agencies for hire. Our team will take the time to get to know you, your business and your unique needs to improve your rankings within the SERPs.

What is Medical SEO Services

Pearl Lemon’s medical SEO services are designed to get more patients to your clinic via web traffic. We make it our personal mission to ensure both your site and business directory listings (including Google My Business) are fully optimized.

Individual practices, specialty clinics, hostipals, urgent care centers and more can all benefit from improving their local SEO and overall (positive) web presence.

Our healthcare SEO services focus on local SEO first to be sure you will rank for all those juicy “near me” searches that will have the greatest likelihood of converting to a new client.


What is Included with Our Medical SEO Plans

The Pearl Lemon team knows that your clinic is unique and although your potential new patients likely have many choices regarding which practice to choose, we want to ensure your clinic is the first one seen.

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Part of our medical SEO services includes:

Google My Business Optimization:

-an accurate phone number

-an up to date description (with keywords of course)

-your office ours

-clinic photos

-and more

On-page Optimization:

-in-depth keyword research and analysis

-optimization of web content

-Analysis of CTAs used throughout your website

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Off-page Optimization:

-competitor analysis

-link building strategies

-brand development

-social media strategies

As medical SEO experts, we will continue to dive further, we will check out review platforms that will impact your local SEO and other aspects of your web presence.

Why You Need Healthcare SEO Services

A simpler question may be why wouldn’t you need healthcare SEO services?

Fun fact- three out of four people tend to go to Google to find a potential medical provider before deciding on a clinic. This means having excellent medical SEO is a must.

In addition to this over a third of people will head to Google first to find information on potential diseases or conditions (looking for blogs and other credible resources) to get an answer. If that isn’t enough to convince you, eighty-percent of people end up heading to Google to search for any health related topic as well.

So think about that potential gold mine of new patients that you could be attracting and bringing into your clinic.


Unless you are at the absolute maximum for your clinic’s capacity, you need a fairly constant flow of patients to be sure you stay in business. After all, some patients come and go, some may never see you again, and some are simply “no shows”. To offset this, you have to be bringing in new people that actually show up. Not to mention the medical field has the unique struggle of getting different amounts of compensation depending on the insurance that is billed.

Pearl Lemon understands that medical SEO requires two main components to be covered in order to be successful. These points are that those in the healthcare industry need to have a strong local SEO presence AND have a positive only presence in terms of PR and how the clinic is percieved.

SEO is an investment for your business. You invested in yourself and your building, so there is no time like now to invest in your business’s presence on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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Our Healthcare SEO Increases Your Traffic and Trust

SEO and content management go together like peanut butter and jelly…or peas and carrots if you so prefer. Pearl Lemon factors the need to produce content as a part of our medical SEO plans.

Content helps bring potential patients to your site through relative search terms that will be found throughout your site, blog posts and more. Our expert medical content writers can help you add additional value to your website through our keyword rich pieces of content.

Having content that adds value to your site can help you have a more eye catching site, increase your patient referrals and add an additional level of expertise to yourself and your clinic. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, content that passes our SEO checklist can also improve your online reputation, and add to your current marketing efforts.

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Pearl Lemon’s Medical SEO Process

If you choose to work with the Pearl Lemon team for your healthcare SEO project, you can expect us to follow our own procedures to make sure our relationship is fluid and successful.

We start with an initial consultation with an onboarding form (and call) to be sure we are all on the same page and know exactly what you want. From here we begin by running and SEO audit of your site, running a competitor analysis and diving into keyword research.

All of the above is sent for approval, including links and written content. From here we continue through the campaign…improving your ranking and positioning within Google.

Pearl Lemon for Medical SEO Services

We are a London-founded, globally remote team connected by cloud technology and a passion for all things SEO. With over 25 years of experience between us, we’ve got a track record of delivering results for our clients. 

If you are seeking professional support and expertise, we are the team of Medical SEO experts for you. Pearl Lemon will ensure that you achieve outstanding results.

We work with businesses in London and are growing because of our client referrals. 

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