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What Is SEO for Assisted Living Communities?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a tried-and-true approach for increasing the visibility of your website in search engine results pages. The search terms that convert browsers into residents of your assisted living facility are the focus of our SEO efforts for assisted living communities. We’re familiar with the sales process that occurs when people are looking for assisted living options, and we’re aware of the important factors that influence seniors and their families.

Many consumers look for assisted living communities, for example, when they have experienced a health scare and want to know if your community is a safe and pleasant environment for them or their loved one. Of course, people looking for help frequently include geographic phrases such as their city, county, or state in their online searches, and tailored local SEO for assisted living facilities takes this into account as part of an SEO effort to improve your facility’s web presence.

Why You Need SEO for Assisted Living Communities

SEO campaigns for assisted living facilities combine data-driven expertise with professional judgment. These efforts greatly increase the chances that your future residents and/or their family members will find your site via their favourite search engine.

Even if they’re looking for something specific, years of data and research demonstrates that most consumers won’t go past the first page of search results. As a result, ensuring that your senior living facility appears on the first search results page is critical, and the closer it is to the top of those results, the better. When potential clients are looking for assisted living or nursing homes, they want to be able to locate what they need quickly and easily, and they want to find a reputable provider with a website that is informative, engaging, and simple to use.

Your website’s search engine ranking will improve thanks to Pearl Lemon’s SEO for assisted living facilities efforts. We’ll make sure your website has the content and information that the search engine’s algorithms look for when deciding where to rank your site versus your competition, while also providing browsers with the information and reassurance of quality they were hoping to find.

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SEO for Assisted Living Facilities and Keywords

Seniors and their children must be able to locate you quickly and easily using popular search engines. We look at the words they use to locate you and other similar sites, which are known in the SEO business as keywords and keyphrases. These words will then be suitably placed in the material on your senior living community’s website by our content team. Potential residents are more likely to contact you for what they require if they have an easier time locating your site and staying engaged with its content.

When it comes to keyword research, the Pearl Lemon SEO team make use of a proprietary keyword research methodology that makes use of both high-level keyword research tools and their own extensive search optimization experience.

As SEO is not static – it changes all the time, as search engines change the way they rank sites and consumers change the way they search – despite their many years of experience the SEOs at Pearl Lemon are always reading, listening and learning to ensure their skills are up-to-date, to ensure the SEO for assisted living facilities work they perform for you is as effective as possible. This commitment to ongoing self education is not one all SEOs make, and one of the many things that sets Pearl Lemon apart from OUR competition.

SEO for Assisted Living Facilities and Content Creation

For a successful campaign, you must create content that your users can readily find and comprehend. Senior living SEO efforts are different in that your content must appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

When it comes to assisted living, seniors and their families may not quite know what they’re looking for. After all, this can be a perplexing or trying period for a family. We collaborate with your senior living facility to learn about your tone, what you really want potential residents to take away from your website, and how we can optimize your content to increase inquiries.

At the end of the day, this information is for those who require the services of your community. A critical element of our content development process is taking the time to learn about your community and the requirements of your residents. We then use this knowledge to create keyword optimized content that will not only inform and engage your website visitors but also establish you as an authority in your field, something that both humans and search bots admire.

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Taking SEO for Assisted Living Facilities Offsite

A good senior living SEO campaign entails more than just creating unique, user-friendly content. Off-page concerns, such as backlinks, are one of the most ignored but crucial aspects of search engine optimization.

When well-known, or respected, websites begin linking to your senior living website, your search engine trustworthiness immediately improves. And of course, a senior living SEO campaign’s purpose is to achieve this. Increasing the number of backlinks pointing to your website is a tried and true way to ensure that your site is clicked before the competition’s.

Pearl Lemon efficiently implements these SEO methods, making full use of the algorithms that search engines employ to determine which websites are relevant. We’ll make the most of these strategies, ensuring that your site receives the most traffic from your senior care facility’s target demographic.

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Local SEO for Assisted Living Facilities Offsite

Those searching for assisted living communities often make use of local keywords in their search. In addition to a list of websites, these days searches in Google – the number one search engine by far – will also bring up Google My Business profiles. These Google provided profiles hold a lot of weight in the minds of many, but are often underutilized. At Pearl Lemon, we help ensure our clients GMB profiles are fully optimized, so they really impress those who see them.

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