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By increasing the visibility of your hotel’s website in popular search engines, our SEO for hotels service and solutions helps you effectively reach your target guests. As an experienced hotel SEO company, Pearl Lemon has the experience, expertise and determination to ensure your hotel makes it to – and then never leaves – the top of the search engine results pages and stays ahead of your competition.

Expert Hotel SEO Services From an SEO Agency That Gets Real Results

You’ll need an effective SEO plan if you want to get found fast in search results. Search engine optimization will provide you with the organic traffic you need to boost hotel bookings. We have extensive experience in the hotel industry and have assisted numerous hotels in expanding their online reach and growing their business.

We can help your hotel website get ahead of the competition with our award-winning SEO solutions, local hotel SEO service, and compelling content that engages targeted users.

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Effective Hotel SEO is About More than Pleasing Google

While Google remains the number one search engine for general inquiries and searches, and ‘pleasing’ it is a large part of 21st century hotel SEO, the way people search for a hotel means that other search engines – especially voice search engines – play an increasingly important part in search engine optimization for hotels. Many firms who make claims to be an SEO agency for hotels simply don’t understand this. At Pearl Lemon, we do, and it’s just one of the many reasons our hotel SEO solutions are more effective than most.


Hotel SEO and Voice Search

Smart speakers are found in more than a third of British and American households. More than 60% of searches are now conducted on mobile devices, making them the ideal platform for voice search. Are you all set?

The hotel SEO clientele of Pearl Lemon are. We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to search technology. Our voice search optimization work combines cutting-edge technology with advanced SEO strategies to ensure that your hotel appears when customers are looking for answers audibly rather than visually in the search results.

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Local Hotel SEO

When consumers type ‘hotels near me’ into a search bar, will they find you? Will Alexa, Siri or Google Home tell them about your property when they ask their AI assistant for a local hotel recommendation? Only effective local hotel SEO will ensure that they do.

As previously stated, search marketing is about more than just getting noticed on Google or Bing. Consumers search for your business in a variety of ways, and being found on these platforms as well as in a general search engine query might mean the difference between a guest making a booking and not finding you at all.

As a result, Pearl Lemon offers a variety of local search services that means we publish rich hotel data to platforms such as Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, other data amplifiers, and hotel and hospitality directories all over the internet. Our API-based interfaces ensure that your data is always correct and up to date, unlike other hotel SEO providers.

How Pearl Lemon Does Hotel SEO

Understanding what customers want to see when searching for information about hotels or staying in your area is important to hotel SEO. Google and the other big search engines seek to showcase hotel sites and hospitality brands who are aware of their customers’ needs and can meet or surpass them. The search engines look for sites that have authority and experience in the field that the user is looking for. We help make sure that your hotel meets those criteria while offering a stellar user experience for humans, something that is equally important.

Therefore, when you choose Pearl Lemon as your SEO agency for hotels partner – we like to say we don’t work for our clients we work with them, and their business is as important to us as it is to them – we incorporate the following into your hotel SEO plan:

Figure out what your target audience is looking for on the internet. Keyword research, website traffic tracking, competitor analysis, and chatting with existing clients can all help us learn more about what prospective guests look for online and what they really want to know before booking a stay.

Make a list of objectives for your SEO campaign. Only by setting goals will you be able to determine whether our efforts will allow you to achieve them. Those looking to expand their sales funnel, for example, could want to launch a campaign that expands their brand’s reach. A brand that wants to drastically raise conversion rates, on the other hand, should look at the data surrounding conversions and the profitability of those conversions.

Create content that meets the needs and demands of your customers. We concentrate on producing authoritative content that appeals to the searcher’s interests while also incorporating the important keywords and key phrases discovered in step one.

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Optimize your website to adhere to industry standards. We make sure it’s simple to navigate, has plenty of internal links, and is designed in a responsive, mobile-friendly manner.

Publish and spread the word about the content you’ve created. We publish this content on your website and publicize it through all of your social media platforms. In addition to this, promoting the content via email, and through paid advertising can all help draw attention to it, enhance engagement, and, as a result, help it climb in the rankings.

Keep tabs on our progress. We constantly examine the impact of our efforts on traffic and conversion rates. We take note of which aspects of the campaign worked best and which should be improved, and change up our hotel strategies as needed based on this information.

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