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More website traffic equals more leads, which = more sales, as we all know.

For any Birmingham company, determining the appropriate budget for a PPC campaign is not as challenging as getting the desired ROI.

To start using PPC Management Services to enhance your profitability and leads, contact our PPC agency Birmingham team.

As a leading Birmingham PPC management agency, we’ve figured out the right formula for creating successful and winning PPC campaigns.

You can satisfy your need for constant and targeted traffic, boost the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, and increase your ROI by using our Pay Per Click services.

Why Do You Need Local Birmingham PPC?

Why is it a smart idea for local Birmingham firms to launch a Pay Per Click advertising campaign?

Here are a few of the more compelling reasons:

Your Ads Will Be Relevant to the People You Want to Reach

Because you choose who you want to target with local PPC, your ads will only be seen by the right people. In an ideal world, you would only market to people who might benefit from your business. Local PPC can help you get closer to that aim.

Furthermore, because you won’t be competing with national businesses, your advertising budget will be considerably more flexible. If you run more local campaigns, you’ll face less competition and get more clicks and conversions.

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Boost Your Birmingham Business' Brand

It’s vital for a small business owner to get their name out there so that their community is aware of their existence. A local PPC campaign will increase brand awareness by getting your name out there and in front of your target demographic. Even if those customers don’t convert, brand awareness is crucial to the success of a local firm, so every time your ad is viewed you’ll be getting that all-important recognition boost.

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Increased Local Conversions

With more consumers resorting to the internet for shopping for almost everything, it’s more important than ever to launch a local PPC campaign. Because they’re actively looking for a solution to their problem, local audiences are more likely to convert when they discover your ad during an online shopping search.

Tracking and Reporting That's Fast and Precise

Other traditional forms of local marketing, such as posters and brochures, are more difficult to track than PPC ads. These advertisements allow you to track impressions, clicks, and conversions. This means you’ll always know what your investment in PPC is earning you, and you can keep track on a daily basis.

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Versatile Alternatives

Local PPC offers a great deal of flexibility. To be successful, for example, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can set a spending budget and a limit on how much you’re willing to spend. The ads will run, and when the money runs out, they’ll stop.  Then, if all goes well, you can immediately scale up. Campaigns can also be paused at any time, should you need to.

Additionally, local PPC advertising gives you extra targeting options. Advertisements can be tailored to a user’s location, specific activities, or previous contacts with you.

Pearl Lemon Birmingham PPC Services

A PPC agency Birmingham can only claim to be the ideal choice for your business if it provides a diverse selection of services to fit your specific requirements. Although you may not require all of the services listed below, a pay per click consultant can do them all to our local PPC clients (and more):

Birmingham PPC Campaign Setup

Whether it's setting up and administering Google Display or Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or even newer products like TikTok ads, our PPC Campaign Management Services can help you find the right channel to execute your campaigns.

PPC Ad Auditing

Are you looking for solutions to improve the performance of your ads after losing your ranking due to a Google penalty? Then a PPC audit is a must for you! We can deliver a full one, along with recommendations for retooling it to increase your ROI and quickly resolve any search-related issues.

Google Ads for Local Businesses

More than 90% of customers will start their search for a local business that offers, well, anything with a quick Google search. While you may be working hard to use SEO to get your Birmingham business to the top of organic search results and into the local three pack Google Maps listings - and we encourage you to do so - Google PPC ads will provide your business an instant boost by getting you seen ABOVE those listings right away.

Shopping Ads on Google

As a top PPC management company, we can help you improve sales for your online or offline store with targeted Google Shopping Ads. If you have a physical Birmingham store, we can also ensure that your advertising is only seen by people who would be able to benefit from what you have to offer, so you only pay for real local leads rather than random clicks.

PPC Display Ads

You can target new local consumers and stay on your audience's radar by using aesthetically appealing display ads, even if they don't 'bite' the first time. And, speaking of graphics, unlike many other PPC firms, Pearl Lemon is a YouTube advertising expert, a platform that will help you raise brand awareness, attract attention, drive demand, and reach a new search audience you may not have reached before.

PPC Remarketing Ads for Birmingham Businesses

When it comes to establishing a successful local business, you must concentrate not only on recruiting new clients, but also on keeping your current ones. It's crucial to keep in mind that 98% of website visitors leave without doing anything. The purpose of remarketing is to pique consumers' interest in your product or service after they've already visited your website. Our Birmingham PPC agency can provide you with powerful remarketing methods that will make you the talk of the town and keep you there.

Pay-Per-Click Ads on Social Media

Because they frequent these sites on a daily basis, and in some cases multiple times a day, it's only logical that a rising number of consumers will use social media platforms to find local companies.

Pearl Lemon's expert PPC team can help you make the most of advertising on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms with a bespoke social media advertising campaign curated to your business needs.

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How to Get Started with Pearl Lemon

Are you ready to get started with PPC ads or improve your current campaigns by partnering with Pearl Lemon, Birmingham’s premier PPC agency? It’s simple to do so.

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PPC Agency Birmingham FAQs

PPC agency in Birmingham costs around $1000 to $2500. Some companies will even offer free PPC audits.

PPC services in Birmingham can include strategies like advertising on multiple platforms, including ad extensions, and a remarketing campaign.

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